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Ergohuman Premium Fit IOO Executive Mesh & Upholstered Office Chair High Back $389 Delivered @ DukeLiving via MyDeal

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"Featuring an ergonomic and sustainable design, this ergonomic office chair sports a headrest and lumbar support for enhanced comfort."

Pretty good price with code FRENZY, free shipping, and 20% cashback at Cashrewards (up to $40, which brings this down to $349).

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  • Can anyone comment on the quality?

      • Good comment
        on whether can be commented

        Please follow with quality 🤣

    • I can't speak on it (only just bought it), but there's plenty of other discussions/opinions on previous deals

    • +4

      Bought one after some back pain and for general desk work and console gaming after having tried regular 150-200$ office works or garbage gaming chairs

      Its very supportive and the lumber rest is really good. For the price and longer sitting sessions, ive had 0 complaints specially due to all the articulations, tilt and leaning it has, as i tend to shuffle around and lift my legs when sitting for too long

      Overall a 9/10, the headrest is very wonky and doesnt solidly clamp with the 2 screws provided which is the biggest shame but very durable otherwise. I accidentally left a hot iron on the chair once and had 0 damage from that plus nothing creaks after a 9 months

      Id personally buy the non headrest version and save 50$. The headrest looks solid but is impossible to screw in with allen keys due to the dumb positioning of plastic

      • I accidentally left a hot iron on the chair once and had 0 damage from that plus nothing creaks after a 9 months

        This is both bizarre that a hot iron was on the chair at all, and that it didn't do any damage??

        • It was quite stupid actually,

          I use my bed as an iron board and the chairs just beside. So after sorting my clothes i pulled the plug and kept it on the chair for a few mins whilst folding my shirts

          It was on there for a bit and tipped over to the side, making some contact with the chair but to my surprise i didnt get a whole through the mesh. So im guessing its a bit head resistant but it made contact for 2-3 minutes only. But whatever the case, that little stunt wont be happening again

    • +1

      I bought one second hand - the all mesh version. It's pretty comfortable. Feels very well made, so no issues with quality. I'm pretty short at 164cm, and I know this recommends 165cm+, so perhaps my comments aren't too relatable. I find it pretty comfy but a few annoying things are the hand rests turn very easily, so you need to adjust them frequently. Plus, the headrest isn't too adjustable for me. Would work better if you're taller as there are a few settings - I'm just a bit short to benefit from any but the lowest and it sometimes feels like it's jutting my head forward. I've taken it off for now.
      I reckon the material would be more comfy than the mesh, but I haven't tried it for comparison. Hope this helps a bit.

    • sitting on one now

      it's great

      tax deductible too

      • I read that with home office furniture over $300 you have to claim depreciation over 5,10 or 20 years but items under $300 you can claim it all back… I need a desk and was going to buy a table top under 300 and sit stand frame under 300, i wonder if I can claim both of those back as sperate items?

    • bought one for my family and its really good. the downside is that the mesh is very sticky and takes some time to get used to.

    • I have the version with the mesh butt, and my brother has this version.

      I absolutely ADORE my chair which has saved my back, but I actually prefer and am envious of this/my brothers version.

      Would recommend to anyone, and this is an amazing price.

    • Have had the upholstered one for a couple months. I work full time from home and spend 8 hours a day in it, and have a history with lower back issues.

      This chair is totally worth it, the fabric seat is super comfy and the backrest feels great, parts seem high quality. The only issue I have is with the arm rests, the angle adjustments don’t stay in place and are very loose which is probably where they have cut corners on for the price. But otherwise no regrets, comfort is the main factor for me, would totally buy again

    • Can't comment on this model exactly (I have a all-mesh Plus Elite V2), but after ~2 years it's still going strong.

      Only complaint I have is I wish the lumbar support was a bit firmer (though I have a broken back so YMMV, however others in my household who have used my chair have been happy with the support it provides)

  • +1

    Thanks for the review everyone and thanks OP. Finally, time to change my rubbish Kogan advertised chair

    • +1

      Your back and butt with thank you.

    • +1

      I like the lumbar support on this one, looks much more supportive

      The ultra flex has an ineffective style lumbar support

  • -6

    150kg limit, what is this a chair for ants?

  • Can this be compared to herman miller aeron? Does anyone have experience with both?

  • Cheaper task chairs usually have the same adjustment mechanism: big centre knob for tension, a lever for height adjustment and tilt lock.

    This chair has a more sophisticated mechanism.

  • Anyone getting free shipping? $54 for me.

    • Free shipping for me to Metro Brisbane

      • Free shipping to Gold Coast..

  • F

    I'm not in the delivery areas so I had to put in an enquiry and I'm actively watching them run out of stock

    4 left down from 11 just a minute ago

  • +1

    Some of these chairs look pretty good, but no idea of the quality

    This is another one

    And this one as well seems ok

    One time I had a look at the chairs at officeworks and many of them looked good. When I went in to a store to have a look, all of them were crap. So now I have a hard time trying to buy a chair online, especially if it looks good and is only a few hundred bucks.

    • ALFORDSON Office Chair Gaming Executive Computer Racer PU Leather Seat Recliner

      That is a lot of cushioning

      • And it's $175 delivered. I figure no way that thing can of any decent quality right?

        At that price though I'm wondering if it's worth a buy anyway.

  • has anyone owned one of these for over five years and can confirm it's still 'great'?

    • +2

      Every chair brand refreshes its line up every 1-2 years to stay fresh and wash over any flaws. Stalwarts with a wealth of long term reviews, like the HM Aeron or Ikea Markus are dime of a dozen.

      • Is the Ikea Markus really that much of a beast?

        • +1

          It was pretty gamechanging for $199, maybe now for closer to 300 I'd look at other options. Choosing an ergo chair is a pretty individual thing though.

  • OOS

  • The quality is pretty good, a heavy chair and quite large. I could grow a 3rd buttock and still have room. The biggest issue is I would like the backrest to tilt forward more, even the most upright position is a a little too sloping for my personal taste.

  • Hi it’s weird it’s showing it’s out of stock. But if I search on their website it’s showing as available with price increase. The video on their site shows it has a foot rest attached to the chair. Can someone confirm it’s true? Any recommendations if I can get the foot rest version as I need to rest my feel after a long day at work?

  • how is this sold out already.

  • Very comfy and solid, albeit heavy chair. I bought it during last sale for around the same price, pretty happy with it WFH.
    These chairs come in different setups, from memory main difference being the mechanism underneath.
    This one is plastic, whereas more expensive ones it's aluminium / metal.

  • is this the same chair but no headrest?
    but the specs are not the same so idk.…

    • I thought that chair was the same as the OP chair, just without the headrest. So I ended up buying it.

      After your comment I had a look and turns out they appear to be different chairs.

  • so whats the difference between this and my 299 gaming chair?

    • +1

      I can think of one difference. We know what this chair is and looks like but we don't know anything about your gaming chair.

    • Gaming chair is more focused on comfort, task chair is more focused on posture.

  • The link to the Ergohuman is sold out. I don’t like mesh setup to sit on. I hope I can get this deal again.

    What do you guys think of the below? Apparently number one in Australia.

    • +1

      The Ergotune is mesh only and you don't like mesh.

    • They spend a lot of time coming up with gimmicky feature names.

  • Still showing as $400 on the link posted with 10% back brings it to $360. Is this the best chair you can get for that price or are there better options under $500? cheers

  • chair's back in stock for same price but less cashback. just ordered one.

  • how long does shipping take?

  • Gone again.

    Tried to get it working with ShopBack but it went OOS.

  • This chair looks different from the one on the ergo website:

    Is the one of mydeal fake?

    • Shipped & Sold By DukeLiving

    • +2

      This deal is the "Fit" variant, it is called "Weight Balance" on their website:…

      It's basically a slightly cut down version without tilt tension adjustment, it uses body weight to balance.

      Also, MyDeal is owned by Woolworths, this deal is supplied by DukeLiving. Generally trustworthy.

  • Am I doing something wrong it’s showing as out of stock?…

    I can’t sit on mesh need the foam version.

  • +1

    my order was cancelled..

    • Why?! I’m patiently waiting for a deal which I missed.

    • Same with mine

      • +1

        They must have taken more orders than stock. Keep us posted for a good deal on this chair please.

        • +1

          This chair or similar seems to go on sale often.

          I bought the non head rest version because I thought it was the same, but it appears to be a different model. Not sure how much different it will be though.

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