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$15 Slabs of Duff Beer. Premix King, Horsham, VIC. Still No Real Proof


I uploaded a similar deal a couple of months ago. I was back up in Horsham on the weekend and was shocked to see that the Slabs had got cheaper! Coming down from a whopping $20 to $15! Ridiculous.
Like last time… The only proof I have is a picture of the 8 new slabs I bought and my assurance that I'm generally fairly honest… Some times.

Last time was cans, this time is bottles. Go to Horsham.

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  • … There were still at least 30-40 slabs there. They were also selling the Duff cans for $25.

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      Courier me some? :P

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    Where is in Horsham ? Any Shop name ?

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      it says Premix King in the title.

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    if you have never drank it before, be careful buying a case…
    I had it at a pub not long ago, and struggled to drink it….
    if there are only 2 types of beer; "Good Beers" and "Great Beers" … this would fall into the "good beer" catagory.

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      And if the 2 types of beer were "Bad Beers" and "Good Beers"?

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        I've had mountain goat beer before, I'm still willing to try this lll

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    My Bad. Thanks for the reply Berger :)

    • Whoa, that business man got some balls or is a friggen idiot!
      How can you fork out that sort of money with out seeking proper licensing first?!

      • The beer is technically legal I think, its just the fox only decide to sue in australia

        • ok, i actually read the article properly now, yeah it sucks to be him, but still think he's still a bit nuts

    • i wonder if ozbargain will get sued for being involved in promoting this sale…
      I wonder if I will get sued for making a comment on this post…
      I wonder if YOU will get sued for reading this!! (they can track your IP)

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      Lol @ your caps lock :P

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      If you're going to use quotation marks at least make sure you are actually quoting something. Near enough is NOT good enough when you use those sacred marks!

    • no tv and no beer makes homer go crazy*

    • Homer: "No TV and no beer make Homer something something."
      Marge: "Go crazy?"
      Homer: "Don't mind if I do!"

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    Probably worth it at this price, certainly wasnt worth it when they were charging $45 a carton. Gimmicky brand name does not a great beer make…

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      Yoda, be you trolling for bargains again?

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        Wha? No.

        I like beer and I love great beer. This is not one of them, its probably going out of production(with good reason) and it is likely fire sale time,

        The only redeeming thing about this brew (apart from its recent price drop) is the super heavy bottles it comes in. Great for bottling party crashers

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    I had to add this

    When I was 17,
    I drank some very good beer.
    I drank some very good beer I purchased with a fake I.D.
    My name was Brian Mcgee
    I stayed up listening to Queen
    When I was 17.

    But homer says its very good beer

  • Upload a copy of your receipt

    • Unfortunately, as the title alludes to, I don't have a receipt. I just hope that the OzBargain community trusts that I wouldn't have bought 8 slabs unless it actually was $15… Although last time it was $20 and I bought 8 slabs then too… So maybe you'll just have to trust me on this one.

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        I can confirm it… I saw it last time I drove through horsham.

  • and if you want to Broden it, check out ebay for the people listing cans of this for sale at rather huge markups ;)

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    Duff beer for me, duff beer for you, I have a duff, you have one too…

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    I prefer FUDD

    • didn't they pull that off the market after all those hill billies went blind?

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    Barney: Hey Homer, I'm worried about the beer supply. After this case,
    and the other case, there's only one case left!
    [pretending to be the other people in the room] Yeah, yeah!
    Uh, Barney's right. Yeah, let's drink some more beer. Yeah!
    Hey, what about some beer? Yeah, Barney's right.

    Homer: All right, guys, pipe down. I got some more in the garage.

  • "Just hook it to my veins!"

  • im pretty sure its the other duff beer that was banned from sale ( and is now collectable ) , this one is probably clearance because its just plain bad.

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