Looking at Getting New Phone - Budget $800

I have a Nokia 7.1 and want a new phone with larger storage (at least 128 GB), at least 6 GB ram and recent to receive security updates for a while, NFC, wireless charging not a priority.

I have been looking at Nokia G60, Nokia X30, Nokia, Google Pixel 6a. I have been suggested Samsung Galaxy SE but that has the Exynos processor. I hear a lot of bad battery issues and overheating with that phone, also lagging a lot and having to reset cache often (something I don't even have to do with the phone I have now).

I am open to other suggestions.

Looking to spend up to around $800.


  • Samsung Galaxy series has the longest software update policies of 5 years, Google Pixels are the next best at 4 years. So if you don't want a Galaxy equipped with an Exynos, your next best choice is a Pixel7 ($749) from the Telstra Black Friday deal.


  • Poco F3 or F4

  • Pixel 6a is decent!

    However, if you act quick for Black Friday you can get a Pixel 7 at JB HI FI for $837 (or $749 from Telstra above):

  • I ordered the Galaxy S21 FE because I wanted wireless charging and those other phones don't have it.

    The Exynos 2100 processor is slower when compared to the Snapdragon 888 that's in the overseas model S21FE and other high end smart phones but probably faster than the Snapdragon 695 used in the Nokias. The Pixel 6a uses the Google Tensor chip which seems to have been custom built by Samsung and based on Exynos 2100, with some differences. source.

    When I googled the overheating issues reported with the S21 FE, it wasn't clear if it was related to the Snapdragon or Exynos model. Either way, it seems like a software update a few months after the initial release might have fixed that issue. I asked a co-worker who had one of the Australian S21 FEs and he said had no issues.

  • Think I have narrowed it down to Samsung galaxy 21 fe, google pixel 6a and google pixel 7.
    Is the pixel 7 worth the extra over the pixel 6a?

    • What features are you after? https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?&idPhone2=11903&idPhon…

      Which prices can you get them at?

      A few stores are throwing in a free Chromecast with Google TV with the Pixel 6a if that matters to you.
      Do you got access to any discounted gift cards to bring retailer prices down?
      If you want cheaper pricing than retail you can find both phones being flogged off on the user market because of the Pixel 7+Pixel 6a bundle https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/734123
      You can do a further 10% off on the Google Store with Google One if you prefer them.
      Telstra as mentioned above seems to be the cheapest for Pixel 6a or on Amazon if it pops up again.
      Lots of options…

      • I have gift cards from card network and ultimate gift cards that include jbhifi and good guys.
        Also just realised that as I have Telstra internet that I can use Telstra points on the phones on the Telstra site, probably might be better to use the gift cards.

  • Of the options you're looking at, I'd go with the Pixel 7. I'd also look at the Galaxy A73 if you want a bigger phone than the S21 FE / Pixel 6a / Pixel 7.

    If you're cool with refurbished, you can also consider the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and iPhone 11 or 12 Pro / Pro Max.

  • Any tips on getting JBHIFI to price match?
    Was on chat and was told they wont pricematch telstra as it was a plan. Showed the cart with phone outright and no plan and nothing. Also said many have also pricematched.
    Supervisor was saying the same stuff. Then he said they pricematched on telstra day. If they pricematched on telstra day then why could they not pricematch now? Sounds like their rule on telstra is just when it suits them lol.
    He did offer a reduced price. He said all he could do was reduce the phone to $810, no thanks.

    • You can read up on how others price matched on the other posts.
      Google Pixel 6a 128GB (Outright) $499 Delivered @ Telstra https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/739028
      Google Pixel 7 128GB (Outright) $749 Delivered @ Telstra https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/739022
      Google Pixel 7 256GB for $879 (Outright) Delivered @ Telstra https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/739039

      If they keep refusing under BS excuses disconnect and try a different rep. Can also try instore maybe better than luck there.
      Just insist that the phone can be bought without a plan because it gives you the option to choose buy outright as shown on the site.

  • Tried online chat again with JBHI and it was the same Supervisor from last night lol. Same stuff cant do it, then he said to try in store and I may be able to do it there. This does not make sense at all lol.
    Just called Office Works and I got a price match, 1st time.
    Is it weird she did not ask for the store?

  • Office works could not price match, same reason jbhifi refused.
    Went into jbhifi and they matched Telstra $749 no problem. Saved even more with gift cards.

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