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TuneUp Media 50% off


Clean — Accurately fixes mislabeled or missing song information (like "Track 01" or "Unknown Artist") using cutting-edge waveform recognition.
Cover Art — Scans your entire music collection in seconds and automagically™ fills in missing album artwork.
DeDuper — Intelligently finds and removes duplicate music files from your music library using waveform recognition.
Tuniverse — Delivers music videos, artist bios, concert alerts, social network integration and more.

Use it to clean up your itunes library
Usually 15-20% off promotion, but never seen it for 50% off … just what I was waiting for.
Cheapest I have seen it!

I just bought the lifetime bundle

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    Wow just wow, never seen this at 50% off just like the OP.

    The OCD in me is saying 'YES', but the tightarse in me is like 'Edit yourself!'

  • Mmmmmmm plenty of community editions getting around though.

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    Lifetime products are licensed to a single computer for the lifetime of that computer (but you can transfer that license once ).

    ok transfer licence once does me in…

  • Mediamonkey.

  • Fantastic deal! Thanks! +1

  • .

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      Can't use it with this deal.
      Edit: Nevermind, you edited your comment.

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    Code worked for me. But i question if this app is worth $25 over the free apps out there. The free apps seemed very hit and miss for me. Can anyone comment? Cheers

  • I have been using this on my Mac for 6 months now and its FANTASTIC ! Works VERY well and is GREAT in cleaning up ALL those unwanted music files not to mention getting Album covers "perfectly".Highly recommended for the price.

  • nooooooo i just got this a week ago…

  • Just be aware that there are lots of free programs that do this exact same thing to normal MP3 files. It's not really anything special. But this software appears to be some kind of plugin for iTunes, and that is probably a bit unique.

    Personally I try to keep my music as far away from iTunes as possible, so I normalise and tag my MP3's using standard (free) traditional methods. I'd be really worried whether this software actually tags the MP3's in a "standard way" or just fixes up the itunes-saved version and/or database.

    In other words, does it fix the ORIGINAL MP3 file properly, or just alter the iTunes database? If it's iTunes only then the repairs it does will only work on iOS devices. I play my music using various media players and I need any tag revisions to work on ALL devices, which will only work if they comply to the standard ID3 tag system.

  • Can somebody name one of the comparable free tools?

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      Media Monkey is free.

      • I've found media monkey to be very hit and miss. While it's fixed some stuff it's not fixed others and even put completely wrong images on some files. I've still had to do lots of manual editing. Recently I saw that winamp had built in tag fix options, that seems pretty solid so far but not perfect either.

        • Yeah I know, that's why I have just bought Tuneup :)

        • haha cool, love to know if you think it's worth it.

        • I tried the trial version, it gives you 30 tags or something and I was impressed. Wasn't so impressed by having to pay $50 for something that I could do for free with MediaMonkey… Spent a good few hours with media monkey then copied all the music into iTunes. Chaos ensued. Going to start again but with TuneUp…

        • Let me know how you go. I'm non-itunes person so i at least wont have issues there. I use an ipod nano with winamp & a logitech squeezebox.

        • I was the same, I was always winamp only but I got convinced to buy music match from apple so I can listen to all my music anywhere I want. (So far it's more trouble that its worth!)

          I've got an old iPad with speakers connected but couldn't store all my music on it.

        • Ever thought of buying a squeezebox? I have a little logitech duet that sits with my stereo, it logs onto my wireless network and can stream any music from any PC or NAS that runs a little logitech client. I'm extremely happy with it. It can do spotify too but you need a premium account, i'm hoping they'll change that soon or i can find a hack.

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      I've tried almost all of them… I reckon that the best one by far is MusicBrainz Picard


      MusicBrainz is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public

      and the software is…

      MusicBrainz Picard is a cross-platform (Linux/Mac OS X/Windows) application written in Python and is the official MusicBrainz tagger.

      You install the software, and drag drop folders on there to analyse them. It suggests tags, you can edit or reject or whatever you want. Bit of a learning curve invoilved… but the advantage is that you get a good chance to get the whole album correct in one go, rather than dealing with things "song-by-song" which is often a bit patchy.

      If your album is unknown (very rare) then your data / tags get saved back to the public database.

      It also will work with Compilation albums too, but they require a bit of of manual work because the songs often come from multiple sources.

      Main hassle with any form of automated tagging is the genre - everyone has a different view on that, and to be frank I've given up even bothering to tag my files with that field now days. I mean… is Black Eyed Peas supposed to go under a RnB, Rap, Pop, Techno or what? LOL

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    Having used this for the last 6 months or so on over 20,000 mp3s, I dare say that it's so far ahead of any of the free tools out there.. I wouldn't be surprised if it uses some sort of shazam type watermarking feature, as it will quite happily suggest titles of those tracks that have no tagging whatsoever and be fairly accurate.

    And with the licencing, it is locked down to 2 installs, but you can email support and they'll transfer your licence over to a computer..

    Having used rinse, helium, tag & rename, etc, I believe it's so much better.. TuneUp Media + Itunes Match = best music laundering system around :)

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    I've been using TuneUp for a while. It works, and it definitely takes a lot of the work out of cleaning up the tags yourself, but it's definitely not a fire and forget tool. The best way to use it is to 'tune' batches of songs from the same artist together, which slightly lessens the chance it will peg a song as belonging to a compilation album (which it still does a reasonable amount). It does use the existing tags to help identify a track, so it definitely helps if you can quickly stick in album names if you can.

    But it's a handy time saver at full price, so at half price it's a good deal if you've got lots of music to clean up.

  • Can anyone comment on whether this also renames badly named files as well as tags? I know the filename doesn't matter if the tag is correct/complete but OCD in me wants my tags and filenames to be correct and complete and once a file is consolidated in to iTunes it's a giant pain the rear to fix them without some sort of automated tool.

  • hi all, im new to this. i have quick but possibly stupid question to ask here. I understand that tuneup media cleans up your itunes library. so when it removes song duplicates, is this removal automatically reflected in my hard drive in addition to my itunes library? therefore, would any cleanups result in the same changes in the song titles stored in my hard disk too?

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