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Double Credits - Load $60 Get $120, Load $100 Get $200 @ Timezone


Not sure it if is targeted but just got a notification on timezone funapp, missed out on double dollars offer use " Valentine's Double Dollars" offer to get double the credits on 60+ topups

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2023.

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    Whoops sorry, not a dupe. Great opportunity to splurge on some fun arcade games. Though this is really the only time I would go to timezone/kingpin ($2 a game? Really?)

    • Yes it's not that cheap but sometimes making things cheap can water down the experience. Could you imagine going there and because the price is vastly more accessible it's so busy, there is a huge line-up for anything you want to play and then you are in there for much longer just to play a few games. You have to look at the other side of it. Sometimes its nicer to have experiences where the price might lock out every man and his dog from showing up! This is why we have Gold Class cinemas. There has to be balance.

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    If you use ultimate gift card, you can't pay in app. This is an app only promo, hence save your gc for another day :)

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      Do they have Apple Pay options? If so you could pay that way.

  • Valentine's Double Dollars
    Double Dollars Now Available On The Fun App
    Today is all about love so here is a special treat just for you! Access an exclusive offer for a fun-filled night out! For today only, DOUBLE your DOLLARS when you reload $60 or $100! Plus, as an app user, you'll have access to special deals and promotions all year round. So why wait? Take advantage of this amazing offer before it's gone!
    Terms & Conditions
    1. Double Dollars valid for Tuesday 14 February 2023.
    2. Valid on $60 and $100 increments amounts. Load $60 and receive $120 in total arcade credit or Load $100 and receive $200 in total arcade credit. The bonus amount does not include the standard bonus load i.e. Load $100 and receive $50.
    3. Arcade credit loaded is valid for 12 months from the last in-venue use.
    4. Any subsequent bonus must be loaded on a single Powercard.
    5. Double Dollars can only be purchased and loaded via the Timezone
    Fun App on the date mentioned above.
    6. Double Dollars is not available with any other offer.

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    Do I need to get a powercard from store to buy the top up?

    • Yes, you need to load the first time at the counter to get the card.

  • So, I'm heading to my kid nieces birthday party in a month and want to get this offer, I've downloaded the Timezone app but I don't currently have a 'Powercard' to add. Will I actually have to go to Timezone, buy a card, add to the app and load up the credits?

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    • I guess so, otherwise how will it track your balance against. (In their current way of working)

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        I was hoping there might be a way to buy the Powercard online and add to the app? But I guess off to Timezone I go!

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    $160 and $250 are also included in the double credits.

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      Yep, all $60+ topups are included. I copied the title from previous post, too lazy :)

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    Awesome. Great way for me to blow a few hours and I missed out the last one a few days ago! Thanks for the heads up OP!

  • Can you use these credits at Kingpin?

    • I think power card can be used at both so it should work as all this is doing is adding double balance on your power card.

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      Yes works at Timezone, Kingpin and Zone Bowling.

      Just keep in mind on your first time at a different brand store it might give an error when you tap - just wait a few seconds for the reader to sync and tap again.

      • I rang Timezone they said the power card can only be used in the arcade section and not for bowling.

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          Yes only in the arcade section (as well as the mini-bowling found in some time zones). Should've clarified sorry

      • Yes I was told that only for arcade bowling

  • Does anyone have trouble with the app? I add my payment details and it's failed every time I try. I tried on mobile connection, home wifi, different payment methods, different amount and all fail. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get past this issue?

  • Anybody having difficulty on iOS, I'm getting Timezone.TMZ-Error-error 1.

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    Can use gift card to save more and don't forget 10$ for new to app sign up

    • How do you get $10 for app signup.. I did that on Sunday but didn't get the credit. Any promo code I missed adding?edit : got it in the app

      • You need to complete the profile, which means to update your phone number and email. Wait for 24 hrs I believe and you would receive a signup bonus under "my vouchers" but it can only be redeemed in store so once you see it, head down to TZ store and show the voucher and ask staff to top-up.
        It is not via app, mine expired as I was lazy to visit the store.

    • how do you use a giftcard to pay on the app. it only gives me the visa or mastercard option

      • You can't use the gift card on app.

  • Time Zone was great in the 90s. I weep seeing them filled with mostly prize machines today :(

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      It is about half and half. Kids today love racking up the points for junk.

    • I weep not getting to see a Timezone around me at all. Can't remember the last time I saw a videogames arcade.

  • Used this the other day with the kids. A good time.

  • Hold on … so you’re telling me that you can use TimeZone cards at Kingpin at Crown Casino in Melbourne? How did I never know this??

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