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20% off Travel Insurance @ InsureandGo


Sharing this code again, as the last time this was posted was in 2020… Figured now would be a good time to share as everyone is itching to travel.

After doing extensive research over the past couple weeks, this was the best value, with the best coverage for a family of 4 travelling to the UK and US (20 day trip).

$100 standard excess is another bonus, as almost everywhere else is $200…

Paid under $350 for Gold Cover - here's hoping we never have to actually use it :D

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    Check reviews on ProductReview. They got flooded with negative reviews during COVID for being only of the only insurers not to offer refunds/credits for policies that couldn't be used.

    Then they started creating fake accounts (with single reviews) to boost their ratings again.

    • You're going to find negative reviews with literally every (travel insurance) company - people are always quicker for post about a negative experience haiyaaa

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        I agree but creating fake reviews to boost their rating is something special.

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          I doubt they'd be the first company to do this lol

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        Haiyaaaaaaaaa !

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      I got a full refund of a trip cancelled due to covid as they would not offer international insurance during this time. Nor could you book international insurance.

    • I couldn't get a refund from 1Cover for my policy to Singapore in March 2020. It's part of the reason I buy insurance later than I used to; approx 1 week from departure.

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    You figured right. Perfect timing, thanks.

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    Used this insurer recently.. luckily got paid out all the money due from a cancelled trip. They advertise that claims will be settled in 14 days but mine took 28 days as they were apparently swamped with claims

    • ok, I had been considering Southern Cross

  • $990 (28 days family cover) worldwide excluding USA. How is the op getting it for less than $350?

    • Kids are 4 and 3… Maybe that makes a difference?

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        Yeah, that made a big difference. Want to swap kids?

    • plus they said 20 day

  • 5k covid cover on the gold tier seems decent

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      What? That's like saying 5k ant bite cover. It's harmless, why would you ever need cover for that?

  • I just compared tick with this.

    If you need COVID cover, the minimum cost is much higher here.

  • Can vouch for this company since I recently made a claim with them on my last overseas trip. But need to make sure you keep ALL documentation and satisfy all proof to support your insurance claim.

    Got hospitalised for a few weeks, and I contacted them immediately.

    Just found it really strange that they ask all these weird documentations from me even after sighting actual invoices. Made me worried they are trying to get away from paying out.

    In the end (after 6 weeks of waiting and numerous follow ups), they finally paid up.

  • If your trip includes a cruise, do you need to purchase 2 separate policies with this mob?

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      weird… homepage lets you select cruise option, then the details on the quote page say they are not covering cruises at this time.

      • Where'd you see that they're not covering cruises? The plan is literally called 'Gold Cruise'

    • No, just the one.

      "Cruise option covers you for the land, air AND CRUISE part of your journey so you don’t need a single trip and a cruise policy if your whole trip or part of your trip involves any travel by cruise ship."

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    Tick Insurance is showing cheaper for me for 15 days in NZ in January for 4 ppl.

    • Tick is cheaper for me for a family to Bali

    • Tick and InsureandGo seem to be the same company - Europ Assistance Australia Pty Ltd. In my (probably oversimplified) interpretation, as long as the cover is same, one should simple choose the one with the cheaper price.

      InsureandGo seems to be their brand with more promotions across online platforms (like 9saver) but even after the discounts, they end up being more expensive than Tick.

  • Good timing for my local trip to Mel.

    Not sure if anyone had experience of using the travel insurance to pay for the car excess in a case of an accident with the rental car?

    Just noticed that the Gold Domestic can cover 'Rental car excess waiver' up to $7,500. I used to pay extra for the car rental for the 'reduced excess' (normally $50 per day to reduce the excess fee from around $5500 to $800).

    as the travel insurance cover the rental car excess up to $7,500, it is more than enough for the excess fee of the rental car allowance. Should I just rent the car without paying extra for reduced or zero excess?? (it will save me at least $220)

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      That's the main reason I get travel insurance.
      AMEX travel insurance covered my excess when we hit a wombat or something.

    • and hopefully it won't be a long/complicated process to claim back $5500 excess back IF an accident happened (touch wood). not sure if anyone had experience to claim the excess back from the travel insurance company?

      It seems like a good saving, given that the cost for a gold domestic cover is $1xx only with $100 excess fee. However, the cost of the reduced exccess option from the car rental company is $220 with $800 excess fee.

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      Just read policy see if covers undercarriage or roof . I was worried in Iceland as rock damage. Turns out a wash road and Driving in a place I damaged the undercarriage. Insurance online (call centre Brisbane ) covered the $4.5 damage.

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      Yes, read the PDS carefully, but I have made two claims before to get back the excess for something involving a rental car. One was a windscreen chip they wanted like 2 grand to fix and the other was a scraped bumper while parallel parking. The car company charged us thousands in excess, we paid for it, and the insurance company paid us back that excess (minus the travel insurance excess of course). So it works, and I never forked out to reduce the excess on the car rental.

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    This company is the cheapest travel insurance provider in Australia. I always use them. They do pay out, but you need to make a claim quickly and they take longer than most to pay out. Their automatic claim form on the website is intentionally broken, to reduce customer claims. They ignored my emails for months until I was able to call them whilst I was back in Australia. So technically a pretty dodgy company, but they are the most competitive (prices are still (profanity) compared to pre covid).

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      "technically a pretty dodgy company" lmao

  • Perfect timing!!

  • Good timing, shame about the annual multi trip not being available.. wonder whats going on there!!
    Thanks to the OP here!!!

    • Any time nephew :D

    • That's not right, it's only for tours, not trips:

      Any claim arising from your tour being cancelled due to insufficient numbers, other operational reasons, or the
      negligence of a wholesaler or operator

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    I've been doing lots of research on travel insurance over the past couple of days, these people seem to have the exact same formatting as a couple of other offerings down to the amounts including one that I was looking at seriously yet these guys are $40 more after the discount than the one I was most likely going to sign up for.

    I've been using a combination of choice, finder, comparetravelinsurance.com.au and my own research to work out the cheapest best offering; this place is $250 for 'top' coverage after discount whereas the exact same details and coverage (in fact it's the same damn insurance offering) at Zoom Travel Insurance is $210 without any discount. There's also plenty of other offerings around the similar price range so do your own research on insurance.

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      Fair… For our trip it's $30 more expensive with Zoom, so your experience may vary…

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    Same company as Tick. PDS needs a law degree and photographic memory to navigate. Typical insurance industry crap which should be sorted out by a royal commission asap. Tick pds has dozens of pages advising exclusions and when claims won't be paid.

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    Used them for a trip early this year where I sadly got sick and had to have surgery while overseas. They were awesome and paid for everything (less $100). They consistently chase me up for receipts so they can pay me back, which they did.

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    For some reason it was cheaper for me to add on a few days of extra cover, price went down from $220 to $196 for our 2 week japan trip.

  • anyone's thoughts on Southern Cross vs insureandgo?

  • fwiw, insureandgo is one of the few companies that insure for pregnancy up to 30 weeks. Many insurers only provide cover up to 24. I just happen to be in this 6 week window.

  • just used this code recently and it still works

  • Just tried the code it works. Made a minor mistake in the setup. Now on the phone to correct. What a punish. 40 minutes on hold for a 1 minute update.

  • This code is still working - good old GROUPON20

  • I’m still not sure what one to go withi get alliance at $376.35 with $100 excesses with the discount.

    I get insure n go with same excesses gold cover with discount $467.12

    And I get scti same excess as above two and cost of $414.50

    I’m just not sure who to go with out why obviously covid is not such a thing anymore but is still out there and I’m just confused who overs best covid of the three.

    I just need to be sure we would be covered if covid got any of us.
    We are two adults and two kids 11 and 7

    Alliance is cheapest followed by scti then insure and go.
    Some promos end this month so want to take advantage of this discounts.

  • ?

  • What confuses me if dependents are free cover does that mean the full amount I get paid back if worst happened and my my question is the covid thing also. On the scti cover I can add more cover if I needed to cancel trip etc etc
    It’s set at $2500
    If covid they only give $2500 per person upto $5000 per trip.

    I not got exact figures handy but kids are always bit less than adult fares but the likes of scti maybe otters the same kids are free cover?

    Now say for example we or couple of us had covid we paid $9950 if I remember right short short of $10,000 are scti saying I be covered for this.

    Hold on this trip is a return so the cover they are offering is probably enough?

    It’s just the kids free cover part that gets me, if we had to change or cancel or got covid all im interested in does it cover our costs paid or to cover re booking as that’s the reason for insurance not out of pocket.
    I not got exact costs per person but I’m sure if I look it up it will give more details, this flight also includes a connection flight within the country as well all included in the total cost of flight.

    I’m tempted to go with scti as they have very good reviews and many happy customers, but is it as good as the other two I’m looking at.
    I have today and tomorrow to pick from one of them before any discounts don’t work.

    If we are just worried about covid I’m thinking if they say $5000 per trip well this would be our first trip to destination not a return and yes it might cover the costs for me and wife ie kids covered free.
    I personally would need to get the prices I paid as I suspect ours will be more cost than kids.

    Protect yourself in case you need to cancel or change your trip before you set off. Ideally select the maximum amount each paying person would need to be reimbursed to cover costs such as flights, hotels, tours and activities if you needed to cancel or change your journey. This limit excludes cancellation and changes due to COVID-19 which have a maximum benefit of $2,500 per paying person, up to $5,000 per journey – please read our COVID-19 SPDS for full details of the COVID-19 benefits we offer.

    • What did you pick and why?

      • Not picked anything yet

  • ?

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