This was posted 1 year 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscriptions (Essential $59.95, Extra $101.21, Deluxe $116.21) @ PlayStation


Offer via Twitter.

Should apply to all PS plus tiers according to my sources.

Full credit to HUKD for the find.

Mod: Essential $79.95 $59.96, Extra $134.95 $101.21, Deluxe $154.95 $116.21

Mod: Info about caps

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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    playstation pus

  • +1

    if this will work for other region stores?? like HK?

    • -3


      aus ps plus on aus region account

      HK ps plus on HK region account and so forth

    • +3

      Yeah all region stores will likely be running the same discount around Black Friday, they usually do anyway.

    • I can confirm, there is 25% off in HK region.

    • can confirm PS hong kong is doing the same discount. nice

  • I had an email saying my auto renew was about to kick in later this month at $55 for the essential. Did they grandfather the Black Friday deal?

    • +12

      I'll take your Playstation (since it is gathering dust).

    • Hogwarts Legacy coming out soon! Might renew your/your kids interest in it

  • +2

    Can you stack PS Plus with an existing sub? Also worth acknowledging you can use Cashrewards to get a small discount on PlayStation Store credit, not sure if there are ways to get a higher % but at least this method is effortless

    • +2

      Think it's the only thing you can do if you have an existing sub. I would like to be able to buy a voucher, let my current sub expire for a while for a break, and then resume the subscription using a code or something that i bought at 25% off but it doesn't look like that is possible these days. Would love to hear that I'm wrong though!

      • +1

        Did they get rid of the instore subscription renewals when the tiers came in or something? Ive been buying the vouchers instore usually with discounted gift cards for years. Though I loaded up with 3 years last time so havent had to renew for a while.

      • I stack mine, im like all payed up until next year sometime

      • +1

        I top up every Black Friday, subbed til 2026

    • +1

      Cashrewards $3 bonus on choice gift cards is the best regular way - plus the 1.5% cashback gives you $3.45 or 11.5% cashback. Can then be exchanged for a PSN voucher to redeem.

      Other way is finding an Eneba deal o n here, usually gets 8-15% off a $50 PSN card, depending on the deal and the currency exchange… but there hasn't been one forw a few months now I think

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    That has sort of an oak-y afterbirth.

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    those twitter comments made my brain hurt.

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    Buy PSN credit (it can be used to purchase PS+) through EB to stack with discounted EB gift cards (6% off via Macquarie for example).

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    Very cool

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    Currently have the base tier for 12 months, I’m guessing this will bring down the conversion for Extra and Deluxe?

    • -4

      No, this can only be used to extend your current subscription at the same tier.

      • +3

        really? where does it state only for existing tiers and not for upgrades?

        it would be dumb for sony not to upsell their membership with the 25% disc whn according to you "only the tier" you are on allows you a disc.

        so if you are on not PS plus… wouldnt buying the essential tier theoretically mean an "upgrade" too?

      • Deals are up. Upgrades are also discounted. Yay.

  • +13

    Not worth it any more, especially in this economy.

    With all the free PC games thanks to Epic, Prime Gaming, GoG, etc., I have no desire to game on my PS4 now.

    As always, happy to wait for game prices to come down to ~$30 before I even consider buying, as tempting as God of War Ragnarok is…

    • +9

      The PS4 is pretty old at this point, did come out in 2013…

    • -4

      Do you play with Captain hook with your ps4?

      Man, move on.

    • +17

      To each their own.

      I have a high end gaming Pc and haven't played games on it in close to a year. Just don't enjoy it, and Playstation exclusives are still some of the best games you'll ever play.

      To be fair I work from home on it - so for me I need to separate work and gaming. I don't want to sit at my desk all day, so console is perfect for sitting on the couch.

        • +10

          I keep seeing PC gamers saying this when it comes to couch gaming but how am I supposed to fit my big as gaming PC in my living room TV bench? And if I use my PC for other things like work am I supposed to lug it back and forth from the living room to the study and back all the time?

          • @xers: Steam link box works just fine for me when wanting to move to couch with a controller. Not sure how hard they are to find these days after being discontinued if your tv doesn’t have the built in steam link app.

          • +4

            @xers: Yeah totally. I’m not about to sit at my TV every time I need to pay some bills, edit photo/video, or just browse the web, nor am I going to unplug the bugger each time and lug it across the house.

          • -1

            @xers: Most people with PCs use in-home streaming for playing games on the couch. It's been done this way for years and years now, it's not a new concept.

        • +7

          shows u know nothing about ps5 exclusives..

          • -2

            @ruztynail: Really? Name some PS5 games that are not on PC or other consoles…

            • +3

              @lordezekiel: off the top of my head

              gow ragnarok
              spider-man miles morales (that one is coming to PC sometime I believe but is still an exclusive for now)
              returnal (same)

      • -1

        Why don't your PC from your couch? Steam Link, NVIDIA Shield or any tv/box that can download the Steam app. I also wfh in front of my PC all day and game on the couch in the evenings. Rarely play my PS4 now

  • +3

    Hopefully the deal is also for Turkey region

    • It’s not

      • How do you know? Aren't these discounts normally worldwide or at least region wide?

    • why turkey region?

    • 20% off is $7 AUD, so $29 for the whole year. Doubt it thought because price is cheap already

    • My Turkish account lapsed and I’ve not been able to renew - my Revolut card doesn’t work anymore. I can still buy games though. Have you been able to buy PS+ currently?

      • It's a hit and miss, add cheap games or games already included with your deluxe sub to your cart and it will eventually checkout.

        • Do you use a Revolut card also?

  • +1


  • +4

    Last year was 33% off

    • +11

      This year is 25%

      • +3

        Next year might be 15%!? :O

        • Keep up with inflation

    • +2

      Last year was 50% off in December, the one and only time i have ever bought PS+ sub.

    • A few years ago it was 20% off.

  • +3

    God dammit.

    Just bought Extra a week ago.

    • +2

      You have 14 days to cancel.

    • Contact playstation and they should be able to refund you the difference. Thats what happened to me last year.

  • +2

    Prior to the new Tiers bring introduced, people would stack multiple years then converting to a higher tier would bet price capped (Profit!). I know Sony ended up stopping the stacking until the new Tiers released… But anyone knows if this is possible again now? Interested in buying 5-10 years of PS Plus Essential then converting to Extra - Hopefully with a capped conversion fee…

    • +2

      Don't think you could ever stack that high anyway.

      • I had 6 years at one point.

        • Thats ridiculous. Sony should just credit you for planning to stick with them that long….

          • +1

            @burns13: Was able to stack 13 years - I guess I bleed Blue at this point :)

      • PS you can stack very high. Xbox is 3 years.

  • +2

    May I ask, how do I buy this to gift to my son for Xmas?

    • +3

      This specific deal is a bit hard to gift (you're loading it immediately onto an account), but retail shops (JB, etc) may match or offer similar during the Black Friday sales.

      • OK thank you.

        • You could buy the equivalent cost of the discounted subscription in PlayStation Store gift cards in-store at jbhifi etc. However your son would need to redeem the gift cards and purchase the discounted subscription using them while the promotion is running, which kills the “Xmas“ aspect. Otherwise have to hope tomsco’s comment comes true.

  • +1

    If you have an existing Sub, you can 'cancel' from your account and then 'add' sub again using this discounted price. Mine was about to renew on 23rd for $154, just cancelled auto renewal and going to add sub again in 2 days with 25% off.

    • I cancelled mine (which goes til March) but still seeing the $154 for Deluxe. Not sure how to get the 25% off!

      EDIT: Oh, in 2 days :)

  • +1

    So this doesn't work if you are signing up to a new PS plus?

    • Why wouldn't it work? I'm keen to know the answer also as I have a lapsed membership.

      • +1

        It will work, I've got no idea where they got that from.

  • Anyone know how many years you can stack on your subscription?

    • +1

      I have done up to 3 years

    • I got mine till Nov 2026.

    • +3

      Pretty sure Max is 15 years, I just stacked 13 successfully

  • +1

    Think ill top up for 3 years

  • +1

    OK, time to top up!

  • +6

    Doesn't seem to be live yet

    • -1

      Yeah weird. All the other Black Friday deals are live yet but not PS Plus. Starting to make me wonder if we're even getting this deal now…

  • -1

    So it says Black Friday deals are live yet PS Subscriptions aren't discount yet at all. Does this mean we're not getting the discounts or it's just late to go live? 🤔

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