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Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 16GB Tablet $297 with Free Delivery


Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 16GB for $297 at Officeworks - Online only.
Free delivery for orders over $55 as well.


  • Size: 271 x 177 x 12.98mm
  • Weight: 680g (with battery)
  • Display: 10.1" LED backlight screen
  • Operating system: Android Honeycomb 3.0
  • Platform: Nvidia Tegra 2
  • Memory: 1GB DDR2
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Wireless: 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1
  • Camera: Features:
  • Interface: 2-in-1 audio jack (head phone/mic-in), 1 x mini HDMI 1.3a port, 1 x microSD card reader; 1 x internal microphone; 1 x stereo speaker
  • Flash support: Yes
  • Multi-tasking: Yes
  • Browser: Android browser
  • Battery: 9.5 hours

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  • 2x USB ports? Does this include the dock, or a typo?

    • Typo.. it was a copy/paste job, have removed that section… doesn't come with dock.

  • Heading out to buy a tablet today, which one do you guys think is better? Sony Centre Sydney have their Sony Tablet S 16gb at 359 plus charging dock - or this one? Also if I want to claim TRS on this, if I buy one other thing at OW to make it over $300, that will make it elligible, yes? Suggestions/feedback appreciated, thanks in advance.

    • as long as the invoice says over 300 and you have all the items with you when you go overseas. also you will have to leave the country in the next 60 days if im right.

      • +6

        The invoice must be dated within 30 days of your flight.

        • my bad. i remember it being 60 days for some reason. must be confusing aus with another country.
          also i suggest you go to the airport early if its during the day. i've waited an hour trying to get a GST refund.
          Claims at airports are only available up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

        • Ah bollocks, I don't fly out until the 22nd of July. I really thought it was 60 days. I feel like I prefer the Sony's style - sure hope that there will be more EOFYS sales if I miss out on these ones!!

        • You could do a layby at today's price. so its invoiced later.

        • just want to ask

          does the name of the invoice have to be the same as the passport's name?


        • No name on the invoice doesn't matter, because not all invoices have names on the first place..

      • +2


        • +3

          … a fraud… bring…

        • +1

          Defrauding the government is easy on the conscience for many.

    • +22

      You get some bargains, you miss out on some. Don't think about this post and enjoy your tablet.

      • +1

        well think about it this way, you got to enjoy your tablet for a month longer than us.

  • +2

    Great deal!
    IMO, better than the refurbed deal from AsusNotebooks (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72166)

    As much as I want to click Add to Cart, I'd be kicking myself when the Google Nexus Tablet is released (http://worldnewsresource.com/google-nexus-tablet-release-dat...).

    • +3

      If the Nexus gets released for $200 that would make Speedy Gonzalez look like Regular Gonzalez

      • +3

        By the time it gets to Aus it could well hit $299 I fear. Personally I don't have a problem with any of the dual core's performance - a better screen is a bigger priority (Xoom Mk1 owner)

        • +1 seriously doubt we'll get lame american exclusive pricing. i wouldn't be surprised if the launch price here was $350

    • looks like nexus tablet only 7" ?

      • True, but older 10" tablets would have to match it's price at least you'd think

  • Can someone explain the refund on GST to me. Do you have to be leaving for O/seas for good or just visiting and returning and how far in advance can you purchase item before travelling? Is there a web site someone can direct me to please!

    • +1

      You don't have to leave for good, you will be able to claim GST back if you're going on an overseas holiday. You must purchase the items eligible for TRS within 30 days of your flight.

      You can find more info here: http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4646.asp

      • Are you supposed to declare it, once you come back in?
        Or is it ok, since it is less then 1000$?

        • If you arrive at a border/customs control point, (eg. the airport), the Duty Free Allowance is AU$900 if you're over 18, (AU$450 if under 18).

          If you make a claim using the TRS on the way out and you bring it back with you, that item will be counted as part of your Duty Free Allowance, (AU$900).

          For example: If you buy a tablet here for $330 and the TRS refund gives you AU$30 back then your allowance for when you come back is AU$600 if you bring the tablet back with you.

          For mail order the threshold after which you attract GST is AU$1000.

        • Legally the scheme is for tourists. If you bring it back with you, you need to repay the Gst.
          I dont think ppl do though.

        • +1

          Legally, the scheme is for anyone who buys something AU$300 or more and leaves the country within 30 days. Doesn't matter whether you are a tourist, business person or a Wookie.

          If you come back with it, it is counted as part of your Duty Free Allowance.

          Returning to Australia

          There are limits on the quantity of goods you are allowed
          to bring into Australia duty and/or tax-free as part of your
          passenger duty-free concession.
          This includes goods purchased:
          - overseas
          - in Australia duty or tax-free before departure
          - in Australia for which a TRS refund has been claimed from an inwards duty-free shop on arrival in Australia.

          From: http://www.customs.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/TRSJune200...

          If you are considering bringing goods for which a TRS claim
          has been made back into Australia, please be aware that
          they may be subject to duty and tax.
          If the value of these goods together with overseas purchases
          and goods bought in Australia duty-free or tax-free exceeds
          the passenger duty-free concession limits, the goods must be
          declared to a Customs and Border Protection officer on your
          return to Australia.

          From: http://www.customs.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/KnowBefore...

          You could mail it back to yourself from overseas just before you returned and thereby get the benefit of the TRS and the full Duty Free Allowance.

        • what if i hide from customs? can i get by without returning the gst?
          or do i have to declare it?
          saves the hassle of delivery…

  • How does this compare to the popular tablets like iPad 2? Because it is atleast $100 cheaper!

    From a straight look, it would appear hardware similar just os difference?

    • You are right that there is a $130 difference between the the Aus and an iPad 2. There are many excellent points of both machines, so it is up to you whether the extra money is worth it.

      Make sure you check both out before making a decision. I found it was worth the extra money. One thing to note is that it is very easy to update Apple's OS when they bring out a new one.

      With an Android phone or tablet, it is often very difficult to do so if you are not technically minded. Also, I aesthetically I don't believe the Android machines have caught up to Apple yet, though it is getting very close.

      I'm looking forward to Apple's announcement tomorrow morning what we can expect from iOS6, coming out in a few months.

      • My vote is for the Ipad 2. I bought this one back in November. IMO does not match up to the standards of an apple product. Also has a bug in few pieces where the screen gets locked and you will never be able to unlock it. I got it via shopping express(for $390 with keyboard) so the warranty was bit of a nightmare.

        With the recent price drops in the IPads, I would take a Ipad 2 for 398 in a heart beat.

        • I got it via shopping express(for $390 with keyboard) so the warranty was bit of a nightmare.

          Really, how so? Were they difficult to deal with or something?

          If you're a fair distance away from them, then after the DOA period I would have thought that you'd just use your local Asus service agent for any issues?

        • different products for different needs.
          I "need" a USB port and Flash support on the tablet.
          iPad won't have them.
          so even if I "want" the iPad, I don't need it.
          I haved tested both IOS and Android. They are the same to me.

    • -1

      Everything-wise is similar or better. Oh hang on a second, with iSheep… I don't know.

    • once you upgrade the softer on this Asus to Android 4.0 ICS itll be alot smoother and more comparable to the iPad 2.
      Android honeycomb wasn't a very good OS because it had a lot of glitches.
      however, iPad 2 seems to the easier and more simplistic of the OS to use.
      can't complain with either.
      also, more accessoried for the iPad 2.

      • is there an official update to ics?

    • +4

      Honeycomb 3.2 onwards introduce USB OTG (basically you can plug an USB device to your tablet). This makes Android tablets much more flexible (USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB joystick, USB hard drive, USB card reader etc…). Things is, for TF101, you need to use the dock to take advantage of the USB OTG (that's my understanding). Most of the other Tegra 2 tablets support USB OTG without the need for a dock.

      Adobe/Macromedia Flash support is available on Android. One of the popular widgets on Android phone is Power Control, but for some reason, it is not available on the tablets running Honeycomb. There are third party ones which you can use instead. ICS is better than Honeycomb so use ICS with this tablet if you can.

      If you are willing to customise, Android can be quite user friendly (being able to turn on/off things using a widget is faster than going through iOS' settings screen - yes, you can jailbreak and install SBSettings, but it is a pain for non-Tech people). If you cannot be bothered and want something that's more ready to go, iPad 2 / new iPad is the way to go.

      Apps wise, iOS still have a big lead. However, if you have followed Amazon Appstore, Google 10 cent and 1 cent app promotion, you would have saved a lot and collected all the expensive Office apps.

      Looking forward, Tegra 3 should have decent 1080p mkv playback, which should make things interesting (a lot of cheap Chinese tablets can do 1080p mkv playback and they only have single core). Apple will most likely not support 1080p mkv hardware accelerated playback.

      • Not sure whether to get one as a gift for someone or to wait to see what else is going to go on sale for the EOFY sales!

        • +1

          Gift… um… I think it is worthwhile to pay the Apple tax.
          Unless… it is for young children / a young child. The price isn't that good to be honest.

        • Not sure why this comment was negged. It's just an opinion. I know if I gave my friend an Android tablet she wouldn't be as excited as if I gave her an iPad.

          For children especially I think the iPad is the best choice.

      • Why would it need to when it supports mp4 h.264 which is much better anyway

        • An ideal tablet should support as many video formats as possible. If a $95 cheap Chinese brand tablet (with just a single core CPU but a GPU that supports video hardware acceleration) can play 1080p mkv with flying colours, wouldn't you want your $297 tablet to be the same?

    • From a straight look, it would appear hardware similar just os difference?

      Not really, hardware is quite different, starting with the screen (resolution, size, aspect ratio), the amount of RAM, storage expandability options, cameras, sensors (i.e GPS) to size and weight are different. The ONLY similarity is they both have a dual core 1GHz CPU (but the chips are from different companies). And with the optional dock you can turn the transformer into a netbook like device. So at a glance there is nothing similar..

      The OSs are quite different too. Some prefer iOS for its simplicity, but IMO Android is a much more feature rich OS. Transformer has a better screen size, resolution and aspect ratio for watching videos, wide screen videos will look bigger, and you'll also have a better web browsing experience with Flash support.

      But having said that iOS has some perks too, the user experience can be little smoother, if you have other Apple products it may integrate with them better. There are more apps for it as well, but most important apps are available on both platforms.

  • +3

    wow that is damn cheap!

    • It is cheap compared to jacked up Australian prices, but this tablet came out more than a year ago in US for USD 399 (~AUD 360 back then). So the actual value compared to US price has only dropped AUD 60 after more than a year.

  • thanks just bought one

  • +2

    10" is under $300, really cheap.

  • +2

    They have finally sorted out the reboot issue now… Great tablet, great price.
    As far as ICS on tablets is concerned, there are still a few apps / games that don't work.
    Awesome for comics (use Perfect Viewer - free) and add the Perfect Viewer PDF plugin (also free) when you need a PDF viewer.

  • It is a reasonable price for this good tab.But every week,we will find some tabs on sale.I would prefer to wait till TF201's sale.:)

  • Would rathet wait for tf 201 :)

  • +1

    Upboats from me! ordered

  • +1

    Just purchased one online. Went to Cranbourne North officeworks as well to check it out. Just so i could play with one. They did not have it. Harvey Norman had 1 i could play with and it was smooth. They could only sell it to me for $450 after discounts. LOL

    • does harvey not pricematch? =0

  • +8

    I think my immune system has lost all capacity to prevent me from reacting to any bargain
    It's Bargaingenititis…

    …I don't know why my fingers type OZBARGAIN and chrome browser suggests "Bargains Deals Coupons….". And then I find such gems that scream for your attention. I read the comments on the post—it's like counting to 10 before you make a rash decision.

    But then I am only human…Before I clicked on the post I secretly hoped it was out of stock but it was not.

    It's a first when I look at a crazy deal at such time of the day and it is still active…
    It cannot be less than a miracle….

    I will now search secretly for a 'cure' with my newly purchased Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 16GB Tablet (My Precious) and hide it away from my missus prying eyes…….

    (To be continued)

    • +1

      Ever heard the saying: A fool and his money are soon parted ?

      But at least you're smart enough to use Ozbargain, so I guess "smarter fool" is fitting! :P

  • guys dont know much about Tablets so need your help. Should I buy this one or iPad 2 for $398 from bigw or even sony one??? please help!

    • +3

      iPad2 has more and better apps at the moment and works great with apple services but if you've used an android phone this its technically more powerful and better spec'd. My advice is wait until next gen android tablets and better apps before buying now…

      • You speak the truth.

        • +2

          he tells nothing but the truth

        • but to wait is painful.
          and the urge to "keep up with the jones" is so strong…..

    • +2

      simple answer to your query:
      if you dont know much about Tablets, so you need an iPad2.

  • Imho this is reasonable price and to me it should be the standard price from now on for tegra 2 devices. Anything above $300 is not worth it for tegra 2 devices. I owned a acer Iconia a500 and found it terribly slow in some cases like videos over 720p but overall tegra 2 is still an ok chipset for gaming and web browsing.

  • How does this device compare to the HP Touchpad?

    • Much better.

    • -1

      hohoho, you are paying 3 times the price. I don't think that you should go for tablets other than android or ios OS. Although I know you can flash a different android into HP I heard that its not stable on HP touchpad.

      • -1

        I'm running the latest version of CM9 ICS on my HP Touchpad, although its good it has a couple of bugs "webcam and mic not functioning". I want something to replace my laptop and thought the ASUS Transformer might be good.

        • laptop is laptop and tablet is tablet. Different purposes IMO.

        • +2

          What do you do with your laptop? Unless all you do is browse the net, watch videos n some simple multimedia tasks, a transformer is not going to be a good alternative (even with the KB dock). I have a transformer, and use it quite a lot, but its not a laptop replacement, you really can't do much productivity work on it. All Android office suits provide very basic options, for example formatting large complex documents or manipulating large spreadsheets is very hard.

          The browser experience is also subpar; sites with lot of complex java script and Ajax fail to work properly (even Google’s own web apps like Gmail and Google docs don't work well), and flash doesn't work all that well either. Don't get me wrong, I really like Android, and I think its a really good smartphone OS, but it is no substitute for a real desktop OS, not yet anyway.

    • I have an original iPad, HP Touchpad ($150) and the Transformer 101.
      For movies, comics and PDFs, the Transformer is the best due to it's wide screen format.
      For games and other apps, I would recommend the iPad - IT JUST WORKS…

      There are still heaps of awesome games that do not run on Android - Chuzzle and Plants vs Zombies for example.

      The Touchpad running CyanogenMod Android is awesome - kids apps, games, movies etc, and at $150, a bargain. Not much chance of getting one of those any more but.

  • mmm.. i thought this came with the keyboard and ordered it but now realise it doesnt.

    i also bought the sony from harvey norman. thats probably better than this one.

    how can they call it a transformer if it cant transform… :(

    • did you expect it to come to life and fight other evil tablets?

      • basically

  • +2

    Wow i am impressed. I ordered the Transformer last night (monday 5pm) and today 4:15pm i had it in my hands.

    Impressed with how quick it was dispatched. I am in cranbourne victoria.

  • I also got it today at 4 PM, pretty fast delivery.

    • WOW! where abouts did you get it delivered to? sydney cbd?

      • To Parramatta NSW.

        • thanks savara. still waiting for mine :(

  • The product is now out of stock 12th June 2012.

    • still shows in stock as at 7:33pm.

      • +1

        Probably because I cancelled my order.

        • +2

          ha ha ha

          is it only Ozbargainers who shop online :-)

  • There is still stock online. Why posted as out of stock?

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