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[Used] Seagate Exos X16 ST14000NM001G 3.5 14TB 7.2k SATA 6GB 256MB HDD (Ex-Mining) $217.55 Delivered @ MetroCom eBay


Hi guys, posting this deal to see if there are any interests on enterprise hard drives. Although they were previously used for Chia mining, they should still hold for a couple more years as they are designed to run 24/7. Most are SATA drives, plus some SAS models.

Seagate Exos 14TB SATA $217.55 Delivered (Also got Brand new 14TB for $274.55 Delivered and 12TB for $246.05 Delivered

Seagate Exos 14TB SAS $217.55 Delivered

Seagate Exos 10TB SATA $170.05 Delivered

Seagate Exos 10TB SAS $170.05 Delivered

WD Ultrastar 12TB SAS $198.55 Delivered

WD Purple 12TB SATA $198.55 Delivered

WD Ultrastar HC550 16TB SATA $284.05 Delivered

Seagate Exos 16TB SATA $284.05 Delivered

Seagate Exos 18TB SATA $331.55 Delivered

WD Ultrastar HC550 18TB SATA $331.55 Delivered

Hope the price is fair.


Original Coupon Deal

Mod: Title edited to clarify that these drives for used for crypto mining and were not refurbished by manufacturer.

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    Sorry I could never trust a used hdd. I've had to many fail in my day even when treated perfectly

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    I thing "ex-mining" would be a better tag than refurb. Nothing's been done to refresh these, just dumping ex mining gear and hoping people don't realise they're trashed.

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      I agree, this definitely isn’t refurb. It’s used mining kit.

      My experience with “refurbished” computer equipment on eBay is that it doesn’t even get a wipe down. Asset ID stickers/dust/dirt/sticky tape/lipstick all still attached. The standard approach seem to be if it boots and passes the diagnostics it gets listed. If it doesn’t it’s pass, it’s cannibalised for parts.

  • +2

    Unbelievable that these are being resold when they should be landfill

  • +2

    I agree the description and title needs to be honest. Workload that they were each individually under dictates price. The only ones that can refurb is pretty much Seagate or someone with a full tens of million dollar cost clean room no?

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    never buy used HDD

    • +7

      This is utterly misinformed.
      Used HDD"s with known history and SMART status are fine. LTT did a video on it recently, and personally in the decade I've done so I've had more issues with cheap SMR new drives than the used enterprise drives.

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    Will you post the SMART status for the drives in the listing?
    I purhcased a bunch of ex-chia mining drives that were exos because the seller posted the SMART status when requested.

    Whats the average hours on these? Assuming there is zero status on the pre-fail items?

    • Hi average usage is about 5k hours. And yes I can provide SMART info.

      • +2

        5k hours with Chia mining for half a year?
        Might want to review that as your math is more than a little off….. and dishonestly is a pretty big deal for ozbarginers.

        • +1

          5k hours = 208 days, not very off from half year. Besides most of them are 4300-4800 hours.

  • +1

    The only refurbishment you did is resetting S.M.A.R.T data.

    • I thought only manufacturers had utilities to do that without bricking the drive? Are you suggesting it’s within reach for small shops and do you have evidence that it is? (Don’t link to the actual tool, just showing that some shops use it)

      • you can use some hard drive repair tool, like Sediv, to modify the SMART data.

        • Do you know of any proof of this method actually working? Preferably a video showing someone resetting the drive SMART data with this tool. I need to be more careful buying used drives if this actually works.

          • @AwesomeAndrew: It absolutely can be done - there are used drives on eBay etc that show 0 hours use when you power them on - see the ServeTheHome forums etc.

            I don't know if you can actually modify the data though, my understanding is that you can only clear it to start again.

            Yes that means that a drive showing 0 hours isn't necessarily new…

            • @Nom: Link?
              At least that means drives showing reasonable usage probably don't have SMART data that has been tampered with.

              • +1


                see the ServeTheHome forums etc.

                This is a known thing 👍

                You can actually do it yourself with some drives - here https://sites.google.com/site/seagatefix/ are the instructions to connect a Serial Port to a Seagate drive, and then use a Terminal to send it commands including one to wipe the SMART.

  • +7

    [Refurb] Seagate Exos X16 ST14000NM001G 3.5 14TB 7.2k SATA 6GB 256MB HDD Used $217.55 Delivered @MetroCom eBay

    You spelled Reformatted wrong.

  • +1

    It’s good that the items are being resold than just dumped but I think it’s way too expensive. First example is only around $50 less than your new price.

  • +1

    $15.54 / TB for reference, although obviously not a fair comparison.

    Edit: I think if these were appropriately labelled as used this wouldn't be a bad deal tbh

  • +1

    Stay away people’s. Not a good deal at all.

  • Used drives, no deal. How do you refurbish a stand-alone HDD? You can’t.

  • +4

    @MetroCom - It's a quite deceptive that you're marking these as 'Refurbished' when all you have done is "Tested, wiped and well packed" according to your description, so they're indeed used NOT Refurbished. Very dodgy business practice. OP please change that on this deal and change it on your eBay listings.

    I can respect the fact that they're atleast being transparent about what these HDD's were previously being used for, they could have very well said nothing, said they're refurbished and buyers would be none the wiser, they aren't required by law to disclose the previous application.

    For anyone looking to buy 1 (or more) I would highly recommend doing a test via HDD Sentinel to test the health and performance rating.

    Buy at your own risk.

    • Thanks for reminding. All of the listings now have been changed to used.

    • Really good outcome, thanks for the post!

  • Are the new drives shucked? Or BNIB

    • -1

      They are brand new sealed in the antistatic bag.

  • Should be like $100 given what it was used for.

  • OP would you consider putting "Or Best Offer" on these as well?
    I grabbed a bunch from another seller slightly cheaper than these with less hours, I think OzBarginers would probably be more interested if they can get the TB / $ down.

    • +1

      yep just added offer options.

  • I actaully grabbed one of these, good value and fast postage.
    Would recomend, especially considering Exos drives are far superiour than IronWolf for this price.

    • do you have any opinions on Exos vs IronWolf regarding noise?

      • +1

        I think the IronWolfs are quieter all together. The Exos are very quiet until they need to do random seeks, the random seek noise is very loud.

        I can stream videos from mine without annoyance though because the writes have been made sequencially.

        Edit - this is specifically for the x16 ones, I have a couple in my desktop and 1 in my server.

  • +2

    OP how is the warranty 1 year for brand new ones when it says 5 years on the packaging? And the Australian consumer law says its 2 year for products anyway? Do you have to register it with the manufacturer for 5 year warranty? Also, how to confirm its brand new? Can you check a serial number or something? I am genuinely inetrested in getting a couple. Thanks.

    • Same question from me. worrying about the possibility of third party refurbish

      • +1

        I asked seller and got a satisfied answer:


        Hi there, these drives were purchased by our client about 2 years ago and they didn't end up using them. They didn't provide us the original invoice hence we can't provide manufacture warranty.
        An example serial number ZL2BS0E7.
        Not sure if seagate will honor the warranty without the original invoice.

        Hi Seller,

        I am interested to buy 2 of those. just get some questions:

        1, why only 1 year warranty against official 5 years warranty?
        2, does the serial number can be checked in official seagate website?


        • Thanks mate, looks like 3 years warranty left though still not sure if that's valid, as these are not consumer products. Anyway I am thinking of biting the bullet and ordering two. What do you think? :)

          • @Sfh1975: I already ordered 2

            • @kawara888: Thanks, I ordered two as well, 12TB ones.

              • @Sfh1975: You must missed the 14tb

                • @kawara888: haha no, i just went for the 12TB ones, 14TB seems a weird number to my brain :( I prefer multiples of 4TBs :)

        • Interesting.
          I order the ex-mining 10TB SAS drive.
          Actually took me ages to query the usage time data from the SAS interface, but I discovered the drive hadn't been used at all, which seems to be a good buy.
          Although you need a HBA to run SAS.

          • -1

            @thedean: This usually just means the SMART data has been reset….

            • @Nom: SAS drives don't use SMART as it's part of ATA (SATA) interface.
              I don't think you can reset SAS data, it's complex enough to even query it without the proper set up and given these drives are being sold as used I don't see why the seller would have bothered.

              • @thedean: This is not correct - I have a bunch of SAS drives on an Adaptec controller and HDSentinel in Windows reads all the SMART data just fine, exactly like it reads my SATA drives.

                • @Nom: Sure you can see information, but it is not SMART data, it's an intrepration of mode tables and some vendor-specific extensions.
                  SCSI evolved very differently to SATA, and SMART was an off-branch of SATA.

                  The reason I mention this is so you can understand that "resetting the SMART data" on a SAS drive is not really a thing.

                  • @thedean: That's just semantics - the SMART data you get from the SAS drive is very similar to the SMART data you get from a SATA drive, the actual commands used aren't really relevant.

                    You started out saying it's really complex to even read the stats from a SAS drive, but in fact it's zero complex - tools read it just as easily as they do from SATA.

                    Are you saying for example that Seagate SAS drives (I don't have any of these) do not have the serial pins that you use to terminal into the drive to do the reset ?

  • I received 2 new Seagate Exos X16 ST14000NM001G 3.5 14TBs. One DOA and the seller promptly replaced for me.

    Serial numbers on the label are consistent with reported from the NAS. Showing they are Australian stock. one is manufactured on May 2021 the other(replacement) is on Oct 2020.
    Gold finger looks no sign of wear
    SMART data reports unused

    Initially a little bit loud but much better after upgrade firmware to SN4 - from SN3 and SN2(replacement), can be done from NAS with linux OS.

    If place in a NAS better avoid heavy load - such as full SMART test, I noticed the temprature rise dramatically reached 47c after 1 hour.

    Over all it is a happy purchase I hope they can last.

    • Strange thing is their sequential read speed are different(reported by NAS), new one is 260 MBps which is conform with datasheet while the replacement is only 240MBps. and temperature on the replacement one always 1 degree higher than the other

      I updated them to latest firmware and tested multiple times.

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