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Knipex 86 03 250 Pliers Wrench 250mm $64.24 Delivered (+11% off Two Eligible Items) @ Amazon UK via AU

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Seems like a great price for the 250 version, I paid $69.44 for this a while back. With the 11% off (if you buy a second valid item) it comes down to $57.19.

I think I've worked out the pattern for these Amazon buy 2 get x% off. The 10% off just finished, and got replaced by the 11% off one. Every time they release the "program", there is usually 1 "loss leader" item getting promoted and this time it seems to be this Knipex.

I struggled to find a second item (that was also a good deal) to get the 11% off. I ended up getting this Makita P-46464 5 Piece Auger Bit Set for $29.06 (which is less with the 11% off):


You can search for eligible items here:


Most of the items I want to get now from my wish list are from Amazon US (including this crazy Knipex: https://www.amazon.com.au/Knipex-Wrench-Pliers-Atramentized-…), which doesn't seem to get nice deals for AU like we do from Amazon UK. Maybe it's because the AUD/USD rate isn't the best right now?

Knipex Pliers Wrench pliers and a wrench in a single tool chrome-plated, plastic coated 250 mm 86 03 250

Style Name: chrome-plated
Material Plastic
Item dimensions L x W x H 25 x 5.1 x 1.5 centimetres
Colour Grips Plastic Coated, Red
Handle material Plastic

About this item
Replaces the need for sets of metric and imperial spanners
Smooth jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings - working directly on chrome!
Also excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces
Zero backlash jaw pressure prevents damage to edges of sensitive components
Fast adjustment by pushing a button directly on the workpiece

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Fantastic price for a great tool, also works as a small hand-press

  • +2

    Don’t think, just click buy. Awesome product.

  • +1

    If you are really into your Knipex gear, consider looking into mister worker. EU based company but their KNIPEX gear is DIRT cheap. Almost half the price of local retailers, only problem is shipping cost. But if your like me, I easily spent over 2k on my own, share the postage with a few work mates and it works out to be significantly cheaper.

    • element14 also has some Knipex tools at good prices (and better shipping costs)

      • I'm a bit upset with Element14 as I'm still waiting on my Knipex TwinGrip slip joint which I ordered in August (from the deal on here) and was told it will arrive "late January 2023 due to supplier delays". Meanwhile, it's been available on Amazon.

    • How do their prices compare with some of the good deals we got on Amazon lately (like the November deals on Knipex and Wera)?

      • The discounts are not that much cheaper than amazon specials, including shipping cost, but they stock alot more tools and is much cheaper to bulk buy off.

        • This could be dangerous for me, but I'll check them out. Thanks!

  • +1

    Bought. Been waiting for this deal thanks OP

  • +2

    Nice, the things I never knew I needed… along with a 1/4" bit holder for my impact driver I have wanted for some time https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B000X1N22Y/ref=ppx_yo_d…

  • +1

    Just spoke to local Total tools as it says they price match on their website but they were not willing to price match these off amazon :-(

  • +1

    Great Price, pitty I already have the 180 250 and 300 lol

    • I got a second one for the car toolbox. I'm slowly building it out with quality tools.

  • +2

    I’d go for comfort grips tbh

    • Yep, strongly agree. I find the 8605180 to be the best and most versatile of the lot, find the 250s are a bit more niche. But yeah, definitely pay the extra for the comfort grips if you can.

      • Like the look of those given the force these can apply, the OP handles are tiny

  • For some reason the 11% doesn't seem to get applied for me (I added diagonal cutters that have the same offer).

    • same here, did you work it out??

      edit: discount comes off at checkout

  • -3

    I bought similar thing from $2 shop for $5 I think, failed to do the job…

    • +3

      from $2 shop for $5

      Contact ACCC regarding the false advertising in their store brand name.

    • +2

      These are not a $5 adjustable pliers….

  • +1

    Can any Amazon nd/or HTML guru create a filter to sort eligible items either by price, or below a certain value?

  • +1

    Bought. Got the Wera ratcheting driver for the 10% off.

  • +1

    Damn already have heaps of knipex tools had to add it to my collection!

  • +2

    Nice addition to my dentistry kit

  • +2

    Too tempting… caved in and got one.

  • If anyone wants to go halves on one in Sydney, Ryde/Chatswood area, PM me, buying two knipex 86 03 250 but only need one

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