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Google Pixel 6a 5G 128GB Chalk $493.79 (UK Stock) Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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Low price on Google Pixel 6a @ Amazon UK via AU.

International model ‎G1AZG as listed under network specs on the AU Google store

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Wondering whether Google AU would honour warranty.

    • Google No, Amazon Yes

  • Anyone have any experience with warranty claims with Amazon UK or US?

    • Historically for me they've just refunded.

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    Cheaper to buy with a 7 via the Optus deal then sell the 7

    (Or keep the 7 and sell the 6A, which I just did, for 450. Gets you the 7 for 550)

    • how long did Optus take to deliver the phones?

      • +1

        2 business days
        (Bought Friday in store, delivered Wednesday).

        Can get on the spot in store, took us 30 mins

        • Did they hand them over instore - or sign contracts and wait for delivery.
          Optus chat just said they're unlikely to have them instore, but will deliver inside 5 days. Probably guff.

          • @Sapiens: We did two, one instore and one delivered.

            They had plenty of stock at the time but this was a week or two ago. You can phone your local store and check if they have stock.

        • what's the process to terminate the contract? was it easy? troublesome?

          • @[Deactivated]: Dead easy. Did it by phone, took 20 minutes. They send the final bill (which is just the listed minimum cost plus one month's bill, which is 49), pay it outright and you're done.

            Phones aren't locked or anything.

            Even if you sell yours for cheaper than necessary, you still get it much cheaper than buying new even on a deal like OP.

            • @Wolfenstein98k: Well every man and his dog are doing it now and flooded the market with pixel 7 and 6a, soon they hit rock bottom price and is probably better off buying this deal than has to deal with prospective buyers.

              You're lucky as you already done yours early which is the key.

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    Cheapest deal around for a phone with an E-Sim?

  • I had this on order for weeks at amazon with no shipping notification, I just ended up cancelling it and buying off the google store for 549 locally. I have no idea what the deal is with stock and shipping ordering stuff from amazon uk.

  • Any chance JB HiFi would price match this? Or would they say different model so can't price match?

    • It's available at Telstra for $499. Maybe JB will price match that deal instead.

  • I noticed the Pixel 6a on Kogan for $489.99 (First member) $506.99 (Non-Member).

    Anyone know if JB or OW will price match Kogan? Free delivery on both offers too.

    • They don't match international versions unfortunately.

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