Emerald Electricity Advisor $64.50 Delivered (50% off) @ Emerald


With power prices expected to soar I was looking for a way to monitor my household energy usage. Saw this ad on Facebook to get this energy monitor for half price with free delivery.

You need a smart meter to use them. Here is a list of compatible smart meters: https://emerald-ems.com.au/support-faq/topic/?id=45210427741...

For households with solar: Please note it does not measure how much you feed back into the grid. More info on that here: https://emerald-ems.com.au/support-faq/topic/?id=44557559847...

PS: If you are in Victoria you can claim one of those for free I believe. See also long running post

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  • bluetooth range is shitte, useless landfill junk.

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    I got 1 of these free units i wouldnt advise it tbh, they are mass produced junk and no real effort on Software Updates.
    The model i have and quit using would randomly disconnect/reconnect to bluetooth at random times of the night and cause peoples phones to constantly vibrate.
    Unsure if theyve fixed it but the comments were littered for weeks with the same issue.

  • Wouldn’t this be what your smart reader sends to your provider anyway? You can just ask them for the data each month.

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      Pretty much but the promise of real-time usage seemed useful. Unfortunately a huge fail. Don't really want to hang around the meter all day.

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    Can get Powerpal in vicco for free installed

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      Produced in china for ~ 2:50 and supplied by powerpal financed by vic gov (who knows the cost?) under the guise of energy saving. SCAM

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        You could argue that with anything that is produced in China, I suppose everything we buy is a SCAM then?

        • True have edited (tried to) remove china reference. Please read as follows…
          Supplied by powerpal financed by vic gov (who knows the cost?) under the guise of energy saving. SCAM

          • @mudguppy1: Not associated with this, however I do install a number of other emerald planet products.

            Not a scam, and definately not FINANCED (or funded?) by the government. It does generate 2xVEEC (victorian energy efficiency certificates) this is how they (and their installation) are paid for. You can find the value of a certificate fairly easily with google. The value of a VEEC is dictated by the market they are traded on. They end up in the hands of energy producers. The product will not save energy itself, but can assist to educate an energy consumer to makme better choices with when/how they use energy in their home (or business).

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      My PowerPal seems to be work quite well 👍

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        Happy with mine also

      • My PowerPal has died. Doesn't connect anymore sadly. I suspect the battery but that is supposed to last 10 years.

        • get in contact with them and they'll happily send you a new one.

        • My PowerPal died after 18months.
          I got no response from them when trying to contact them through their website.

    • And can get the Pro addon too which allows importing into HA as well for proper monitoring.

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    Got this for free from Vic Gotv initiative. I certainly wouldn't pay for it, and even though it was free, I still feel that I paid too much

  • FYI this is free in Victoria 😷🤫

  • wow, this just counts the times the LED flashes, yes?

    been doing that for ages, admittedly I had to put a cable from the meter to get the connection to the computer that gets the data (an early model raspberry pi), but I used a length of old phone cable to do that, a photo transistor, and a resistor to create the voltage divider. Oh, and some bluetac to hold the phototransistor on the meter.
    Total cost about $2 I think

    (An advantage of the cable, rather than bluetooth or wifi, is that those other methods broadcast a signal that can potentially be used to work out if anyone is at home.)

    I was initially interested in this, thought it might help me "cross-check" the results I get for overall usage of my house when the PV panels on the roof here are generating more than we use, but all it does is count what is coming from the grid and I already have that.

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