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3 Months Free Apple TV+ for Telstra Customers @ Telstra


Free 3 months of Apple tv + for Telstra customers

Get 3 months of Apple TV+ on us
For Telstra Consumer customers only.
Offer ends on 16 August 2023.
Roll onto standard monthly subscription fees (currently $9.99/month) after promotion ends unless you change/cancel. Must sign up via Telstra. Apple TV+ requires internet and compatible devices. Data charges apply. ​

Mod: Repost of original deal 16/8/22 - 3 Months Free Apple TV+ for Telstra Customers @ Telstra.
Duplicate exception. “The original deal is active but older than 6 months.”

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  • +14

    OP!! Thank you! I just watched the free episode of Severance and I loved it, was tossing up whether to get Apple TV. This'll sort me out

    • +4

      I watched it too and enjoyed it! Currently watching black bird

  • +1

    Do you lose access if you cancel immediately after sign up?

    • +6

      People reported that Apple Tv plus still remains active, even if you cancel immediately

    • yup, it gives you the whole 3 months

      • Ya mean, No.

    • +3

      No, you can go in Settings > Apple ID, iCloud+ > Subscriptions on your phone immediately after redeeming the Telstra offer and cancel there

      Apple TV subscription stays valid, now says "Expiring May 16"

  • Just in time for Hello Tomorrow to come out

  • +3

    Can't apply to the same Apple account if you have already redeemed before unfortunately.

    • -3

      lol, of course, or else you would have it for free for 500 years.

    • If you have multiple telstra accounts is that the same e.g. internet and mobile?

      I have had apple tv+ on and off for years, free trials or off. I am currently on the 3 months with telstra. Was hoping (perhaps too optimistically) that when this one runs out, i can get it again for another 3 months with another telstra service. Might need to try my wifes apple tv account if that doens't work.

      Currently enjoying Shrinking and looking forward to Ted Lasso.

      Watched the first 2 seasons of morning wars but the second one was hit and miss. Might give 3 a miss or at least wait for it to come out and be reviewed.

      • Yep thats what I was referring to. If you have multiple Telstra services which can redeem this offer, you cannot redeem the offer multiple times on the same Apple account. It will work on your wifes account though ;)

      • In case you didn’t know, if you redeem the offer on your wife’s Apple ID she can setup family sharing (just for Apple TV+) and add you to it. Then you will be able to watch it from your account too.

  • +1

    I have boost for mobile, can i sign up to telstra account?

    • +1

      Why would you want to? It will be a lot cheaper to keep boost and just pay for Apple TV if and when you want it

      • +2

        Why was this negged? Seems like a fair comment or am I missing something?

        • +5

          I didn’t neg but I can only assume cos OP seemingly meant can they get a Telstra account because Boost uses Telstra network, not that they wanted to port to Telstra just for this deal.

    • +7

      I tried, it jumps through few redirects and shows error page. Maybe its just me.

    • Have a Telstra ID & Telstra Plus account, but no active Telstra service (am on Belong). Activated Boost & Belong using Telstra ID.

      Tried to sign up - failed as expected.
      Sorry There were no offers associated with your Telstra ID.
      Please ensure you have an eligible service linked to your Telstra ID via Telstra 24x7 MyAccount under account settings.
      Once you have added a service to your Telstra ID, please login again.

      Could try a $2 Telstra SIM to create an active service, Telstra ID & account.

  • I've never signed up for apple tv before.
    When I try and sign up for the free three months via the Telstra offer redeem link it takes me to apple sign up which says a free 7 day sign up

  • +1

    I had this trial and the only thing I found decent was Severence.

    Did not watch anything else.

    • Tehran is ok

    • +1

      Why didn't you watch Shantaram? The book is amazing. They were meant to make it a movie with Johnny Depp then the screenwriters went on strike. Now I see they made a series of it, only on Apple afaik

  • +4

    Just in time for Ted Lasso season 3 👌

    • +3

      BELIEVE March 15 😁

  • +1

    Also for anyone interested there's 4 months of free Spotify premium, a month of Foxtel all packages and a month of Xbox gamepass as well.

    • Damn, I already have full foxtel :(. Is the month of gamepass something that adds on or only for people who dont have a active subscription yet?

      • Not sure champ I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it out either way.

    • Sorry whereabouts is this offer?

  • Nevermind. It got answered on another comment.

    • +2

      Yes you can. Check the commenting section https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/13392090/redir

      • If I am going to be overseas during the point it ends? Does that mean i am better off to just let it expire and get this deal on my return? Anyone know if it works overseas?

        • +2

          Depends, this offer ends 16 of August. If you rather to activate your offer after your trip. Just keep in mind when the offer ends.

  • Does this stack further onto a current subscription?

    • Yes. I’ve never paid for Apple TV but have had it for ages due to freebies from buying PS5, iPhone, Telstra customer etc.

  • +1

    I have a Telstra account for Foxtel but no phones. And it doesn’t work for me.
    No offers on their offer page.

    Guess you need to have a mobile or broadband service to make it worth their while.

  • Can anyone confirm if this works for prepaid customers?

  • If someone's not using it, please don't let it got to waste 😉

  • Just activated a $2 sim and redeemed this offer. Thanks.

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