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Lunar Crystal Decanter $41.30 (RRP $199) + $9.95/$14.95 Delivery @ Royal Doulton Outlet


The Royal Doulton Lunar crystal decanter embraces versatility and enduring style for a range of your favourite spirits including whiskey and wine.

Part of the Click Frenzy take a further 30% off sale.

RRP $199, currently selling at $41.3 after an extra 30% off (almost 80% off RRP), discount automatically applied at checkout, plus delivery.

Great for gifting. While stocks last.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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    • Sounds like it was only the tumblers that were the issue

    • Hi, the issue was only on a small batch of the tumblers. Thanks

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    The tumblers in question could break more easily during normal use and cause a laceration risk to the user.

    It’s nothing wrong with the decanter, from the description.

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    That RRP is 100% BS. Even David Jones is selling the full set for a non sale of $149

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      Except you can't buy it.

  • Good present for whisky drinkers thanks

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      Each to their own, but I really don't understand why anyone would want to pour from the original bottle into this, unless maybe if you make your own, or you want to mask some cheap stuff. I love having the original bottle around - it sorta lightly anchors the whole drinking experience, especially with friends.

      • I agree. Bought a decanter because I thought it looked cool, but realised I'd have to drink the whole thing soon, and there really was no point pouring it into the decanter and then into my glass. Used it once and it's been 4 years.

      • It's a good present for whisky drinkers, but not people who are serious about their whisky. If you regularly spend more than about $70 a bottle, you're probably not the kind of person who would want to keep their whisky in a decanter.

      • I use mine in the office to drink apple juice. Straight from the decanter. Sometimes with a straw.

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    Can't decide between the decanter or the grass shears.

    Lol. When did they start selling Fiskars stuff on here?? That's actually a good price. Someone less lazy than me should post it. Only $8 but min $10 spend, plus shipping.

    • I was wanting to buy the shears but don't know what else to buy with it.

      Fiskars own Royal Doulton so…

      • I just bought two of the shears.

        Just like Ed Scissorhands.

        • I already have a pair of fiskar grass shears. Very nice grass shears. Easy on the hands and very sharp.

          These will probably be a step down but can't complain for $8. Just trying to find other stuff to buy so the postage doesn't feel so bad.

          Edit: Ended up getting a whole heap of Fiskars stuff. Hopefully don't get put in the doghouse for too long. I did buy a few things she will hopefully like…

  • Is this different to a wine dacanter?

  • It says $59 not $41

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