[Price Error] [Pre Order] PlayStation VR2 $756.15, Call of the Mountain Bundle $824.15 Delivered (OOS) @ The Good Guys

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Coupon is working on the PSVR2 to get 15% off pre-orders for some reason.

This product is now available for Pre-Order. Product release date expected: 22 February 2023

Stack with discounted gift cards for further savings.

Call of the Mountain Bundle - Out of Stock

The next generation of play is here with the Playstation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle 164624, compatible with the Playstation 5 (sold separately). Immerse in stunning 4K Ultra HD with HDR visuals with the two internal displays for each eye showing up to 120fps(1) of buttery smooth gameplay. Express yourself with eye tracking(1) simulating your expressions for pure realism in multiplayer games, and foveated rendering following your eyes focus for sharper imagery wherever you're looking.

Enjoy :)

Mod: Orders cancelled. You should receive a $30 store credit.

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  • Shows $815.15 on my end, maybe OP added delivery
    Edit: my bad, no stock for C&C

  • +6

    Much reason to purchase if already an owner of a quest 2 (and pc)?

    I imagine not.. I'll be waiting for decent exclusives?

    • +3

      I can't come to grips being connected to the console, surely it's a hazard. As a quest 2 owner myself.

      • +1

        4.5m cable.

        • Which is 4.5m more than a Quest….

          Still feels odd personally.

          • @scuderiarmani: Yeah I've had a wireless Vive Pro for almost 5 years, there's no excuse anymore, VR should not be wired.

            • +1

              @MagnamoniousRex: And how much was that ?

              • -1

                @ScruffTheJanitor: Name one technology that hasn't gotten cheaper in five years.

                • @MagnamoniousRex: Video cards.

                  The end.

                  • +1

                    @Whilezee: I think Rex is referring to "technology" as in specific parts/component.

                    Not end user consumer product. For example I have another consumer product example that continues to rise in price, iPhone.

                • +1

                  @MagnamoniousRex: Of course, lets compare to the price of the Vive Pro today then. Or the Vive Pro 2 I guess. $2100…on sale.

                  So to answer your question, not the Vive Pro. Its more expensive than the OG one launched at 5 years ago.

                  Also like most tech? PS5 RRP is higher than launch price. Top line phones are more expensive. GPU are 2x-3x more. Actually like most tech has spiked in price.

                  • @ScruffTheJanitor: The Quest 2 does wireless for $600

                    • +2

                      @MagnamoniousRex: ..$630 for 128gb. $790 for 256gb.

                      And LCD display instead of OLED.
                      Lower res.
                      Lower FOV.
                      No eye tracking, so no foveated rendering.
                      No rumble in the headset.
                      No adaptive triggers
                      No finger tracking.
                      Lower quality controllers and headset overall.
                      Facebook account required.

                      I think id rather all that thx

                      • @ScruffTheJanitor: For mine the convenience factor and pricing alone makes the 128GB Quest 2 the most viable VR option out there for those wanting to test the waters. Also it's PCVR compatible and via recent promos such as the Amazon $150 GC + free Beatsaber offer (plus $47 referral credit for another top game or two etc) it's still a steal IMHO even after the price increase.

                        • @dins: Depends on what games you want to play I guess. If the purpose is simply to "play games in VR" then probably the Quest 2 is the best value.

                          But if you want to play PS exclusives, or console games that aren't on the Quest 2, then that's a different matter.

                          • @proudwanderer: Year fair enough I guess it comes down to how much use you're likely to get out of it. For sports and fitness games especially I think the Quest 2 is amazing. With the Quest 2 you also have BigScreen for watching movies, sports, having discussions etc with people from all around the world. Also as I said one of if not the biggest plus is that you're not locked to any area you can pretty much use it wherever and whenever.

                            • @dins: All good points!

                              It's probably a question about ecosystem, rather than apples to apples comparison of VR headsets. Depends if you want to play PS games in VR or not.

                              A bit like — say I am a video editor/designer, and my preferred/go to tool is 'Final Cut Pro', then it's not a question of should I buy a PC or a Mac - since it is only available on a Mac.

        • +2

          Had the Vive before Quest 2, cable is in the way regardless of length from just stepping on it to hitting it with a controller. And it's limited by the 4.5m.

          Quest 2 I can leave PC where it is and play in a seperate room via Airlink, H3VR and B&S can get pretty intense.

      • +6


        oh well if you say so

        I must have imagined using my PSVR for years without a single issue

        And my mate

        And my other mate

        • +2

          I've seen countless people using my Quest 2 bump things, move around excessively etc etc

          I guess I imagined that.

          Each to their own.

      • +4

        It's fine. I got through WMR and some Q2 use with the cable.

        That said, wireless VR feels more immersive.

    • Only if there are exclusive that interest you.

    • +2

      I would wait for reviews although impression seem to be positive. If you can see yourself using the PS5 when you finished playing all the PSVR2 games then it is probably worth getting. I have a PCVR rig and I know that I will probably only use the PS5 + PSVR2 when good exclusives release. Other than that, it will probably collect dust which is why I'm really hesitant to buy into the PS5 + PSVR2 ecosystem at this point.

      The Quest 3 is also slated for release at the end of this year which is another reason why I'm waiting to see what is worth getting.

      • +1

        "The Quest 3 is also slated for release at the end of this year "

        Oh where did you hear that? (I just checked google, multiple sources so I guess it's accurate)

        Bit disappointed I will be waiting longer for the Quest 3 than I first thought.
        When Zuck said "Quest 3 will be released next year" I thought it sounded more like before mid 2023 and at the latest Oct 2023, because I think October is the official cycle (Quest 2/Pro release dates).

        • Most likely October because that is when Meta's annual Connect event is held where they launch new hardware and provide updates on their VR software development.

          It is speculation but the CFO of Meta did say it will launch in 2023 during one of the earnings call last year https://uploadvr.com/quest-3-release-date-late-2023/

          It will be a risky move if Meta does not release a headset this year since the Quest 2 is showing its age. I couldn't wait so I got a Pico 4 to hold me over until the Quest 3. The Quest 3 should at least be on par with the Pico 4 from a hardware perspective which will be a massive upgrade over the Quest 2 due to the pancake lenses.

          • @jt90: "Most likely October because that is when Meta's annual Connect event is held"

            Yeah in your initial comment I thought by "end of this year" you meant "Dec 2023".

            Also in Zuck's Quest 3 release statement, he said "in 2023" which I think means "Mid 2023".
            If the release was before mid 2023 I would expect the statement to say "Early 2023" and if it was after mid 2023 I would have expected Zuck to say "Late 2023".
            A matter of semantics I guess but yeah just not what I was expecting.

            Edit: I tried to find the article I read but it seems to be edited/deleted. I don't think I am looking at the exact same one, but it now says Zuck's quote was "Quest 3 won't be released this year" which is not the more specific "2023 release" Zuck quote I read before.

      • +5

        There are some good ones.. But only gt7 and horizon are ps5 specific

      • +1

        The first two titles are the only exclusives, the rest of those titles on the list are all available on Quest 2 and IMO superior versions due to being wire free

        • +2

          a wire doesn't make a VR game inferior

      • +2

        Wow a tiny lineup, according to the h8rs lol.

        Do you think they're waiting to announce Astrobot successor? Man I hope to shmick they have a new (or at least a re-release!) of Astrobot

        • I reckon that might be out for holidays this year, but that's literally just a guess

          • +1

            @McFodder: I hope so - did you play Astrobot: Rescue Mission? It was so much fun

            • +2

              @ThithLord: Yep, got the plat for it - absolutely loved it. One of the clearest games in the PSVR1 headset too, would love to see what that team could do for the new one.

    • +1

      Ease of use?
      Don't have a PC?
      Cheaper entry cost (PS5 and PSVR2 comes to about 1700..a 3080ti alone is about $1300 i think)?

      Personally it's the theatre mode. I've a 55" HD tv from 2014 that still works perfectly. I don't see the need to change it especially since only my 5 yo uses it. This is so i can game while fully leaned back in my custom ergonomic chair (i have spine issues) in my home office and have a giant ass screen. This is why I don't mind the cable.

      Grid legends (lol)

      The PSVR1 was very comfortable compared to the quest 2.. here's hoping psvr2 is the same.
      The PSVR1 had better graphical fidelity (albeit at a lower resolution) over stand alone quest 2 games.

  • Damn it, preordered yesterday at full price

  • Can preorders be cancelled at Good Guys?

    • +4

      No, otherwise would be bad guys.

    • They did cancelled my ps5 orders twice.

  • +70

    Haha Mrs runs down stairs screaming why was $815.15 transfered out of the offset.. apparently better to ask for forgiveness than permission wasn't the correct answer.

    No PSVR2 for me, nice find OP.

    • Every home should have a Minister of Finance like your Mrs

      • +3

        Mate I created a monster. Referring to the odd item as that roughly costs x amount of mega feasts jokingly when we first lived together, to her now calculating the exact percentage of an item and sniping back with that's 1/10000000 of the loan.

        • +4

          Sounds depressing

        • +1

          sounds like you need a slash account for "personal purchases"

          • @botchie: Haha thanks for the concern my fellow OZB, definitely not that bad

    • +1


  • +1

    If only i had $800 of 10-15% off gift cards

    • Max of only 2 gift cards can be used at checkout anyway. Maybe with one of those variable load cards.

  • +1

    Tried to order in WA and getting "There isn't a store within 500km that has your order in stock." Bummer.

    *Edit That was for C&C, tempted to go for delivery but really keen to get it on launch day.

    • +4

      You have to get it delivered since the item isn't actually in stock anywhere given that it isn't out yet. The $824.15 price in the title includes shipping which seems to be a flat rate of $9.

  • +1

    Such a good price! Looks like I will be getting my money back from EB Games for my pre order. Can't complain about paying less and now getting the Horizon bundle on top of that.

    • Try to price match with an EB that's near to a GG store, they should be able to price match if the EB's near a competing retailer.
      Plus, you'll get EB points by ordering through EB.

  • +1

    Can amazon match good guys?

    • +3

      The algorithm price matching won't work with a coupon needing to be used to reduce price. So no.

    • +1

      They won't match a price with a coupon like this.

      • +1

        Thanks guys for the info for this slow learner!

  • +1

    It cost as much as the ps5 itself :s is quest 2 better than this?

    • +4

      Kinda like asking if a Wii is better than a PS5 - for some things, yes.

      • +4

        Yeah Quest 2 is wireless, and cheaper, and has PCVR, so a much bigger games library.

        But if you don't have a PC, and do have a PS5, then the PSVR visuals are way better than the quest alone.

  • +3

    good price, my eyeballs are ready for GT7 in PSVR2 :D also the PSVR2 games list must be nearing 100 titles by now

  • +4

    I can’t justify that money after just buying a ps5..

    • +22

      Sell the console and get this.

      • Hmm. Considering deeply.

  • Anything interesting to do with it?

  • +1

    Still not tempted at this price tbh.

  • +1

    Is this any better than the quest 2

    • +2

      Comes down to the platform you want to game on/has the games you're interested in

    • +8

      Better screen (higher resolution, higher field of view, OLED vs LCD) and much more powerful (run by the PS5 vs Quest 2's mobile phone chip if using standalone).

      Downside is it's wired (one lightweight, 4.5m cable that plugs into the front of the PS5), and expensive if you don't have a PS5 already.

      • +1

        Another downside is no way of changing the Headstrap like the Quest 2 which has lots of options of headstraps. Wonder how comfie it is and how much light bleeds in through any gaps?

        • +4

          It's supposed to be similar, if not identical to PSVR (if I remember correctly). The PSVR is often touted as extremely comfortable.

    • +2

      I mean I can watch corn video on the quest. Don’t know how open of a system the psvr gonna be 0.0

  • +4

    I mean, it's gorgeous, and I'm sure this is a great deal compared to RRP, but over $800 seems a bloody lot of money for this.

    • If it lasts a few years, I'd say worth it. There are also sales periods after release for those that can wait

      • +1

        We haven’t seen any discounts for the PS5, can we really expect discounts on the PSVR2 in the first year?

        • +1

          accessories usually go on sale.

        • We already have haven't we with this deal, even before psvr2 is released. And yes I'm sure it'll get discounts later in the year as well just like the psvr before it

        • Quest 2 actually went up in price, not down.

          Not to mention GPUs and cars.

          Everything will go down eventually, but no guarantees for the next year or so.

    • id pay $800 for a pair of OLED VR goggles

  • +5

    Was holding off for a sale maybe around Xmas time but $150 off launch price was hard to resist.

    And I failed.

    There’s $800+ I wasn’t planning to spend today 😂

  • Are The Good Guys likely to honour this pricing and not cancel these pre-orders?

    I already had the PSVR2 and the charging station pre-ordered at Amazon, but for 15% off, if it appears on Feb 28, i'm happy to wait!

    • +1

      I doubt Amazon will run out of their pre-order allocation a day prior to release. So buy it through TGGs if you want and if it gets cancelled you can pre-order again from Amazon.

      Or just leave the Amazon pre-order and cancel it before it is shipped if TGGs honours it.

      • +1

        True… will cancel the Amazon one a few days before the release date if Good Guys doesn't cancel and refund me before then!

  • +3

    Code works on the hardware on its own, too. Just in case you're like me and have the digital console; looks to be a disc that comes with the bundled version.

    • +3

      Has been confirmed to be a download code in the bundle for that reason I'm sure

      • Ah damn. Thanks for that.

    • +1

      Game is a download copy

  • Gave in and purchased it. Had a preorder with amazon of just the headset but this is too good to pass up. My delivery date is 3rd Feb for some reason though. That's going to hurt! But worth it for the savings.

  • +4

    Don't forget cashrewards tracking! Tracked for 52.31$ cashback.

    • Terms from Cashrewards: Cashback is ineligible on Apple, ASKO, Miele, AEG, Neff, Bertazzoni, FFalcon, La Germania, Loewe, Playstation 5, Playstation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X 1TB, gift card purchases, negotiated deals (phone/email/chat), purchases via The Good Guys Commercial website, home services, concierge, delivery, GST.

      So that would mean PSVR2 would be ineligible?

      • +3

        VR2 is not PS5 though

  • +1

    Thanks! ordered without horizon, as I'm looking forward to other games.

    • Is your order still there, or was it cancelled?

      • Still there, but i'd say they are busy going thorugh the 100s of orders and cancelling them all.

      • +2

        Just got it, and also a refund for one of my PSN gift cards, however they emailed me the code and I already redeemed it. win!

        • Nice!

          I’ll happily take a refund on the PSN card I already received and redeemed 😁

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