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Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner $99 (Was $289.99) (Anaconda Club Member) @ Anaconda


Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner $99 Anaconda Club Member)
The Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner is ideal for your next camping trip, weekend away or picnic with friends. It features a clever slide out table with drink holder, and magazine holder. Comfortable to sit on with its fully adjustable reclining action and adjustable head rest.

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  • It's showing as 289.99

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      same for me

      • Seems as though it has been updated - I just purchased 2 instore for $99 each
        I received an email and also a photo in store
        Instore poster states sale ends 23rd October 2022

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  • price error?

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      I'd say so.. in the sense that there's no chance in hell this chair would ever be worth the regular price of $289.99 🤣

  • could be local price like this old bargain: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/681992

  • It's showing two prices - $99 and $149 on search results, but when you click on it, it shows $289.99.

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    Yes seems as though it updated as soon as I got home. I just purchased 2 in store for $99 each
    I received an email and also a photo in store
    Instore poster states sale end 23rd October 2022

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    This shouldn't really be expired if it is still available instore. I just saw this available myself there.

    I bought one of these and hate it. So uncomfortable. that is my experience anyway.

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    Pretty sure you can unmark this deal as expired and add “In-Store” to the title. It’s a nationwide sale, hasn’t reflected online but definitely this price in-store

  • I have something similar, just bear in mind these things are absolute monsters and take up considerably more space than your classic camp chair. Lying flat is awesome, but I am pretty selective now when I bother taking mine with me.

    • I agree. We've had these for a few years now and they never fail to get comments from others at the camp sites, drive ins, picnics, BBQs because they are really nice to sit in. However the big downside for me is their weight. I could almost live with their size (as you mention) but, as an aging male with some physical deteriorations/injuries, I have to make sure that I don't have to carry them too far.
      -big sigh- aging sucks.

  • What are the differences compare to Oztrail one? There are also many other similiar chairs from different brands. Are they actually the same?

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    seems decent, thanks im going to pick one up

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    Thanks OP. Ordered one with signup coupon WELCOME10 made it down to $89.

  • Thanks Mate, grabbed one

  • 4WD? It doesn't even come with 1 wheel! :P

    • The instructions were unclear.

  • Buy the swap gift card through shopback and get this for $85 pickup

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    Tempting to just use in the backyard…

  • Do these fold relatively flat? Can’t find any pictures of them fully closed up.

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      Yes, they are pretty much flat. They are quite heavy also.
      Found the photo of folded one:

  • See photo https://i.imgur.com/Gl7xuzQ.jpg

    18cm widest section

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