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20% off (Max Disc $1000) All Items (S2722QC $421.85, G3223D $551.40 Delivered) @ Dell eBay


Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings, but weigh up the cons of this as you have more recourse for faulty items when using the protection when using credit cards and this may come in handy with Dell as they are rated very poorly across review sites.

Some deals:
Dell 27 4K UHD USB-C Monitor - S2722QC 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz 2xHDMI, USB-C $421.85
Dell 32 USB-C Gaming Monitor - G3223D NVIDIA G-SYNC QHD 165 Hz $551.40

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  • +22

    Nah thanks. Need to avoid disappointment.

  • +28

    Hi Muzeeb, where’s my order

    • +9

      Expected muzeeb references, was not disappointed haha

    • +1

      How do I get in touch with this Muzeeb fellow?
      I am still waiting for my Dell backpack.

      • +1

        I am here brother

        • All hail muzeeb

        • Where is your association tag?
          Will the real Muzeeb please stand up!

  • +25

    Bring back the $249.01 AW3821DW and we will talk. LOL

    • +2

      Me want 38"

      • +1

        That's what she said

        • That's what she said

          I was waiting for this reply and you didn't disappoint me XD

  • +9

    FYI, from my quick look, the monitors seem to be the same price, to the cent (without promo code) on the Dell website.

    2722QC $421.85 from Dell vs $421.85 with promo from eBay

    • +2

      Oh my Jack has entered Dell eBay too 🤯
      I’m sure Dell would allow some allowance for these to be heavily discounted ;)

    • Yeah, I checked that earlier today also (for the S2721QS). Best that one has been was around $298 during eofy sales. 20% off on eBay is current price on Dell's site

  • +9

    Ozb saying = "20% off (Max Disc $1000) all items @ Dell eBay"
    Me wanting = "80% off (Max Disc $1000) all items @ Dell eBay"
    Muzeeb admitting = "sorry just 1 mistake is enough, no more"

    • +3

      Who is this Muzeeb people keep bringing up?

  • G3223D- does this have the G-sync hardware or just the software so it is actually G-sync compatible

    • Error compatible.

  • +9

    Was expecting code MUZEEB20

  • +8

    No more dell for me since my order is cut

  • Cancellation emails in …

  • +3

    Shit price for the S2722QC

  • That hurt

  • +12

    Dell didn't even offer any compensation or discount code their errors.

    I'm not buying, will start looking at other brands.

    If they'd offered the monitors I bought at wholesale prices as a good faith gesture I might have still been on the Dell wagon

    • +4

      Buy from another brand if the product is better but going to another brand because Dell didn't offer compensation for a obvious error is laughable.

      • +1

        but….. Pandemic really struck hard to some. WE see desperation.

      • +4

        Companies punish loyalty anyways.

  • +4

    better price with education discount codes from Dell direct.

    Dell is delivering a crap deal this time

  • +1

    I would say OP do have some ball to post this.
    Even Dell's best friend Dealbot not doing that this turn to annoying us.

    • +1

      Look at the change history

  • +1

    I dont know whats going on… was a bed pooped in?

    • +2

      Dell made a pricing mistake and then stood there smelling their fingers. A few days later after spacing out in this position, they mentioned, “Soz”, in a confidential internal email that got leaked and decided to call it a day.

  • anyone rate S3423DWC ?

  • Bought the i7 xps 13 to replace our current one which is slowly breaking at the hinges. Parts used to readily be available but not only seeing them for well over $200.

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