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Bose Sports Earbuds - Baltic Blue $99.95 (RRP $299) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Seems to be the lowest price ever. Price only for the Baltic Blue colour. OOS in Amazon however still available at Bose (read below)

However, all colours available (OOS now) at $99.95 at https://www.bose.com.au/en_au/products/headphones/earbuds/bo… (credits to hamza23)

Thanks to @dowey, you could get 2 for $99.95 if you have Student Beans Code

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • +1

    How is the voice call on these ones? My wife uses a pair of cheap ones, but people on the other end complain they can hear me talking in the background all the time.

    • From Bose website we have

      Integrated dual-microphone array located in the right earbud

    • Try finding a YouTube review with a demo. Most wireless earbuds have really bad calls, even some of the higher end ones like the Sony WF-1000XM4s.

      • yeah, that's what i realised when looking at reviews. I would assume these will be better than the cheap ones she's got. We'll wait and see, can complaint for 2x$99

  • +22

    Also available at the Bose Store FYI. They have all 3 colours there.

    • sites cooked

    • +60

      Can get 2 for $99 using the Student Beans Code, it applies $50 off to both pairs separately to make them $49 each.

      • Whats code i'm not a student :c

      • +1

        massive deals

      • sorry, never looked into studentbeans. How do you sign up to that? do you need to be a student somewhere?

        • +1

          Need to help student account

      • Thanks for this, really don't need two pairs but very tempted!

      • I thought $50 applies to $150 purchase minimum

        • So buy 3 pay for 2 only??

          • +2

            @Dealor: More like two pairs for the price of one - $99.90 for two.

        • I thought so too but when you add 2 headphones and apply the code, it becomes $99 for two. Hope its not an error and they ship out.

      • $50off on $150 spend

      • +1

        Nuts deal. Let's hope they send them out…

      • +3

        $50 each, hohoho, thx

      • Thanks @doweyy . Great find!

      • +1

        @dowey I thought I was posting a good deal before this comment of yours 😂 thanks mate

      • +2


        Managed to snap up the deal like a Bose :P

        Thanks heaps mate :)

      • God Dammit and I was so proud of myself for not buying the Huawei freebuds pro earlier.

      • Received order confirmation 2 for $99, thank you so much

      • thanks alot, got 2 for $99 hope they ship out :)

      • lol thanks!

        I bought 6

    • +1

      Shows 199 on the main page but 99 on the product page. Purchased black will see if they actually send them out

    • +1

      This will go well with the Optus tablet. Hope Bose's cyber team are more competent though

  • -1


  • Buy other sound equipment?

  • Thank you. Got the black from Bose directly. Free delivery over $50.

  • got 2 for $99 ty op great deal if they ship

    • If you have $50 off on $150 purchase, how does it make 2 for $99?

      • +6

        not sure boss but it was 2 for $99

      • No idea but it took $50 off each one for me. $99 for 2.

  • +4

    Anyone who needs a code - SA2-7SKD-M44D-M4FK-75S2

    Note - I have used same code (diff from above) for multiple transactions.

    • +1

      Thanks so much. Worked and Used. Wishing you loads of bargains :)

    • So did you do 2 separate transactions? It says $99 before discount

      • No. 1 transaction for both headphones.

        What I am saying that same code works multiple times

        • Thanks mate. Doesn't work for me for some reason :( .. I get below error.

    • do you apply this as a coupon?

    • used thanks

    • Where do I enter this mate? Thanks in advance!

      • Apply Coupon area

    • I tried using the same code above but did not work

      • I get error when I enter in the last coupon code screen.
        "We're sorry, something went wrong.
        Please make sure your voucher hasn’t expired, is applicable for your product, in your country, and isn’t redeemed yet."

    • Thanks worked for me!

    • any spare codes please? thank you

    • Would you help with a code please. This code doesn't work for me. Looks like already used.

  • Is it still working.

  • +3

    IMHO, Bose is totally overrated. They make so-so stuff, but really excell at marketing themselves a making high end audiophile products. They don't.

    • I checked the specs of these and a quick review, not worth it even at $50 per pair tbh.

      2 years old, cant control much on the buds themselves, IPX4 is very low for a Sports oriented bud and up to 5 hours play time is uninspiring these days.

      Call quality on a YT review was very average ~ and no ANC by the looks of it

      I can get better from Soundpeats / Anker / QCY etc

  • You should change this back to available status and from Bose where all colours and free delivery is still going, so people don’t miss out

  • Happy to help fellow Oz-bargainers. Student beans will release a new code to me after 4.32pm. PM me if you need one.

    • Unable to PM you, can you please send me 1

    • Thanks Billa! Will wait.

    • PM sent

    • Hello Billay yaar, unable to pm you. Can you please send me one

    • Hi Billa. I am not able to PM you either :(. Can you please send me one too

  • Please share the code if not using or happy to buy 1 from you. I'm in Brisbane.

    • I'm in Brisbane, shoot me through a PM.

  • +1

    Thanks doweyy, I got 2 pairs for 99 dollars, ask my work colleague to signup using their student email for the code.

  • +2

    Nice find. bought 2 for $99

  • Does anyone know if you can play on one ear only like right only or both have to be weared?

    • I know there is an issue the Bose Quiet comfort so definitely do more research into this

    • +1

      Most wireless earbuds can play out of one ear, it's just that it will only be through the left or right (not both). This is because they use a master/slave type of connection (the master earbud can transmit the signal to the slave earbud, not the other way round).

      If you search "this model of BOSE master/slave connection" you should be able to find out. Alternatively "can these earbuds be used independently"

      • +1

        Found out. Right one is master.

  • SA2-13KE-M44D-G4KK-Y3W5 try this, i just ordered two

    • +1

      No luck thanks for trying

    • Not working, another one please?

  • This one says its $60 off $160 at student bean.


    I am not a student, so cannot confirm but does that mean instead of $50 you get $60 off each product like above? that would make this deal 2 for $80???

    • same discount

    • +1

      It the same thing. You're on the NZ site.

      • Yikes! I did not notice that. Thank you for pointing that out.

    • +1

      Even though it says $60 off, I am still getting 99.90 for two pairs when apply the code.

      • My mistake, as above pointed out, the student bean site was set to NZ. So, basically same discount.

  • +1

    Thank you!

    I can gift one for Christmas!

  • Try this guys and let me know. Otherwise I will share new code at 4:59pm


    • Please pm me the new code. Thanks

    • Hey amasani can you send me a code please please xx

  • Do I need a edu email address to checkout?

  • How does one get the 2x $99 ? Please?

    • when you use the code from studentbeans website, you can add 2 of these earbuds and it will come down to $99 after the code.

      • I dont have a studentbeans acct. I assume this is req’d?

        • +1

          Yes, you will need to apply a unique code from studentbeans to cart to get the $99 for two deal.

  • -2

    Ordered 9. Lets goo

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