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Bonus Google Pixel 6a When You Buy a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro on an Eligible 1-3 Year SIM Plan @ Optus


Get a bonus Google Pixel 6a when you buy a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro on an eligible SIM plan.

Offer available with the purchase of a Google Pixel 7/ Pixel 7 Pro on a 12/24/36 month device payment plan with an eligible Optus SIM plan made 01/11/22 – 11/12/22 15/1/23 (unless withdrawn earlier) in an eligible Optus channel. Customers will be eligible to receive one Google Pixel 6a ‘Charcoal’ 128GB per eligible device. New & existing Consumer and Business customers. N/A with other offers unless specified

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  • +167

    Do you smell the desperation?

    • +14

      Can't blame them when they've lost 10% of their customer base lol

      • +5

        It’s just a survey

        • +10

          The most shittiest service I've ever used

          • +10

            @urahara: their customer service is bad enough to leave, even before the event.

            • +1

              @ntt: their network is worse.

              • +4

                @a-friend: I used Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, including most of their wholesale too. So far Vodafone is the worst

      • +8

        Speeds should be getting faster with the loss of customers

        • +3

          Too bad reception doesn't spread because of that.

          • -1

            @pizzaguy: Actually it does. Fewer devices on a tower can lead to deeper coverage.

            • @tp0: Oh do tell the science behind that.

                • +1

                  @McFly: I don't see where it says that reception will improve because of fewer customers?

                  • @dazweeja: Because it doesn't. About the only theoretical possibility would be when you're on the fringe of reception, you're more likely to get dropped when the towers are congested. But then that simplistic example doesn't take into account how your carrier QoS's you (prioritise your device/traffic).

        • And those customers will have to go somewhere

        • +1

          I get 300mbps download speeds with optus lol. No need for 5G if 4G is this fast lol.

          • @wizko: I got 1.325Gbps on Optus 5G via iPhone 14 Pro Max.

            • @goraygo: My understanding is you need to be on mmWave for that? And you'd need to be real close to the tower itself and have some degree of line-of-sight?

              What speeds do you get with sub-6ghz 5G?

              • @wizko: Ive also gotten over 1Gbps on Optus 5G network , certainly my fastest ever speeds over my current Telstra 5G speeds, location location, location as they say 😀

                But 1.325Gbps niceeeeeee 👍

    • if only this happens to other telcos as well, we be getting lot of discounts -_-

      • +24

        lol, so you prefer getting your discount over your online identity getting stolen?

        • +23

          so you prefer getting your discount over your online identity getting stolen?

          Tbh I think the idea that you could keep your identity secure for eternity was flawed in the first place. Information finds a way to be free, so any identity system architecture needs to take that into account.
          Give it a few more years and everyone's identity will have been leaked one way or another, so we should plan for that future.

          • +1

            @1st-Amendment: I've been in countless data leaks which were generally inconsequential as a result of good security practice by me(unique passwords) or the organisation(eg. salted passwords).

            Where the Optus leak differs is that it involves information that can be used for identity theft. I don't think I've seen as bad a leak in Australia before.

            What's worse is that the Optus leak sounds like incompetence.

            • +1


              Where the Optus leak differs is that it involves information that can be used for identity theft.

              Only if the organisation that trusts that stolen identity isn't doing the appropriate amounts of check before trusting it.
              These are not unsolvable problems, in an age where hacks are common, we just need to up the standards of checking before accepting any ID at face value.

        • who said anything about my identity getting stolen 🤷‍♂️

          • +1

            @kaleidoscope: You just dont know yet

            • @Tleyx: You are missing the point… Most of the information like email / name / phone are on web through other means of social media and profiling. We might as well get some discounts for products through these leaks.

              • +1

                @kaleidoscope: Most of the information like email / name / phone are on web through other means of social media and profiling

                Yes but the optus breach is nicely packaged for people in spreadsheets. They don't have to scrape data etx

              • @kaleidoscope: Isnt the difference that licence number was released which is not on sovial media

        • +1

          Actually yes

        • Is this the only company lately that's had this type of breach ?
          Seems to be a regular occurrence , better get use to it

          • @Murkymerv: It's the first of its kind. Driver licence and passports are critical info.

    • I smell trying to get rid of pixel 6as, that's about it

  • +2

    can get pixel 6a + pixel 7 for $1050 is it worth it ?

    • +34

      Is you value your personal info, nope

      • +18

        The horse has bolted…

        • +4

          But you can't make it drink.

      • +10

        just doing any business or dealing with government…. they can all be hacked

        but you would think after this ordeal Optus would be better protected unless lightening strikes twice?

      • +13

        I dont think hackers will be desperate to re-hack optus given they already have it all lol

        And Optus presumably will have nailed down their security.

        • +1

          I wonder if they’re now the least likely telco to get hacked because of this

    • the lowest plan you can add is $59 so + $708, if you're not paying anywhere near that monthly for your current sim then no its not worth it, unless the cancellation cost is just paying out the phone repayments then probably worth it

      • +6

        there is a $49 month to month plan

        Min. cost $1,047.64. Includes device payments over 12 months and one month of your chosen plan fees.

        • There is too, didn’t see it

        • The T&C clearly say eligible 12/24/36 month plan. I imagine the month to month is an error and you may not likely get the bonus.

          • +1


            12/24/36 month device payment plan with an eligible Optus SIM plan

            there is no requirement for the SIM plan

            • +1

              @skido: It says "eligible Optus SIM plan"
              Can't seem to find the definition of eligible Optus SIM plan for this offer.

              • @usmanhafeez2000: it means anything postpaid, some business plans wont be eligible tho

                • @despavr: Does that mean month to month plans aren’t eligible as those aren’t post paid?

                  • @usmanhafeez2000: month to month plans are technically postpaid lol, anything from the optus choice range is eligible for certain.

    • +1

      If you want to buy Pixel 7 and someone else wants to buy Pixel 6a, splitting the cost will make it worth.

  • +40

    This is up there with one of the craziest deals I've seen. It doesn't even make sense.

    Who needs 2x phones with their 1x phone plan….

    As the other commenter said, desperation

    • +11

      I am assuming they are not locked, so you can give to a partner/relative/friend/whatever, or even sell it I guess.

    • +19

      Yo Dawg, you should phone while you phone so here's a phone for your phone.

    • +2

      Ive just bought a 6a and 7 Pro and have four phone accounts so would have been ideal for me.

      It would have been ideal for me if I was willing to go with optus (but wont touch them ever since they credit rej 10 years ago, have four phone plans for the 10+ years with no issues with my current provider since then)

  • -2

    What's the cheapest you can get phones when cacelling rhe connection?

    • Can install calyxos on these phones which I rate as an excellent rom
      Only minimal google services via microg and ability to firewall apps

    • +10

      You know that every phone manufacturer has the same garbage when stock, right?

    • +2

      Please provide more information and other options in that case

  • Can you do this if you buy Pixel plan from HN?

  • I have optus plan and even I did not get a good coverage. They are providing same info again and again that there is outage neaby you and till will take a time.

  • +21

    Bonus: drivers license and passport details will be leaked right away.

  • +8

    From what I see, all you have to do is have a post paid plan for one month, so your are effectively paying about 1349 for the pro and 1049 for the regular.

    And for people going on about unsecurity, they've already done it and imagine it might even be safer now then some other providers as they would be putting heaps of resources into their security now. I'd say you might be more at danger with other providers now.

    • -1

      The T&C clearly say eligible 12/24/36 month plan. I imagine the month to month is an error and you may not likely get the bonus.

      • +4

        Not sure what your talking about, you still have to pay off the handset but the mobile plan you only have to be connected for 1 month.

        12/24/36 month plan is the handset payment plan.

        • +1

          People are still thinking the old way where you paid for a monthly plan and it included the phone. Optus doesn't do that now. They are 2 separate payments.

    • -1

      I am sure there will be Early Termination Fee as I understand these are available for 12/24/36 months mobile plans.

      • +1

        I think the early termination fee is just paying out the handset. In the below description it only talks about requiring 1 month of plan fees. I think the Optus pay which is the instalment plan is only available when you have a plan, so I think they'll ask for the remainder when you cancel the plan.

        The description is as follows :
        Min. cost $998.64. Includes device payments over 12 months and one month of your chosen plan fees.

        • +1

          From this description it seems this offer is available on a month to month plan too, hence, just the 1 month plan cost included in the minimum fee. So apparently no early termination fee as offer seems to be available for month to month plan too.

  • +4

    I mean, optus already has my info… seems like a pretty good deal to me if you can cancel it after a month, only pay $1047.64 then use port-in bonus' back to another provider.

    • -1

      Google 6a is probably worth 400 second hand

      • eBay latest sales are 550-650 for bnib

        • +4

          Works out kinda similar after ebay/paypal fee's.

  • -1

    Lol so desperate with customers leaving?

  • +10

    Also known as the Family Doxing Starter Bundle

  • +3

    I will buy new Pixel if still give unlimited Google Photo storage. I am currently using Pixel 4a which I am happy so far with unlimited photo storage at reduced size.

    • +5

      That ended with Pixel 5. Not coming back.

      • +8

        And it's a great reason why pixel isn't as good anymore.

        Google wants to make that choice, fine. Up to them. But we noticed.

        Imho they should bring it back just with some limits so those 300 selfies per day peeps are limited.

        • +5

          I have Google Rewards installed, it asks me how I paid each time I go to the supermarket and I normally get at least A$0.50 each trip.

          That pays for my Google One with 100GB at A$2.50/pm.

  • Will you need another SIM Plan for the bonus Google Pixel 6a?

    • Yes, assume that you would just out it on prepaid and give it to your kid

  • +2

    The phones are free, it means the product is your personal data

  • +5

    Lol people are commenting as if you can trust Vodafone, Telstra, or any other telco. Whilst it's bad that Optus had this bad of a security flaw doesn't guarantee that the other companies are doing any better…

    • +4

      Optus were negligent but I wonder why no white hat found it faster

      • +1

        Agreed. It was a pretty straight forward flaw that should've been found but I guess the internet is just getting too big for all bases to be covered. Companies just don't seem to take opsec seriously until something like this happens

      • +1

        I do not believe white hats go around and just try to find things. A white hacker will not try to use social engineering unless hired by the company. Otherwise, any hacker would just say they are a white hacker when caught. They do come in and test your security if the company allows them to. Otherwise, they are black hats.

        • +8

          The Optus "hack" was not social engineering, they just left an API wide open without security.

      • The bigger question is why (afaik) Optus had no bug bounty/disclosure program. Unlikely to get many white hats without one…

    • +3

      We act on what we know, that's all we can do. Fact: Optus are responsible for the biggest data breach in Aus history.

  • -2

    I upvoted without reading 'til then end that it was Optus..instant regret.

  • I got the email 2 weeks ago that you licence and passport number has been compromiaed but no worries, you do not need to replace.

    • only those have their passport ID or licence ID leaked can ask for a new one

      I'm surprised you had both compromised

      • +1

        Because, govt is helping them, if you go to passport website they already mentioned that no need to replace the passport.

        • didn't ask

          • @Poor Ass: I asked but the denied.

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