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Liquorland: 18% Cashback (Was 2.5%, Uncapped, Online only) @ Cashrewards


18%, uncapped! Just in time for the weekend!

Special Terms

  • Orders paid partially or in full with gift cards are ineligible for cashback.

  • Cashback is ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards, including use of 3rd party or staff discounts.

  • Cashback is ineligible for purchases made via the Liquorland app.

  • This store reports sales ex-GST. Cashback is calculated on reported value.

Enjoy, and drink responsibly!!!!!!!!!

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  • -2

    Key info missing in title: selected international beers only

    • Apparently it's not just beer

    • +3

      That was yesterdays offer.
      No longer shown on CR.

    • Just to clarify (in case people are negging my feedback without context)
      The original post had clearly listed valid for "selected international beer" only. It is now removed so all good.

      • Context noted. Still a misleading first comment mate.

        • How is it misleading when it was accurate mate? Anyway, the purpose of the feedback is to help improve the post and it did because it was edited to be accurate so all good.

  • +2

    So is it just 18% on those listed beers?

    • +3

      I don't think so. And the date is 05/08.

      • Ah so someone did a quick Saturday morning edit to add the 18%, but forgot to remove the old text?

        The app says under Cashback Rates

        Standard Rate 18%

        • +3

          Don't worry. TA will upload the transparency backend (pardon the pun) report screen capture which will clear them of any wrongdoing.

        • Yesterday’s Liquorland online cashback deal was 5% on selected international beers and 2.5% on everything else, so I reckon someone forgot to properly update the Liquorland page until after today’s Liquorland online cashback deal appeared on here.

    • +3

      Now removed from CR site.

      Was 5% CR yesterday with (Expired) popular offers: 30% Off Selected International Beer Packs & Guinness Draught Can 440mL 6-Pack $14.70
      Was a better offer on those beers🍻

  • +2

    That Guiness deal was a cracker.I’ll be taking my hangover over to liquorland today for another bout.

  • can we still use this with the Guinness deal?

    edit: looks like nope, no stock anymore.

  • +1

    Lion Nathan-brewed Heineken tastes very different than true imported Heineken. Historically the 500ml cans of Heineken were all imported, but it appears to have changed, so that both the 330ml bottles and the 500ml cans are now brewed in australia.
    The difference is not about cultural cringe or snobbishness - for some reason australian beers are brewed with a far higher hop content (and thus bitterness) than many international beers. Fair enough….
    However, when a local brewer makes a foreign beer and jacks up the bitterness level greatly, it tastes completely different. No problems for those that like green death and would hate the original heineken, but for those that like tastes other than overwhelming bitterness, the slight taste of honey and other ingredients in original heineken is terrific.
    I would fail dismally as a brown paper bag beer taster, but the one beer I would pick everytime is australian heineken vs real heineken.
    Heineken must be paid a lot under the licensing agreement, because they are lowering their reputation in a segment of the australian market that is not expecting a far more bitter product.

    Dan Murphy's website product details used to show IBUs (international bitterness units) of most beers, but displaying that rating seems to have stopped. It was a very useful feature… I found that Tun light was the least bitter beer they had, of all that displayed IBU ratings…. a bit less bitter than 500ml heineken cans.

    I had no particular reason to hunt for a light beer, but I bought some to try because of the IBU. I found it pretty similar to imported Heineken… a bargain hunter's version. Buying a slab of 330ml cans @ $1 a can fitted in nicely with my ozbargainer habits. Coincidentally, it is the cheapest light beer at Dans, and is imported from Belgium.

    TLDR? for those that don't like the traditional bitter taste of australian beers, the 500ml cans of heineken that used to be imported tasted like liquid nectar. Now they taste like crap, because Lion Nathan are brewing it in australia to suit "australian tastes". Why oh why? Previously if you wanted bitter you could buy 330ml bottles, and nectar in 500ml cans. I reckon they'll completely stop making the 500ml cans when sales plummet. And retailers stop lying, and Lion Nathan stop being deceptive… it is no longer international beer, and it's "country" (of origin) is NOT netherlands!

    • +7

      Can you do a TLDR for the TLDR?

      • Australia is at terrible copying other countries beers.

        Or Australia is really good at ruining other countries beers

        Or Australia has a knack of making crap beer taste even crapper.

      • -1

        nope… if you aint interested you can flash past. what part of the TLDR did you think irrelevant fluff… or is a couple of 8 word sentences your style?

    • It's 18% cashback on any available alcohol, not just beer or just Heineken.
      Yesterday was imported beer 30% off + cashback.
      Just buy what you enjoy.

    • +2

      The Asahi bottles brewed in Australia have the same problem. Only good ones are the 500ml cans 'cos they're still brewed in Japan

      • And the 500ml ones work out cheaper in 6pk.
        $23 for 3lt vs $18 for 2lt

    • Who the hell drinks Heineken anyway. It’s always been p1$$water

      • +1

        obviously someone that likes very bitter beer… it it's the real heineken you don't like.
        Is ok… chug back another VB

        • Now now, skunked beer drinkers shouldn't throw stones

    • what if I want triple IPA bitterness?

      • Triple IPA bitterness? thinks about IPA for a minute…
        I Peed in the Ale? just pee 3 times as much.
        I Pull Alot and then drink it? dunno… I''ve never tasted semen…is it bitter and do you like it?
        I Prefer Arsenic? I think someone sells arsenic flavoured beer in a green can.
        I'm Probably Alright? just drink 3 more VBs, that might help get you over the line.
        I Practice Allnight? Maybe try home brewing sour sobs?
        I think that's enough, lest I offend the TLDR attention span sufferers.

  • Just placed an order and Cashrewards has tracked but the amount spent and cashback calculated are about 25% of what I expected. Anyone else had this problem? Will it auto-correct?

    • According to the T&C's on Cashrewards this is for the Liquorland APP only. Just got caught out thinking I could use the website.

      • +1

        Where does it say that?

        All I can see on Cashrewards in relation to the Liquorland app is this:

        Cashback is ineligible for purchases made via the Liquorland app.

        Having said that, it's been over an hour and my Liquorland purchase still hasn't tracked…

        • +1

          Sorry, you're right. I misread.

        • Nvm, no idea why my tracking email landed in my junk email, but there you go… should probably double-check the CR website next time!

    • +1


      Hi. Yes, this is a known issue for some transactions. Basically happens when you purchase multiple items on the one order, but Coles reports only one of the items initially. You’ll find everything will adjust to the correct amount within a few hours, if not earlier. Please let us know how it goes :)

      • Thanks TA. It has auto-corrected now.

        • +2

          Thanks for confirming :)

          • @tightarse: 15 hours since purchase and my account still shows an incorrect transaction amount.

            • @Mega Vanillish: I’m sure this will adjust. Appears to be a delay in reporting. Please PM me the order number and I’ll look into this later tonight for you once I’m home :)

              • @tightarse: Thanks mate, checked again today and it's corrected to the right amount now! :)

              • @tightarse: I didn't receive a tracking email for my order, first time this has happened. Will it still come through or do I need to lodge a dispute?

                • +1

                  @melbstheburn: Hi, have you checked your CR acct in case it's there? If not, please lodge a claim after 7 days. Thank you :)

                  • @tightarse: It's not in my CR account and either is my First choice purchase from yesterday. Been using Cashrewards for years and these are the first two! All good I'll lodge a claim, thanks for the response :)

    • Same last night
      Should be corrected later

  • Well it worked for me. I placed a 1k+ order for a party and got exactly 18% cashback tracked within the hour.

    • -2

      You would have gotten 16.36% back

  • Found this deal
    3 x 440ml cans Coopers Pale Ale $10

  • +1

    The actual cashback on amount money spent was 16.3%, due to the caveat that cashback is only on price ex GST.

    A bit annoying that small detail. I'll keep that in mind in future.

    • same as First Choice

  • I'm subscribed to Liquorland store and didnt get a notification about this deal, any idea why ?

  • My tracking email shortchanged the transaction amount by ~$300.

    Saw the comments above about tracking issues so waited until today to see if it had corrected itself. Unfortunately it's still wrong in my account, by $100 this time.

    How long should it take for the correct value to show up? It's been 15 hours.

    • That's a big order. How much did you spend. Big party coming up?

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