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[PS Plus] Sep 2022 PS+ Games - NFS Heat, Granblue Fantasy Versus, TOEM | PS+ Extra - Deathloop, AC Origins, Watch Dogs 2


TOEM will be the PS5 games for September 2022.

  • Need for Speed: Heat (PS4)
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus (PS4)
  • TOEM (PS5)

PlayStation Plus Extra - Available September 20

  • Deathloop (PS5)
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4)
  • Watch Dogs 2 (PS4)
  • Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition (PS4)
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale (PS4)
  • Rayman Legends (PS4)
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (PS4)
  • Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 (PS4, PS5)
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (PS4, PS5)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition (PS4)

Full credit to Billbil-kun

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  • +25

    meh lol

    • +1

      It'll be nice to check out Alex Kidd, even though I heard it kinda sucks.

  • +10

    Well that was a total letdown.

  • TOEM is probably the best thing there; already played it from a Humble Bundle 😑

    I guess we atleast have the other tiers to look forward to monthly now also.. though I really wish they'd hurry up with the Classics from the premium one..

  • +7

    I was tempted to buy Granblue Fantasy Versus several times, but it never got cheap enough. Glad its finally a PS+ game.

    • It's around $49 now on eBay which is ok considering it never got a local release.

  • +2

    Splendid month! Granblue Fantasy Versus is truly amazing & underrated 2D anime fighting game!

  • Nfs new game incoming

  • +4

    Getting worse by the day PS Plus Sub not worth it anymore

    • +5

      But PS plus extra is still worth it for the games catalogue

    • +12

      Lol relax man, it’s only one bad month.

    • +1

      Still worth it considering you do keep the good games "forever". And can play it whenever.

      I don't fancy the way game pass can remove it from the library. Always feel the pressure to finish the game under time constraint.

      *Have both for disclaimer

      • +2

        I thought games on ps plus extra can also get removed? Reason I have not upgraded my sub as I have limited gaming time…

      • +1

        I don't fancy the way game pass can remove it from the library. Always feel the pressure to finish the game under time constraint.

        Thank you! Started to feel like I was the only one who hates the time pressure to finish XGP games. I'm basically done messing around with game pass now because of it.

        • +1

          Haha true,
          I like to play for trophies/achievements.
          And the time constraint is not nice.

          Gamepass is great for the game that I am slightly jnterested but never want to pay for. 😂

      • +2

        You don't keep forever….you must subscribe to PS Plus to play the game they will be invalid once your subscription is not active. You do know that right?
        Its free whilst you are subscribed.

        • I do,
          But with game pass, they can remove the game anytime they want. And you lose access forever regardless of your subs status, unless you purchase it.

    • +1

      Last month was awesome and people were yelling from the hills how good it was!!

    • Yep only benefit is it allow online play……We been Suckered maybe my last PlayStation I buy….

    • It was nice to get Demon Souls, I probably would have bought that one anyway. I hope it doesn't get removed anytime soon because I stopped playing for Elden Ring.

      • Demon Souls is an old game, it appears publishers cannot do anything but remaster a PS3 game on to PS5 like many titles. Same as Dark Souls

        • +1

          It may be old, but it is one of the best looking PS5 games imo. It looks a lot better than Elden Ring in terms of graphics fidelity. Plus the PS5 doesn't play PS3 games and a lot of people missed out on Demons Souls first time around. Fromsoftware only this year released Elden Ring which has probably 100 times the content compared to Demns Souls, so you can't complain that they only publish remasters.

  • +1

    Never heard of Toem but the other two are games I always wanted to try but didn't want to buy. Decent enough, I'll take em

  • Plus will start to become like games with gold to shuffle you onto the Extra tier

  • +1

    Lowkey happy with Granblue. Hopefully DNF soon.

  • I'm hoping my ps5 will be for pick up this month. If I sign up for plus early can I get Tony hawk now? But i miss out if I wait?
    But would have it as long as I keep the subscription current?

    • +3

      Yes thats right, you can add the game to your library now (either via browser or PS app) and then download when you get the console

      Always recommended to add all 3 to library every month, up to you if you download them

      And yes all is lost when sub ends

    • +1

      Correct. Join now, add to your library in the app.

      • Thanks guys. Just sign up for essential I guess in 5 days (I assume pro skater will get removed the same day the new ones get added)? And upgrade to extra when my ps5 arrives?

        Planning on buying ps5 store credit from jb using discounted JB gift cards. Hopefully the ps5 isn't 3 months away and waste the months memberships.

  • rubbish deal

  • +1

    Very eh month

    • +1

      It always is, unless it's not, but when it's not I already have the good game.

  • +1

    Yay another fighter! Always welcome at my place.

  • +1

    Ive been wanting to buy granblue for so long and is even on my watchlist, glad i held off

  • -1

    Need discount ON psn plus. None of this making another account in turkiye stuff.

    Sony have just gotten greedy af, have not seen any discounts on psn prices in ages.

    • +2

      They had 25% off PS Plus plans online and in retail stores like JB Hifi 4 months ago.

      • +1

        Why the neg? you support them upping the prices?

        A lot of us held out for days of play as usual and it never got the discount.

        • +1

          I didnt neg the deal?
          Edit: or your comment

        • I agree, they greedy af.

      • +2

        You sure about this? I've been waiting and have seen no sale on PS plus this year at all

  • -1

    And with that, the final 360 GWG month once again beats PS+

    • GWG had been disappointing lately (well, after GamePass was announced).

      And GWG has followed Sony's footstep so no more 360 GWG true free games after September. Sony seems eager to copy GWG's drop in quality.

  • Could have at least offered Got Pursuit Remastered instead

  • Had Toem on my list for a while, so pretty happy with this.

    Granblue I've never played so will give it a go.

    NFS… Meh (except for the Criterion ones, which I'm pretty sure this isn't?)

  • -1

    Meh month, but I guess we were due for a dud month considering the last couple have been decent

    Hopefully Sony doesn’t go the Gold route

  • +2

    PS+ Deluxe continues to not be worth the money with only 1 PS1 and 1 PSP game this month (Premium regions get the Sly Collection, but the PS3 versions instead of the PS2 versions so naturally we are excluded)

  • Does PS+ Extra rotate every month? Do I only have a few days left to complete Miles Morales?

    • +1

      I suspect it's like GamePass. The Sony first party stuff (including Spider Man) will stay on there pretty much forever while 3rd party games would be temporary.

  • +2

    It's fascinating that Deathloop is being added to PS+ Extra before Game Pass, given that Microsoft owns it.

    The Bethesda deal has been finalised and Microsoft has full rights, but are holding to the 1yr exclusivity agreement Sony had before the buyout.

    Deathloop is expected to come out on Xbox on Sept 15, but Microsoft has been tight lipped.

    • The penalty for backing out of that pre-existing agreement would cost too much, either in terms of money or bad PR.

      • +1

        Sticking to the agreement is also a precedent in being professional and future expected behaviour by the company. The deal was signed by Bethesda/Zenimax regardless of Microsofts future ownership.

        But what I mean is the deal is expected to end on the 15th of September, which makes this addition to a competing service which didn't exist until after Microsofts acquisition very interesting.

        • Maybe the idea is to make as many fans as possible and make the sequel exclusive to xbox and windows. Or maybe the developers are really passionate about it being Multiplatform.

          • @AustriaBargain: Bethesda games won't be multiplatform, ES6 & Starfield are exclusive to Xbox. It's that the game already came out on PS5 so it isn't considered exclusive.

  • The Plus extras look pretty awesome. It cost me I think $50 to upgrade about 12 months of my psplus stuff - along with Stray that was $50 very well spent it seems.

  • -1

    Sony advertise the games coming but what about the games leaving? Why is there no big juicy ‘leaving soon’ section?

  • +1

    That 460TL turkey psn doin wonders for me

  • almost pulled the trigger on Deathloop from Amazon last week but had a feeling it's the type of game to appear on ps plus, good thing I trust my instinct!

    • +1

      Thanks for the links. Their link to Granblue was broken and for whatever reason I couldn't search for it either.

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