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Baby/Nursery Gear - Best Prices I Could Find for a Bunch of Things


I've been doing alot of nursery shopping recently. I'm the kind of guy who researches pricing and details/reviews crazily, and I must say Retail and Online, it's hard to find true bargains in baby gear. Even online stores take you for a ride most of the time. So I'll show you the best deals I could find in my travels.

NOTE: I KNOW THE COUPON HAS BEEN POSTED BEFORE. That's not really the point here. I'm not sure anyone actually found a good use for it as the postage kills the deal usually at Harvey Norman Baby and Toys. But this is a good one I found, and since it involves a coupon code I used it as the header bargain.

Childcare brand Change Table Mat - $26 posted if paying via paypal, with coupon "PAYPAL"

Same one sold at Big W currently for $35.
I doubt you'll find it any cheaper than this $26 price, and it's probably going to be cost for HN.

Edit: deleted part where I said I thought HN may have hiked the postage cost to cover this paypal deal, rereading that now thats wrong, I think the postage price is just normal Australian postage cost - that is, high! But good news is, as below, rep advises they're looking into doing something about that.

Info on the actual 20% off paypal coupon here: http://www.harveynormanbabyandtoys.com.au/c/623/paypal1206?u...

Also - Change tables themselves are a rip off. Generally you can't find a decent wooden one for less than $150, and some go over $350 (total joke), but this deal from Super A Mart is really a bargain.

Sweet Dreams change table $99 - stock is low at many stores, but you can order it in if needed. Available in WHITE or COFFEE.

Note: I think that may be more expensive in some states (like $139) so apologies if your out of luck there!

While I'm at it, here are a few other good nursery deals right now
  • Easily the best deal on a (cheap) cot at the moment. This ones at BIG W.
    Childcare Lullabye XT Cot - $180, in white or dark wood. Also another model available for $187 also good. I've seen one shop in particular trying to flog essentially the same one for $399. Wow.

  • Baby Bunting also has this deal. Childcare Sussex Cot + Mattress + Childcare change table + Mattress $399.
    Page 7 of catalogue. This is hard to beat, but you can beat it if you buy separate items as I've listed, and can perhaps get a better mattress (I recommend the Childcare Premium for $98 at BIG W, or the $130 BB branded one)

  • Or, if your after a really nice cot for a good price, BB have a Boori Pioneer in various colors, with a (horrible) mattress for $495. This is a VERY nice cot. The mattress is horrible though, but if your really nice to the lady at the store they may swap it for a Baby Bunting Premium Mattress (usually $130) for no extra cost. This is a highly rated cot currently being superseded, similar ones are in the $600+ range. Note: there is a deal on a Tasman Eco for $435 (with a great latex mattress) but there is concerns over the latch breaking, so I'd go for the Boori Pioneer.

  • Cheapest decent Bassinette $99 @ Target (sells for $129 at baby bunting)

  • Cheapest decent electronic/sound walker $45. 50% off (Target brand, 50% off, but similar ones sell for $70-80) and other ones at same price (BB) which are smaller and no electronics/sounds/lights.

  • Cheapest decent sized play mat $25/50% off (Online store sold out, and stores had no stock since DAY ONE but you can do a raincheck at a real store)

  • Great deal on an electronic swinger $99 / save $50 (you usually dont find a proper electronic swinger for less than $150ish)

  • The best carseat for safety, convertible for 0-4 years, is the Safe n Sound AHR Meridian for $415. DO NOT PAY MORE. Many shops are still selling it for ~$450. Most places will price match various shops such as The Baby Gallery, Hush a Bye, and a other shops I've seen it at this price. There is a HUGE markup I believe on these things, as price matching was far too easy.




  • Personally, for strollers we wanted something light, not too expensive, and VERY easy to fold up. The best deal here is the Steelcraft Agile. It's a Aussie copy of the Baby Jogger City Mini, but it's actually better, they've improved it a fair bit. Don't pay more than $325 for it. Many places still charging much more, but you should be able to find and price match it for $325.

Edit: Apologies, it was $324.95, not $315, I was confusing with the carseat!


  • If your looking for a stroller that's a bit cheaper I'd suggest checking this one out. I can't say anything for its long term reliability, but its almost exactly the same as the Agile and $116 cheaper. The only real difference I noticed was the fabrics used weren't quite as good, but in the end its essentially the same smart design of the Steelcraft Agile/Baby Jogger City Mini.


Note: for any Target sales, if they have no stock, get a raincheck!!

Okay, I think thats all I can think of for now. Enjoy!

Edit: Additionally, if your after something a bit fancy and electronic (ie. baby monitor) then PriceUSA.com.au and Amazon.com are your friend.

Eg. we got this $199 (+shipping) baby + movement monitor

for $125 shipped via Amazon.com thru PriceUSA.com.au

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  • re: baby seats, in 2013 the ISOFIX mounting system becomes legal in Australia (why its taken them so bloody long i don't know). This will make fitting seats significantly easier, plus it will open the floodgates for more seats. I'm planning on getting my son a Recaro seat :)

    • Reading up on that, interesting.

    • Other counties have had this for so long! I don't know why aust have taken so long to adopt it!!

    • Don't hold your breathe waiting for ISOFIX seats to appear any time soon.

      While approval has been given for their use from 2013, none of the car seat manufacturers have even begun testing isofix seats for Australian Standards accreditation yet. It's not simply a matter of using their seats that are already available overseas. Without Australian Standards accreditation, they're not legal to use in Australia.

  • Can you link me to the Meridian AHR you found for $415?

  • Always makes me feel better when I see the products i've bought are still 'good'. We just purchased the Meridian AHR for $439 at Baby Bunting on the weekend, i would love to know where it's $415.

    • The Meridian AHR is definitely the best seat out there if you look at the crash tests and product reviews. Baby Bunting gave you good advice. Don't worry about the twenty buck price difference, just be happy you bought the safest seat for your child :)

      • vidgamer, i also bought the Meridian AHR for $435 last weekend at Mothercare, wouldnt worry too much about the $20 difference as that was one of the best price and the seat is definitely safest seat in both rear-facing and forward-facing.

  • IMHO, nursery furniture is way too expensive, buying second hand saves a HEAP of cash

    Of course there are things like car seats you just have to buy new

    • Yep, it's total ripoff. I saw a change table for over $600 yesterday. And it was'nt anything special either! I've no idea who would pay that for something thats used for such a short time and for a fairly mundane non-safety related purpose.

      Second-hand is a good way to go, definitely.

    • Yes, this! We bought a new car seat, cot (Bigw, cheap but very nice looking and solid) and chair/bookshelf/drawers (ikea). We put the change mat on top of the drawers so we didn't need the change table - works well - at 9 months baby is rolling too much to use the change mat at height safely now so to buy a piece of furniture for under a year's use seems ludicrous. The top drawer worked well for having change items at arms reach.

      Second hand items we did well through gumtree and the Baby Kids Market (nationwide - www.babykidsmarket.com.au). Bought a quinny buzz pram $300, new $1300, an angelcare dual pad baby monitor $70, new ~$300, avent Isis electronic breast pump $50, new ~$200… All as new and work perfectly.

  • Wow, you remind me of me. You're crazy…but thank you :) Saved me hours

  • +2 votes

    We got a new wooden change table off ebay for $89 at Tullermarine (Melb) and the mat was $13.
    It was a business operating out of a shed in he industrial estate.
    2 weeks later the price had changed to $189 & $20 respectively.

    it just goes to show you the massive markup they have on baby products (just like weddings).

    Thanks for the post Op, you've put a lot of research into it

  • We got the Platinum AHR for $500 about 2 months ago( if we got it a month earlier, Britax had a $50 rebate which would cost us only $450!). Think our boy loves it and the side airbags is pretty cool as well as the built in speakers. We also got a change table and cot second hand both in excellent condition( no scratches or bite marks and even have all the original screws and instruction menu!) we got all that for $260 and they are all Boori Country Classic :)


  • OP - boy or girl?

  • I just want to say BIG thank you to OP for posting this. Although I've brought most of baby needs last year but still I believe this info are gold to a lot of mum-to-be here in this site.

  • Looking for a porta cot at the moment. Anyone found any decent deals? Looking for a real portable one, not one of those "portable" ones that weigh 10kgs? Phil and teds looks ok

    • Phil and teds is brilliant - so light and small (easily fits in suitcase or over the shoulder. Our youngest slept in it for the first 9 months of life as we travelled overseas. And on occasion up to 2 years of age. Our older two never slept well in pack'n'plays/portacots. Also sets up in small confined spaces.
      Baby stuff is just crazily overpriced in Australia.

    • phil and teds are good but you might spend half a day setting it up. And more than likely you and your other half will be in an argument because none of you can set this thing right.

      As we were mainly using our portacot mainly at home or at the inlaws place, we got the Babybjorn Travel cot version 2. unpacks in 15 seconds and is under 5 kgs :)

    • I have a phil and teds porta cot and it is great. So small and light. Easily fits in suitcases. I've taken it overseas and saved a heap on cot rental fees at hotels.

      It is a little more complicated to set up but I can get it done in a few minutes now after some practice.

  • Change tables are a bit useless really, the mats are excellent but you end up just placing the mat on the bed. So you can save $100 by not buying a change table :-)

    • we used our change table heaps !

    • Our boy just started rolling from back to tummy (He's 5 months old). We're a little scared now to use the change table. We're changing him on a mat on the floor. Much safer. It's only a second and they roll right off!

    • in my opinion, change tables are a blessing for parents backs. worth the money for me.

    • We love our change table. 5.5 yrs continuous use and still going strong with no.2. We also got one of those with drawers under so it's even more useful.

  • Thanks for the info. I'm also shopping around for baby things and have found your information useful.

    • No problem :) If you can, give the thread a plus +, the boss (wife!) will be impressed if it makes it to the front page!!! haha

      • make sure she doesnt get too excited now its on the front page or you will be putting together another list like this in 9 months.

  • Personally, for strollers we wanted something light, not too expensive, and VERY easy to fold up. The best deal here is the Steelcraft Agile. It's a Aussie copy of the Baby Jogger City Mini, but it's actually better, they've improved it a fair bit. Don't pay more than $315 for it. Many places still charging much more, but you should be able to find and price match it for $315.

    imo much better quality and value is/was Maclaren Techno XT Stroller for $299.95 @ http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72381

  • I got most of my stuff from www.mybabywarehouse.com.au good prices i say.

    • I only got a change table from My Baby Warehouse. The rest I got from Baby Kingdom because I was lucky enough to buy a baby seat and pram/stroller when they had a 20% off sale, which brought the prices down heavily even when compared to all other stores online and in store.

      Seat: Safety 1st sentinel convertible car seat. Got this one for $242 when it first came out and was on sale: http://www.babykingdom.com.au/Safety1st+sentinel+convertible...

      Pram: Combi Urban Stroller prestige (Dark Grey). Weighs only 6.3kg and folds easy with one hand. Got this one for $291 when it was on sale. http://www.babykingdom.com.au/combi+Urban+Stroller+prestige+...

      Change Table: Infa Axcess Bath Changer (Elephant design) for $139 (special @ MyBabyWarehouse) which is EXACTLY the same as the one here except for the design on the change mat for $169: http://mybabywarehouse.com.au/index.php/baby-bathing-changin...

      Just be sure when buying such change tables that the side edges are made of hard plastic rather than just soft cushion. The one above has hard plastic edges to prevent babies from rolling and is cushioned, that's why we bought it. However common sense should prevail - dont leave your baby unattended on a change table at any time, regardless of how many safety edges and features it has.

  • Found some cheap stuff myself: http://www.fourseasonscondoms.com.au/detail.php?i=7
    These will save you a bunch!

  • here's a deal on a TOMY baby monitor. Think it's for 24 hours only, so hurry!


    • I got the TOMY babymonitor early this year, for around $80, it had colour video, temp sensor, noise alert and IR. Worth around $300 RRP. Thank you Ozbargain!

  • If you can get a Baby Jogger from the US it is literally 50% off!!! Baby Jogger Australia will not service the warranty though. My friend is getting me one.

    • Good on your friend. The importers here charge ridiculous premiums so its always much cheaper overseas. I tried the US option but could'nt figure out (with postage) how to get it cheaper.

    • I bought my Baby Jogger and belly bar on Amazon, although not all the models can be ship to AU. The model I bought isn't available here though.

    • Can I ask which sellers you looked at had prices like that & ship to Australia? From what I have seen, either they don't ship hear or the shipping is crazy expensive

  • Thank you, OP! I found really good prices on several items on harvey norman site, especially after 20% papal discount.

  • Fantastic thread OP. Really grateful for pointing out change tables etc. I've been doing my fair share of googling too and pram selection just did my head in. Another pro-tip - don't forget to google the online shops you choose to purchase for, one particular one with what seemed to be the best price had the worst reviews ever! I won't mention it here, as the owners have made hollow threats of litigation ;)

    • Linking to the bad reviews cannot lead to a lawsuit against you…

      • From my experience there's A LOT of dodgy online baby shops out there. Many of them have different names but appear to be the same company (sites/systems are very similar)

        You can tell they're dodgy because they never say whether or not they're in stock and if you read the fine print it says just because you have ordered and paid doesn't mean it will ship. They may not have stock and will keep your money until they do get stock, which may take a long long time. Dodgy…

        Try and stick with the well known ones, and if your unsure just google to check the reviews.

        Myself, I can vouch for Harvey Norman Baby & Toys even if they're new (note: they show stock as any reputable seller should) - I got the email today that my order had shipped and I'd only just ordered the item last night. That's the kind of service you want.

        • Have purchased from some dodgy looking web stores recently for baby gear (the cheapest I can find). I only use PayPal though so don't give it a second thought. I've had great service from those stores so far (super quick delivery, free delivery on a playpen so bulky auspost had to book a van to deliver, etc).

          If an item doesn't arrive in reasonable time, just call them and let them know you are lodging a dispute with your bank or PayPal. If they don't offer prompt resolution or refund I'd be very surprised.

  • Childcare Baby Box Travel Dome can be bought for $49 - less 20% + $6 postage = $45.20. Significantly cheaper than anywhere else.

  • For those who need change table, I think the one that combines bath and change table for only $79 is a very good idea:

  • Hey OP, thank you for mentioning Hushabye in your post. My father Joe runs the store down in Dandenong and any word of mouth advertising is great for him :) his website is http://www.hushabye.com.au/index.php if anybody wants to take a look and he will always beat competitors on price if you visit him in store. Cheers!

    • No problem. I actually learned all about carseats from a really nice and helpful lady at Hush a Bye, way back when I knew nothing.

    • I can vouch for this. I've been to Hushabye quite a few times and Joe has alway beaten competitors prices even when they are on "Special".

  • Hi OP, nice post - THANKS. Do you have any idea where I can get a decent & cheap baby (play) pen?

    I have checked Target - they are very expensive - the smallest (77cm X 77cm X 60cm) one is approx $79 ($20 off)
    I have checked gumtree and can get a larger ones for arrond $50
    But my Mrs is looking for a brand new one…

    Thanks in advance

  • anyone with ideas for bottle sterilisers plus free bottles / extras thrown in? I am looking at the Tommee Tippee range, cause it was highly recommended by a friend.

    • Our best bargain was actually a box full of Tomme Tippee bottles, nibs, Microwave Steriliser, bottle warmer, etc, for $49.95 (more than half price) at Toys R Us last month, but that sale is no longer on. I'd suggest still checking if theres one nearby you though, as they were'nt exactly flying out the door. We went to Doncaster.

  • Positive for your work. Baby shopping is a nightmare sometimes and the guilt you sometimes feel for not buying the most expensive branded everything is horrible too.

  • While we're asking for ideas - cheapest place to buy a Grobag - those things are wicked expensive - or best Grobag alternative? My son has outgrown his old ones and won't wear one with sleeves. I need it at least 2.5 Tog for Winter.


    This post is full of some fantastic information, well done OP, and everyone else contributing!

    Just to clarify something, we've only existed for about 3 weeks (Baby & Toys) and our delivery prices have only been adjusted down in that time. The delivery model is different to the other stores, but is under review and we're expecting it to change for the better soon so that everybody around Oz is paying a fair delivery.

    Thanks for the feedback, really helps arm the customer service team when we push for improvements and products. Have a great week!

    Edit: Mods sorry I upvoted this, intending as a thankyou to the OP for the various information. Please remove!

    • Edit: just to clarify what I was saying about postage, I was'nt specifically saying the postage costs at HN Baby & Toys are overly high (they're same as any other store I think) just that even if the price is great the savings are enevitably reduced as you also need to factor in postage, same as any online store.

      That said, if you can figure out how to reduce postage costs that would be awesome!! :)

    • hey rep, can HN voucher be used for purchase here please?


        We wish! No online use for HN Vouchers at all at the moment, but it's right at the top of my wishlist

  • On the topic of HN Baby and Toys, this is also a good deal ($27.20 posted with paypal/coupon)


  • Hi, could someone please let me know where I can get the steelcraft agile for $315? I can't seem to find it for that price. Thanks

  • OP, how did you go with the Angelcare Baby Movement Sound Monitor from Amazon, wouldn't the charging base be 110V? Is is multi-voltage or did you get a step-down transformer?

    • It should be arriving soon. First time I've used PriceUSA, they've been good.

      I'm hoping (and fairly confident) it will be switchmode 110/240v as other US products I have purchased have been. If not I can purchase one or two 7.5v plugpacks. Both units also take rechargeable AAs.

  • Wow OP, after all your hard work I feel like I should make a baby to make use of these bargains :)