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Sydney 50 Free Photo Prints 6"X4", Harvey [email protected] Auburn - Ends 29/7


Sydney 50 Free Photo Prints 6"X4", Harvey [email protected] Auburn - Ends 29/7- Voucher at door.

Last Sunday I drove by the Harvey [email protected] and saw there was a promotion including 50 Free Photo Prints 6'x4'ends 29/7.

Conditions: Voucher needed. Go there and check the door areas of computer department, there are ads on a stand at left hand side, grab one and check the voucher on it. Print your 50 pictures inside and show the ad on checkout.

There are 30-50 pieces voucher left.

Besides there are other things at very low price in that promotion ad worth a short trip, for example,

Uniden wireless safe digital cordless phone only $18.
SanDisk Ultra SDHC 16GB 30M/S class10 16GB only $12.
usb 2.0 4 ports D-link hub $6…
Brother Mono laser printer only $36!!!

Harvey Norman @ Domayne Auburn
103-123 Parramatta Road
Auburn NSW 2144
(02) 96485411

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Are the vouchers unique? Any chance of a clear camera shot pseudo-scan of a voucher that we can use? I probably need over $5 petrol return from Auburn and I would hate to be disappointed.


    Free six foot by four foot poster prints - yay!

    Or maybe we should stick to metric, if we can"t handle imperial units.


      Thanks mate, edit it, my 'shift' key doesn't work properly.


    Are there anymore vouchers left? Anyone know if this is available at any other stores as well?


      Only few people go shopping there, and fewer people knows about this promotion, I am pretty sure you can grab one at the door.


        I wonder how they make any money with such few shoppers going through the doors, very quiet shop and the computer dept is kinda hidden upstairs, which I only discovered recently. but good bargains to be found there. The worst part is driving on Parramatta Rd to get there. The Clearance Outlet across the Rd is good for cheap stuff too.


      I just went and there are stacks of them. It is simply the computing catalogue for that particular store. The store was reasonably busy when I went. However there were stacks and stacks of these catalogues. The ground floor is the bedding floor, so look for escalators to go down to the computing department. When you get there, walk through the security gates. There are a stack of the computing catalogues on the left. There is also a giant stack on the right hand counter. I doubt they will run out because it's a catalogue and not just a coupon. The catalogue is 2 approximately A3 sized pages, double sided, and the coupon is on the back of the catalogue. Don't pick up the much thicker bedding catalogue! The coupon isn't there.

      edit: I also forgot to say, depending on where you're heading from, if not from Parramatta Rd or Silverwater Road and you're approaching from Auburn town centre, you can park in the residential parking across the road (eg Dartbrook Rd) or the McDonalds carpark and just walk across the road to Domayne. Otherwise there is a carpark behind Domayne for customers - entry from Silverwater Road I think.


    Is there a minimum amount needed to be printed to qualify for the free 50 prints?


      No I don't think so. There's nothing on the voucher to say so.