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[eBay Plus] Black Friday Deals Under $5, $10, $20 & $50 @ eBay

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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    "Deals Under $5: Use code BFUND5 to get $6 off"

    $1 profit?

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      "Deals under $5" refers to items where the cost will be under $5 after applying the discount code.

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        Liberal use of the word "deals"

        Pay $9 instead of $16 on eBay on this "deal", or just pay $3.50 at Big W

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            @Techie4066: Pretty sure it’s not…. Postage weight is 150g, not 1.5kg edit: and image says 10 x 15g

            Are you gonna suggest that there just a coincidence that the 12pc of Freddos come in 12 bags?.

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            @Techie4066: I believe Techie is wrong here.

            They sell multiple packs of the Nerds, they use "2x" in the title and show two boxes in the image.

            Freddo Frogs and Turkish Delight say 12pc and have 12 in the bag, Chomps say 10pc and have 10 in the bag. All other items that don't a total on the packaging don't mention multiple pieces in the title, including Clinkers, Fruity Chews and Mentos.

            Yes they word it atrociously, but not in your favour.

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              @mikeInside: Read the seller's description. It says 10x [weight of 1 package] [product]. k.g doesn't price things ridiculously.

              • @Techie4066: So that part of the wording you think is right??
                Just to be sure, buy a set of each and let us know how you get on 👍

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                  @T-Quizzle: Someone over at k.g doesn't know how to format titles consistently. But yes I did order a 12 bags item when the deal went live. The other example I gave where the description explicitly says "12x Cadbury 144g…" makes it clear as day it's not just 12pc in one bag (they didn't write 12x 144g for nothing).

                  If k.g did randomly decide to run a scam, and not scale their pricing properly - which would be totally out of the ordinary for them - back it goes for free. Nothing lost.

                  • @Techie4066: I'm rooting for you here, but is overpricing a scam?

                    Have you checked these ones out - is this "36x Cadbury 144g Freddo Sharepack"?? 🤷‍♂️ same here

                    • @T-Quizzle: As I mentioned I really don't care if it's not as expected. Deliberately misleading the consumer with intent to overcharge is a scam, yes. You linked the same item twice.

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                      @T-Quizzle: Definitely priced as a single bag to take advantage of overseas markets where these Australian originated treats are less common.

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                        @2023: They don't ship O/S.

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                          @Techie4066: If that's actually true, then they have yet again fked up their listings because there's a large section for international buyers…

            • @mikeInside: Well guess what. "Includes" section in the description is updated, and my item's gone back. I fail to understand how they didn't specify the contents properly until now. You'd think they'd want to price the item appropriately and not have angry customers returning things where possible?

          • @Techie4066: I know you found out the hard way, but I emailed them about it and they said:

            New message from: k.g.electronic (394,094)
            Hi there,

            Thank you for your enquiry,

            Please be advised that one pack/bag contains 10 pcs of chocolates and this is sold for AU $16.00.

            Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

            So it's definitely 1 bag only. Seems ridiculous but there it is.

            • @ceebee: Yup. On top of that, they edited the "includes" part of the description. Shifty. It's actually rather easy when you've got a post box across the street and it reaches them in a couple days :)

        • Is the Big W price a sale price or a regular price? It's $5 in WA

          just wondering if sale or if the Eastern States it's cheaper.

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          Arghh, I assumed it was 12 bags of Turkish Delights and 12 bags of Fredos but just got delivered and one of each, What an absolute ripoff $9 for one $3.50 bag, Will be returning.

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      yes sure give that a try. Join us in making many 1 dollars profits

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    The frother looks very much like the $2.50 ikea unit.

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      $7 at ozsale. Pretty average reviews.

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      Please note: This toy is not motorized, it comes with a battery and remote, however these do NOT work.

      • +1

        Gonna be some disappointed kids come Christmas and the buyer realises they didn't read the description properly.

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      Love the description hahaha

      Please note: This toy is not motorized, it comes with a battery and remote, however these do NOT work.

      • What the heck as if that's allowed

    • NOTE: This toy is not motorized, it comes with a battery and remote, however these do NOT work.

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    Conflicting T&Cs

    4. Conditions. The offer entitles you to a Discount as outlined below off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Item(s) during the Offer Period. You may purchase up to a maximum of 1 Eligible Item per transaction. For each person, there is a limit of 10 transactions per redemption code.


    6. Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use each of the 4 redemption codes once during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

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      Update: Can confirm that you can use the same code more than once.

    • You can wear whatever you want, just so long as you have on trousers, shoes, and a shirt.
      You can bathe as often as you like or not at all, provided that you're clean every day in class.
      You can eat whatever and whenever you want, so long as it's during meal hours in the cafeteria.
      You're allowed to keep the lights on in your rooms as late as you wish until ten o'clock each night.
      You can go wherever you want around the Institute, so long as you keep to the paths and the yellow-tiled corridors.

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    2x Warheads Worms 113g
    $2 after using BFUND5

    They seem to go for $3.95 each online|

    Cheap treat…or punishment

    • +1

      Thanks, bought some… $2!

      • +1

        Just received the warheads in the post today, they are a month out of date :(

        • Mine too 😒 was going to add it to the Chrisyy gift box for the kids. Guess the bin gets it now.

        • 28/10/22 for me. :(

        • 28/10/22 for mine also.
          Sent them an email asking for replacement or refund.

    • WTF…seller has shipped out of stock items… horrible eBay

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    Thanks. Grip ball and Nerf gun for $4 each

    • +1

      Hey thats exactly what I got!

      • … Aaaand cancelled

  • +9

    Got a bathmat for 4 bucks, not bad…
    its 40cm x 50cm

    • Recommendation on Bath Towel?

      • +1

        I use bathmats as bathtowels, they are unmoisten me quite well

    • +1

      Shows 50cm x 80cm in the last image here even though it says 40 x 50 in the specs.

    • +1

      I read this batman. Lol

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    Lenoxx 34cm Helicopter Diecast Kids/Children/Adult Toy - Silver/Red $8.00
    Please note: This toy is not motorized, it comes with a battery and remote, however these do NOT work ???…

    • +1

      hahhaa was about to buy this as well.

      @chrisie so is it a remote controlled helicopter?

      did you end up getting one

      • +1

        No after reading the note :)

        • I got one before reading this, now I cancelled it.

    • The terms seen to say 10 transactions per code per person. So safe to but a few of these and still have more uses later.

    • +1

      lol you took the chopper out

      • I never listed the Helicopter as it isn't from Big W.

        • my bad someone else

    • +2

      Card Shuffler - $4

      I literally just saw this become OOS just now.

      • +1

        They may update the listing to add more stock. Was orders up until 15 mins ago when it went OOS again.

        Searching card shufflers I see the Chinese sellers are getting even dodgier. Using multi-listings but not even having a product for the bait and switch, just a "any question contact us" item.

    • +1

      Redwin Sorbolene Restoring Moisturiser 2L( - $4

      Jebus H! Even teenage boys don't need that much sorbolene…

    • The LEGO Friends Forest Waterfall 41677 is back in stock

      Interestingly the Race Car is back in stock but doesn't show up in the search function for the offer, you can still add it via OPs link and use the code though

      • +1

        Thanks, updated.

    • +2

      BigW cancelled the Lego I ordered using the voucher - "no stock"

      The second one I paid full price for (gotta get both kids the same toy) got sent.

  • what's everyone buying?

    • +6

      Stuff we will never use

      • The Ozbargain way

  • Whenever I click on any of the eligible item links "Oops - That page is no longer available."

    • maybe too slow oos

      • Nah, turns out the link wasn't working for me, but I went through the app and it worked.

        • -2

          what ya getting

  • all my purhcases say pending still, and tehre was issues with checking out, but once i refreshed it says its been processed. not sure if it'll work

    • $4 card shuffler I ordered this morning already sent

  • +8

    who brought all the damn ferrero rochers

    • +1

      maybe they're bringing it to a party

    • Lol. Bought one only.

    • +4

      I bought 2, my kids are going to be very happy!

    • +2

      Mr Fat Bastard, Esq.

    • Just quietly, it's back in stock if you want to grab it :)

  • +15

    Got the Ajax spray n wipe, 3 for $4 is decent.

  • Strange that some items in the list aren't free shipping / ebay plus?

    • they just are not participating in the ebay plus listing but are ebay plus sellers

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    A few cheap Switch games here

    • +8

      This will come in handy

      • +1

        This will give me some hand relief

        • +1

          You can also use it on both hands :)

  • +2
    • Thanks for the heads up - got 1 for the grand kids and me.

  • BFUND5: not wokring for me.. error you ha e already applied this code to an order. 😄

    • Thanks mate.. brought can never have enough powerboards

    • Sold out. Next cheapest would probably be $2.74 each at Bunnings (if you are nearby).

    • Thanks, got one

  • -1

    Card shuffler is back in stock… briefly, no doubt.

    Everybody's shuffle-ling…

  • Thanks

  • +5

    Bought this electric can opener for $13

    • Do you know which code you used? I can't get it to work anymore.

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