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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 16GB WHITE - $348 @ Chatswood NSW


Hubby was wanting to buy a Nexus Outright and rang up a few asian Mobile stores from the chinese newspaper this morning to get a best price.

Receipt is uploaded

Found out that this place in Chatswood was doing a weekly special on the Nexus for $348 outright. Its is locked to Vodaphone, but they will unlock it there and then for you. They give you a free dodgy case as well but DH swapped it for a screen protector. It is Aust Stock.

They only have White in stock but can order the Black version (will arrive next week) and they say that it is a weekly special but i don't know when it ends. Best to give them a call.

Details: Global Star Communications
Shop 11, Victoria Plaza, 369 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW 2067
Ph: 02 9410 0889
ABN: 11 094 164 388

Best to park at Chatswood Chase and walk outside. It's on the same block as Chatswood Chase near Nespresso/Helly Hansen stores

EDIT: For the Skeptics

You DH's out there are hard to please :P

EDIT 2: Try asking if you can pay now and pick up the phone next week. Most smaller chinese mobiles stores that don't hold a lot of stock does this (ie: get you to sign up on the plan/pay upfront, and then order the phone). Doesn't hurt to ask if you really want this phone.

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  • Very good price.

    • Got Galaxy Note last week for $150 more. Superb!! I like big screen but not heavy tablet!!

  • Good price indeed. :O

    Might be time for dad to upgrade from his Ace haha. :P

  • It was cheapest DH ever seen.

    Went to MobileCiti at Parra but he was firm at $478 (we were happy to get it at his old price of $419 that he advertised a few months back but he just wouldn't budge)

  • Excellent price !!!!! Great find !!!

  • Comments about it being locked are inaccurate. Nexus series are unlocked

    • +1

      Early model Nexus yes but not the Galaxy Nexus. My friend has a Vodafone one and it's locked.

      • I've got a Vodafone Galaxy Nexus and it was unlocked when I got it.

    • Mine was locked when I bought it from Voda. But got the unlock code for free from the Voda website as it was on a postpaid plan.

  • Bargain.

  • +19

    whats DH?

    • +1

      Dear Husband or Dear Hubby etc.

    • Darling Hubby

    • +2

      D Head?

  • +2

    Very good price! If anyone has seen similar in Melbourne I'd be all over it

  • +1

    Its out of stock but the guy said more stock coming next week.

  • +1

    Got it online the other day…hopefully have Tuesday paid more :(
    Where is that brickwall….bang bang bang!

    • +2

      Oi, just cancel the order. Surely you can do that, its been just a day?

  • Did DH buy you one too?

  • +1

    Is there any similar deal in Melbourne?

  • +2

    hmmm may get a white one to match my black one. ;-)

    • hmmm may get a black one to match my white one. ;-)

      • +18

        Oh, for heaven's sake, get a room you two…

  • wow…That really is a good price.

  • That is a lot of technology for this price.

  • +1

    lol. if only i didnt get a S2 already, from the recent HN sale…

    none the less, good deal

  • +1

    Anywhere in Melbourne with the same price?

  • +1

    This looks like the best deal since the Optimus 7 @ $170! Was considering getting a Galaxy S3 but Might pick one of these up tomorrow!

  • -2

    The receipt looks a bit weird. I wonder if this receipt will be accepted by Samsung for warranty purposes in case anything goes wrong with the phone.

    • +1

      Ok Bob -never bought something at a computer fair etc then ;)

    • +1

      Those are normal receipts when you go to them asian corner stores for computers/mobile phones - it is considered a normal receipt if any time you need to exchange/refund/warranty.

  • come on other retailers….someone can sell at <350 and ship to the rest of us. All us DH's want a deal too!

    • +6

      oops fat fingers…repped myself….what a DH. Can't edit it out

  • Claim gst back from trs for ultimate win

        • +2

          Are you suggesting you can't tell the difference between Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S even when holding them in your hand?

        • +3

          might of.. could of..
          I of no idea what you are saying.

    • +18

      Updated original post with box and phone

      I have no reason to lie to you guys. Believe it or not, it's your call.

  • Back of a truck freebie?

  • Just a quick question. Wouldn't the phone be unlocked outright? I always thought the developer's phone from google can not be locked.

  • OP, mind sharing the picture of the phone? thanks

  • +4

    Be aware of that, Vodafone Galaxy Nexus has a network lock issue. After you unlock it, it will be locked again, and the unlock code doesn't work any more. See

    So if you are not with Vodafone at the moment, you'd better let it go..

    • This is really disappointing :(

      • anybody experienced this?

        • +1

          Using a Telstra sim in a Vodafone GNex - no issues at all re: unlocking yet and there are fixes as mentioned below, if problems do occur.

          Good solid phone with a nice screen - best of last year's tech, though it can't really compete with the One X's and S3's.

        • My friend did. Signed the contract one month ago with Vodafone….

    • I had this phone for a short time and got rid of it. I thought the phone had a fault because after I reset the phone it would lock itself to Vodafone again. You would then need to enter the unlock code again if you wanted to use a non vodafone sim. Vodafone replaced my phone and the next phone did exactly the same. Both Samsung and Vodafone said that the phone should not become locked again once it had been unlocked. But after having done some research on a few forums this is just a characteristic of the phone. Does anyone know if the galaxy s3 behaves in the same way?

      • This is exactly what the the phone does.

  • has anyone had any luck with price matching? Or buying it at another shop?

  • I got one but decided I like IOS better. Happy to sell at $330 if someone wants to take it off my hands. Brand new. I got the black, Virgin version and its unlocked already.

    Contact me here on ozbargain

    • are you in melbourne? and is it sealed box?

      • No Im in Sydney. I can post though if your interested.

        I openned it to play with it for 20mins - decided it wasnt my thing.

        • Is it unlocked and where in Sydney?

          Do you have the receipt?

        • Kogarah
          Yes receipt
          Yes unlocked

          Sick of answering peoples questions: first person to pickup tonight gets it for $320 at kogarah

        • Too late, I already got it. Cheers bazza :)

    • Where are you mate?

      • Kogarah mate

    • Has someone taken it? If not, just let me know and I'll pick it up tomorrow anytime, Karl..

  • anyone know where to price match this?

  • Any chance this is a fake?

    • +4

      No chance at all - got my mobile phone with the dealer there.
      They've been there for ages.

  • err so is there stock left? i bloody just came back from chatswood -_-

    • +1

      No stock available. I asked them, they said there were just a couple available, although the guy said more stock coming next week but it will not be the same price.

      Not sure why ppl keep voting on this deal.

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