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Asus GeForce RTX 3090 TUF Gaming 24GB Graphics Card $1649 + Delivery @ Umart


I know. I know. HODL or whatever. Might be worth waiting but still crazy to see a new 3090 at this price.

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    Tomorrow merge, 3090 price cut half

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    HODL, because MEREG

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    It can see $1999

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    That's a no from me not even for $1000 hodl on let them suffer

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      no, you've been suffering instead all these years, how long can you suffer more?

  • 4000 series coming before end of year and forecasted to be double the performance so probably wait.

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      twice the fall, double the price.

      • A 4080, which will out-perform this will be double the price?

        • It probably depends, do you need 24GB of VRAM? If you don't and can wait till some time next year, 4080 would certainly be a better deal. It's possible 4090 would cost at least 2x the current 3090 deals if you need more VRAM.

          • @DmytroP: would 4080 get 24 GB VRAM?

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              @bazingaa: It won't be $1649 lol. I'm baffled people actually consider 3090 at this point in time

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              @bazingaa: Unlikely, the current leaks indicate 12 and 16GB 4080 versions (most of leaks are optimistic, 3080 was "leaked" to have 20GB).

      • All the salty basement investors upset now that eth is PoS.

  • Lol it's just sand the "9" doesnt mean anything at all. It's not crazy to see it at this price because the 4080 is coming out a lot sooner than 2 years.

    Would've been crazy to see it at this price in 2020. This is an expected price, and a bad buy (anyone buying flagship models EOL needs a sanity check). Why would anyone pay a premium for the best, when it's already 90% through it's lifetime.

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      IMHO for gaming it did not make sense even at start of the life, and for productivity tasks it sometimes makes sense to buy 3090 even at EOL.

      • Currently running my 3060 at max for productivity and browsing 3090 deals, and yup…

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