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Head YOUTEK IG Speed 18x20 Novak Djokovic's Tennis Racquet $192.50 Pick up or + Shipping


Novak Djokovic's racquet of choice, this one offers the advanced level player all the control needed to dominate the court with aggressive play. The tight, 18x20 string pattern combines perfectly with the 100 square inch headsize to offer control, power, spin and feel from all areas of the court. From the baseline a long fast swing results in controllable power. The stringbed offers enough bite to add heavy spin, yet the tight string pattern offers the perfect feel for controlling flat shots. At net the racquet feels fast and responsive. Control is excellent and the racquet provides all the feedback needed to help the player find his/her targets on touch shots. Serving with the Speed 18x20 results in easy access to both pace and spin thanks to the racquet's maneuverable feel. All in all this is an impressive offering from Head and a great update to the Speed line.

Head Size:
100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm.
Length: 27in / 69cm
Strung Weight: 11.5oz / 326g
Balance: 5 pts HL
Swingweight: 314
Stiffness: 64
Beam Width: 21mm / 20mm / 21mm /
Composition: d30 / Innegra / Graphite
Power Level: Low
Stroke Style: Full
Swing Speed: Fast
Racquet Colors:
White / Black
Grip Type: Hydrosorb
String Pattern:
18 Mains / 20 Crosses
Mains skip: 8T, 10T, 8H, 10H
Two Pieces
No Shared Holes
String Tension: 52-62 pounds
Racquet does not come with string

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  • Does it come with strings?

    • read description

      • "Racquet does not come with string" Riggggggght at the bottom. Well there is another 30-40 bucks.

  • I am surprise the top players' racquets are pretty cheap nowadays. I remember Sampras' racquet and other top players' racquets were over $500 in rebel sport 15 years ago. Now even Nadal's and Federer's racquet are around $200 to $250 only when you shop around online.

    • Still massively over priced.
      I wouldn't buy a racket online unless you have had a feel for it. Get a demo and go for a hit.

    • +1

      just fyi, the racquets off the shelf are nowhere near the ones pros use; pros use heavily customised versions made specifically for them. The only thing similar is the paint job really.

      • +1. IIRC djokovic uses a microgel radical mold - customised to his specs. just demo racquets before you buy!

  • It's on sale for $259 at tenniswarehouse (which is usually the cheapest), so I'd say this is a good deal, even without the strings.

    • I assume you're looking at the .com.au version of the site? The US site has it for $199.99 + $45.00 (Delivery) = $244.99 USD and to further make Fincky happy, you get the option of a free synthetic gut stringing job! :)

      On a sidenote, I'd much prefer to order from the US site than from the AUS site anyway, especially if you're going to get several things at once. Much cheaper that way.

      EDIT: I seem to have gotten off track with the Tennis-Warehouse comparisons. Definitely a good deal!

  • "Power Level: Low
    Stroke Style: Full
    Swing Speed: Fast"

    That's my game in a nutshell. Doesn't sound like Djokovic's though.

    • +4

      Are you talking about tennis? :|

  • Rebel Sport Miranda had them on special for $150 each 2 weeks ago

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