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Seagate 3TB Expansion USB 3.0 AU$158 @ JB Hi-Fi Fyshwick


My First submission here.

Bought this at JB Hi-Fi Fyshwick, ACT with the help of someone else here who bought a bundle of 5 for the same price (search for the receipt he/she uploaded here). The store price matched for me. Going to grab another one today to add more space into my home nas.

Internal HDD is ST3000DM001. Google suggests it's 7200rpm.

I think it is a bargain for me. Use it as external or internal, up to you!

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  • Not bad price.!

  • Price match at officeworks for $150.10.

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    Went to Officeworks in Clayton, Victoria. They refused to price match/beat as the JB's website is still $199 and said that the uploaded receipt doesn't count as anyone can just type it out or Photoshop it.

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      That's what OW said to me yesterday. They are only able to honour an advertised price, either in store or online.

      • Could the OP please specify where was the original advertised price of $158 (The Fryswick wasn't the original store) so that Officeworks may ring up the store? Thanks.

        • Unfortunately it's not an advertised price from anywhere. It is a price I got from the receipt uploaded by someone here at OB.

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          so where is the receipt by "someone" from? link? @[email protected]

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    I am still looking for a Western Digital…3TB…USB 3.0…at this price.

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      Me too, after a few bad experiences with seagate I'm staying away from them, WD has always been reliable for me, kudos to the OP though, great deal :)

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        Are you able to completely remove their smartware crap or still only disable it. I'm still on XP and with my passport WD's get an annoying popup everytime it starts asking me if i want to install the software.

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          and thats y i prefer seagate

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          Yes I have 2 WD 3TB USB3 Essentials. Just quick format them when you get them and the crap software is removed.
          It's only on some of the "deluxe" WD drives that the smartware is harder to get off.

          I've also had a bad experience with Seagate, and so has a friend, but between us, none of our approx 20 WD drives have ever had a problem.

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          20 HDD .. thats a lot of "video" storage.

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          on the 2.5" drives you can't get SmartWare off the drives, its built into the firmware. You can turn it "off" but it's always taking up 700mb of space you wont get back.

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          I have a couple of 2.5" drives. An older USB2 one and a newer 1TB USB3 one. Neither of them seem to have what you're talking about visible to me. They never pop up and annoy me, asking to install etc.

          And that's what tchi6 was asking about.

          And if what you say is true, that they are hidden and take up space - what's 700MB to 1-3TB? Especially when these drives are marketed in terms of 1=1000 when Windows treats it as 1=1024.

        • Yep colashock
          My portable wd HDD has it.. Googled it and people say you can't remove it too.. You can only "hide" it… That's all.

          They never pop up don't mean it's not there….. No auto start? Lol

          And it failed recently… Only lasted a year

        • yeah..count me on WD deal. Same experiences with you.

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    If this is the same as my 2 TB ST2000DM001, be prepared to hear the drive chirp.

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      seagate released a firmware fix

      • Wasn't that for the internal drives only though? Not the USB/Caddy drives.

        • it's technically the same HDD

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          I vaguely remember it being posted in one of the other ozbargain threads about a 2/3TB seagate drive. Few people reporting that the seagate tool wouldn't write the firmware to the drive. This could however just be the fact that the USB controller in between blocks it more than anything else as it see's it as the external drive not the internal.

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          Same drive mechanical.. but different firmware

          The updates check for the drives firmware..

          SO no go.. until seagate release a fix for external units..

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          Took the drive out of the case as well and hooked it directly to the motherbaord sata port..

          Still no go for firmware update…

      • Thanks. Grabbed it. Wasn't expecting a 30 MB download though.

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    Just picked this up for $143 at JB Top Ryde - didnt even have to haggle. I've got the receipt to prove if anyone wants to see it.

  • Sorry, I'm a noob at this. How do I attach photos or do I start a new thread ?

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    Here you go….

    The salesperson mentioned that it was $10 below his cost price, but didnt hesitate to sell it to me anyway.

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      how do you get this price? do you show them the $158 receipt? or they are actually selling for $143? :P

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        I was actually asking about the $99 2tb drive which they had sold out and I asked him what he could do the 3tb for and he straight up offerred $143.

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          don't quite get it…

          you were asking if they have 2TB $99
          they answered no
          you ask what he could do for 3TB
          he offered $143

          but you also said:
          The salesperson mentioned that it was $10 below his cost price

          why would he do that? I am trying to get one here, so pretty confusing on how…
          if you were showing him this $158 receipt, why wouldn't he match $158 but instead offer $143?

        • thanks for sharing the receipt anyway :)

  • i got one for 128.00 Dicksmith with everyday reward card close down stop only.

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      receipt? which branch?

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    compare previous special 2TB $98
    this deal is not good

  • Anyone try this over in WA? I'm going to give it a go with the local JBHifi with a couple of these receipts but was curious to see if anyone had tried here?

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      I tried at both JB's in Perth City, using ultrmics receipt, and was told it was well below cost at both stores.

      Best price offered at both stores was $193.50 (stickered at $199).

      Needless to say I left empty handed…

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    How is this post useful to anyone??? I don't understand.

    • Precisely. It's not online nor in stores - just one, which was based on a derivative of haggling and is sales-person specific. OW nor JB do not accept images of receipts, which is the only physical proof that this offer exists.

      • I printed receipt out and got it at Highpoint JB on Sunday - worked a treat

      • printed work for me too, got one today.

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    Printed out and it worked. Plugged in the drive and it didn't even spin up. Taking back, stupid thing.

    • Before returning for I refund I took the receipt to Officeworks and got them to match the price + 5% off bringing it down to $150.10. Then returned to JB for a full refund. New drive works fine so far. All in all, it was a good experience.

  • I don't get it. How do you guys get the price of $143? I've shown it to two Officeworks and three JBs and all of them flat out refused to price match. One JB even refused to look at the receipt, all placing it off as it is not enough for a price match as it could be modified or photoshopped. Maybe because I'm azn?

  • JBHiFi Joondalup honoured the price ($158) I bought 4 drives no issues

  • Also, even if JB doesn't honour this receipt, Officeworks are selling these at a normal price of $179 which is advertised and other stores should match and is still a decent price.

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