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Dell 27" 4K UHD Monitor - S2721QS $356.85 Delivered @ Dell AU

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27" lifestyle-inspired 4K UHD monitor that supports HDR content playback for an amazing entertainment experience.

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    $339.01 with code VIVID5

  • Not a bad monitor for the price but got mine in late 2020 and it has some image retention issues… good for PS5 gaming.

    • What do you mean by 'image retention' issues? Like ghosting/poor refreshing?

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    Great monitor but these have been sub $300 a few times this year and last year.

    If you're not in a hurry I'd wait for a $60 saving personally.

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      Under $300 gets you into single year tax deduction for WFH expenses too.

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    $298 only a couple of weeks ago. And many times at that price before that.

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    I just got the newer 2022 model 1440p version, which has USB-C unlike these. Buying a monitor without USB-C now means its already obsolete IMO.

    The other thing to note, unless you have $1000+ worth of video card, good luck driving games at 4k and hope you have excellent eyesight or enjoy stretched DPI scaling if you plan on using this all day as an office monitor, personally I think 1440p is the sweet spot in every way right now, 4k might look great for videos or gaming, but for the average punter its all just marketing hype.

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      I have to say I thought so too, I went from 1080p to 1440p but bought one of these and now I can't look back, my other 1440p monitor looks so sad now with how little info it fits on the screen. This is for a heavy multitasking office job though, I think if you only have a couple of programs running at any time, 1440p may be best.
      I'll never give up my 4K screen now though, it fits SO MUCH STUFF.

      • I don't think there is a significant difference in how much you can see or fit on a 1440p vs 4K monitor on a 27" screen.

        On a 27" 1440p monitor at 100% scaling, the text is already a tad bit small. On a 27" 4K monitor like this one, there's no way you can run any less than 150% scaling without really straining your eyes. That takes away almost all the advantage of being able to fit more on the screen. In fact, I have this exact monitor and run it at 175% scaling to keep the text size comfortable.

        That said, I still use 2 x 27" 4K Dell monitors for my WFH setup because I just love the sharpness and detail of everything, especially text.

        This is all for Windows but I think the same would apply to Macintosh too.

    • What's the USB C port for?

      • Generally plugging in your laptop eg MacBook, ideally it also supplies power to charge it, and kB/mouse so you only need to plug one cable into your laptop to have everything connected

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      Not everyone is a PC gamer. Maybe it lacks USB-C but a PC gamer may want to future proof for when they do get a 4k graphics card. I'm not a PC gamer, but I own a PS5 and regularly game in 4k, and I gotta say it looks amazing on this screen for the price. Quick tip though for potential buyers, keep the HDR off on these monitors, it's a gimmick and looks worse with it on. I also stream media in 4k, and it looks stunning. Having experienced 1440p and 4k scaled at 150%, I would always prefer 4k scaled. The text is sooo crisp on this, and it doubles as my working monitor - no issues.

    • Wait till you actually try 4k. You will not look back. Even on 27”, desktop scaled as 2560x1440 looks super crisp, unlike on sub-4k ones.

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      USB-C is a great feature to have on a monitor but it's not going to make or break the purchase for most people. HDMI and DP are still dominant (for now).

      Gaming in 4K is more accessible now than its ever been. Upscaling technologies are prevalent and available to everyone, and even without them you can hit 4K60 on many AAA titles with today's upper mid-range GPUs.

      Even if you don't want the full size of a 4K monitor, running it at 150% scaling - or 1440p physical - will give a large benefit over a 1440p monitor due to the rendering of small elements like text and icons (that in and of itself is a strong reason to not use 100% scaling, even if your eyes are good enough for it).
      The Windows ecosystem has gotten much better at handling DPI scaling; modern apps are DPI-aware and most of them will even behave nicely with per-monitor variable scaling.

      The main reason people will pick 1080p/1440p is budget. High refresh 4K is still prohibitively expensive but a secondary 4K monitor at this price is a completely viable addition to a setup, even under Windows.

    • Honestly who cares about USB ports on a monitor? Just plug whatever into your computer directly.

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        Yes, like connecting a monitor to your computer directly? USB-C can replace the HDMI, Display port and power

  • Ah…. A "lifestyle inspired" monitor.

    Just what I've been searching for.

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    I bought this last month for $298 with some codes. It’s pretty good. I use it for PS5. I recommend it.

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    32" for productivity is the way to go imo

    • I couldn't decide between dual 27" or dual 32", so I got one of each. Best of both worlds, really enjoying it.

      • dual 32" is better, Unless you like one monitor to be in portriat mode.

    • Horses for courses, but I am very happy running 3 of these monitors - plenty of screen real estate and higher pixel density than with a larger panel. I would echo the other comments and wait for a better price, however.

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    Bought this last year for $299 and I'm about to upgrade to a S3223DWC. Learn from my mistake. You'll want the bigger display.

  • I bought 2 of the 3221QS 32" 4K screens when they were on sale a while back for ~$400 each with 5 years replacement warranty and they're great. I considered the USB-C but was happy with HDMI and DP ports. Just using 2x USB-C to DP cables to connect to my dock.

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