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(Pricing Error?) Bauhn Indoor HD Digital Antenna $24.99 Scanned at $14.99


Hi Guys.

Went to buy one of these this morning for my boys room. Wasn't expecting miracles but I was actually surprised at how effective it was picking up all of the digital channels. I'm not in the greatest of reception areas and have had success so far.


Enhance your HD TV signal
Signal is amplified via AC adaptor/USB port
360° reception
Desktop or wall mountable
60 day satisfaction guarantee

With the 60 day satisfaction guarantee I'm thinking no reception = money back

Best thing is when it went through the register it came up at $14.99. $10 off catalogue price and certainly well priced compared to other regular rabbit ears

Hopefully it is a nationwide error and not just at the Bendigo store.

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    this should really be in the fourms if its a pricing error.

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    Bought one today and the reception is terrible, however antennas are very YMMV. So it might work for you, if you are lucky.

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      if you mentioned what price you paid, you could help solve whether it is a pricing error in one store (or not)

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        • Thanks, then we likely have a single store pricing error.

        • It's not a pricing error per se…… These antenna's were on sale only a few months ago, they didn't sell all that well, and as a result they have been discounted at individual store level.

          My local store had them last week, before the sale, for $19.95.

          In any event, my antenna works perfectly sitting under my study desk!!

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      I bought one a couple of months ago and returned it the next day. Reception was better WITHOUT it…

      • LOL!!!!

      • there are various reasons this can happen
        -the amplification may be distorting the signal or adding noise (unlikely).
        -the amplification is boosting the signal too much and essentially overloading the antenna input of the tv tuner.
        -there is too much other interference or noise in the airwaves and the antenna is doing a better job of picking up the interference.
        -the position of the antenna needs to be changed to take better advantage of the tv signal and to avoid interference.

        i have the last one happening. enough tv signal, but so much interference from other devices. moving the antenna behind certain things to block the interference actually improves things even though it reduces the signal strength.

  • Offtopic a bit, but did anyone happen to get a pair of the wireless headphones? How are they?

    • I did and they are currently charging. Quality looks okay but haven't really evaluated sound quality yet. They need a 12 hour charge first up and that's still happening now.

      I've bought them for someone who has hearing problems and watches TV with subtitles. They've tried normal headphones but they have cables and of course cut off the audio for everyone else. Hopefully these will do the trick by being wireless and having the base plug into the RCA audio out on the back of their Samsung TV.

      If you are after high quality audio to listen to music with, I'm sure these won't be a great choice :-)

      • High quality is not something I am really after, price is key. I had a pair of HD201's that got thrown into the ground and smashed, so looking to replace those (obviously by the person who smashed them), cost $28.

        • I think for the price (and especially that they have the option of RCA input), my initial impression is that these are a great option for what I bought them for.

        • Does the headset need to be connected to the device via the base or can it be used with a bluetooth dongle/internal bluetooth?

        • It needs the base as far as I know. The base and headphones communicate over one of three channels and you choose the channel on the base before pressing scan on the headphones for the headphones to search out which channel is selected. No bluetooth here.

        • Ahh, thanks for that, not really what I'm after. Cheers mate.

    • I went to three stores between 9 and 10 and they all had empty bins where the headphones should have been. I'm thinking the Gold Coast shipment disappeared. Asked at one store and the guy said he hadn't seen them, but he didn't seem the sharpest tool either.

      On the upside, the new Coomera store has those Media Player/Set Top Boxes that were $99 a few months ago for just $49.

    • I bought one yesterday and charged them for 6 odd hrs. Watched a movie later.
      Scan takes a long time and there's static till audio is found. Annoying but tolerable
      Can't keep connected to channel and charge while taking a break. Need to scan again.
      Use RCA or 3.5mm it disconnected audio for others.
      The shape is not circular overhead but square. Wifey made fun that it looked so weird. Lol
      Material is flimsy but it shouldn't break hopefully
      The channel interferes with wireless Internet. Sigh!
      When charging the dock doesn't fit well with the slot in the headphones. Need to adjust and check everytime.
      So, might return after the weekend.

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  • i got one months ago and its fantastic. i couldnt get reception with the roof ariel or 3 different indoor antennas (best i got was some channels and alot of fuzz) but this one picks up everything without trouble

  • I bought one of these and it sucks, basically useless.

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