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WD 20TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0, Black $517.30 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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Looks like its back still a good deal was $641.68 now AU $517 including shipping
previous deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/747865

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Since the case with MyBookLive getting hacked and the dissapointing solution/support provided by WD, never buy WD brand anymore

    • +11

      Wait? You didn't shuck it instantly?

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    Not bad!

    I'll get in before all the 'Amazon package hard drives in tissue paper' comments.

    For the record I have ordered about 20 hard drives from Amazon with zero damage or packaging concerns.

    • +2

      …bare drives?

      I buy these because the wd packaging is really good for transport

      • +1

        Internal and external. People complain about both.

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      $/Tb Should belong in the guidelines for hard drive posts

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        Idk why nobody ever includes it lol

    • What's the cheapest hdd in these terms nowadays? 10TB one?

  • I have heard that some of these drives don't have the standard screw holes. Is this correct?

    • +1

      Not some, almost all, and yes correct.

    • depends what you're screwing them in to :)

      IIRC I raid0 a few of these in a fractal r4 and could only use 2 screws 4 wouldn't match up so I left them on rubber mounts.

      I guess you could bust out a tap and driver and line up some new holes

      • +2

        In the mounting bracket, not the hdd itself 😉

  • would you trust the post from all the way from the UK to here without damaging the HD with all the shock they throwing around via so many different ports?

    I already can imagine all the throwing they do via sorting centresSSSSS

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      I got a wd 16tb in an external through amazon uk via au, the external box was in great condition. It was actually in better condition than i get boxes from amazon au.

      • +1

        yeah, i once got AU shipped with nothing but the amazon box. Bare drive, not even a bubble wrap, works fine though but its like 50/50 if you know what i mean, so i would never wanna do it again…..

    • Yes

  • -4
  • -2
    • read the last page of comments, ALL cancelled.

      • -2

        I received my 2.

  • Now $547 via Amazon Germany, not great but still the cheapest 20TB deal going.


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