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Dick Smith iPod Touch 4G Hard Case for $0.01, Click and Collect Only


Dick Smith has some $0.01 items, including the above case for iPod Touch 4G. There is a negative review on the page but for $0.01, i doubt it's going to be problematic. Click and Collect only. Not sure how you can pay $0.01 when you collect it though. Walk out without paying anything, maybe?

Some other items for $0.01:

Based on the "check store stock" searches i made, stock is pretty limited, but not completely out of stock.

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  • Seems like everything is instock in Echuca

    Nothing near bendigo except for 80km away

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    nice first post

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    What's the warranty like?

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    Does the ipod Touch 4G hard case fit on the iphone?

  • 0.01 means free.

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      Unless you pay by eftpos.

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    Just don't buy 3 items cause that'll be 5 cents. What a ripoff!!

    • Or you could get 5.. for 5 cents!

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        Or you could get 7… for 5 cents.

        • well no u wouldnt u would be paying 7 cents… ur paying by eftpos most likely

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    Lol according to the review, all you get is a plastic back for the touch. No wonder it is one cent.

  • All gone in ACT.

  • Only found stock at one store for only the hard case, rest are gone. Thanks OP :)

  • Local store has stock, placed an order. Thank you! :)

  • ordered some screen protectors :).

    Also saw Belkin iPod Touch FastFit Armband at $10, not a bad price right? Why not.

    • dick smith just called me to let me know it's not in stock…

  • Bundy has stock. Will see how I go tomorrow picking it up.

  • I'm a bargain hunter at the best of times, but I would be too embarrassed to collect these. My local store even made me feel like a scab getting the cheap batteries a couple of weeks back.

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      Then you should delete OzBargain from your favourites & totally forget that OzBargain ever existed.

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        Shhhh Chad! He posted 51 deals for OzBargain, let's not tell him to go away now shall we ;)

  • Thanks

  • Is this compatible with Iphone 4s?

    • Nope, they are completely different shapes.

  • It would be interesting to know what other stuff people buy after they have visited the DSE site to "get the bargain" and visited the store to "collect"

    I know I usually see "something else" i didnt need.

  • Has any of you be able to secure one of these?

    • I managed to get the iPod case and a sport zip case from two diff DSE. Havent collected yet, but I got sms and email confirmation that collection is ready.

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        I got the same and then a follow up phone call saying they don't have any in stock anymore and asked it if I was OK with that. Am I OK with that? I haven't worked it out yet. Its been an emotional rollercoaster.

      • Successfully got my 2 free Ipod cases and 1 soft case :) When paying for the 1c soft case, the staff asked me if I would like an iPod with it…lol thats a big supersize.

  • would be funny if there's a $20admin fee

  • I have picked up a touch hard case at Chadston. The guy at the register charge me 1 cent on my card or I if i pay cash I have to pay 5 cents :(

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    i picked up my touch hard case gave him 5cents and he returned so got for free :)

    • where did you get yours from?

      • tuggerah nsw

    • Same. "No wonder we're not making a profit." @:-D

      On the way out, I saw them marked for $2 clearance. Thanks OzBargain! cheesy grin

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    I got case from one DS and there were at least 3 more on the shelf - he gave it to me for free. Then I went to the next store where I had reserved a couple of the soft cases and the guy there wanted to charge me 2 cents on my card which I was happy to do until I realised that they wont let me press credit and if I press savings it costs me….so I caid could I pay 5 cents for it….he said no worries so then I said have you got any more since I am spending 5 cents and he said yes so I bought 5! Haha

  • Ordered two different 1 cent items from Dapto and other two from Wollongong, NSW.
    They acted differently, Dapto manager said they couldn't do below 5 cent transaction and asked me to take any other item, so i asked another 3 of ipod hardcase. Got 5 items for 5 cents, paid cash.
    Went to wollongong and got the two ordered items for free, they said it is riddiculous offer.
    So totally got 7 items for 5 cents. Not bad at all.

  • It says "Your order is being amended" on the Dick Smith site. Hope it goes through

  • It's been removed from the Dick Smith website

  • I haven't heard anything re: mine :-(

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