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Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphones $164.99 Delivered (Blue Only) @ Amazon AU

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Anker Space Q45 is a great pair of headphones for music, home/office. ANC and wind noise cancellation is as close as what XM4 can offer. Check out DHRME reviews on YouTube to learn more.

Plus up to 45% off on selected Anker products (Discounts applied in prices displayed).


Buy it, enjoy it, love it (if hate it then return it) Harder Better faster Stronger

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    held value pretty well, though we would have seen sub 150 by now.

  • can anyone comment on how well the mic holds up against background noise? Looking for a decent pair so I can have meetings while on train.

    On Iphone 12 if this makes any difference.

    • For Value for money, go for this otherwise best background cancelling headphones are XM5’s. Just YouTube DHRME channel and see their reviews

  • +6

    Bought on Amazon last minute before 20 hours of flying and they were a godsend. Watching movies with Aux on the in flight was great, and fell asleep with them on with no audio just NC and it was so good. You don't realise how loud the cabin is till you take them off.

    I also have the buds, Anker's audio group have been killing it.

    • I felt the same way when I bought Soundcore A40 just before taking flight. It's better if we do fit test and hear ID using the app.

  • Can anyone comment on Anker Space A40? I am seeing a bunch of reviews, but half of it seems like paid reviews.

    • +1

      They are great too, but depends if you prefer over the ears and your use case. For phone calls and cutting the background noise, jabra Elite 5 or 7 are good but 7 lacks multi connect feature.

      • Thanks I do appreciate you're input. I have definitely be comparing with Jabra as voice being a priority.

    • +1

      They are amazing. I am surprised by their noise canceling and comfort. The ANC is almost on par with the best of sony.

  • +1

    Simply buy this and thank me later. If you don’t like it in the first couple of weeks then simply return it. This is why you pay for Amazon prime😊

  • This or the 1MORE SonoFlow?

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    • +1

      I have these and the q35's and soundcore's are superior both for sound quality, ANC and ear/head comfort
      Replacing the ear pads is not possible either as I dont believe they produce them

    • +3

      This question is made for me - I've got both. Hands down the q45 wins. Wins in sound quality, build quality, noise cancelling quality. I prefer 1more case is all i can say on that end…

    • 1MORE are great but you can’t use ANC wired.

  • +1

    Would anyone have any insight on how these compare to older Bose QC35 (gen 1) in terms of ANC and sound quality?

    Looking to move away from my old Bose mainly to ditch the dreaded micro USB. Primary use is flying long haul. I know they probably aren't anywhere near xm4 and xm5 quality, but would they perhaps be on par with older tech?

    Appreciate any feedback :)

  • +2

    I have never had ANC or over ear headphones before, but now i fly a lot and have found these to be amazing! I have no reference point but for the money i believe they are worth it. On the aeroplane its very, very quiet - i just leave it on normal so i can still hear the smallest amounts, but have to take them off when people are speaking to me. It has great call quality for using it for phone calls. I have found my ears get slightly warm after wearing them for a few hours, but I put this down to be so successful at NC. Then again, its not hot that i take them off.

    I think this price its worth it for sure!

  • Personally wary of getting another Anker Soundcore. Have a Q30 and it was great. It was cheap for what it could do.
    Unhappy with the last firmware upgrade last year that took away the ANC when wired. (Conspiracy theorists would say that the launch of the Q35 at around the same time is not a coincidence) :)

    Other than that issuee and the hard to replace earpads, it has been a good value for money for when I had it.

  • How is the mic on Q45 compare to the Q30?

    • read the comments, do your research on DHRME via YouTube. It is much better btw

    • Ive never had a problem with it, i also wear them whilst walking and no one has said anything about the wind noise yet.

  • +1

    Q30 have a bit physical design flaw where a piece of plastic breaks and stuffs the adjustable head band. Pretty sure this is across the lot of them as they all share a common headband design.

  • Nice headphones. Really comfortable earcups but the headband isn't perfect. I think I can feel the cabling through what minimal padding there is. I find that the ANC and isolation isn't as good as my QC25s (80-90% as good) surprisingly, but the reproduction is much better.

  • +1

    Not had ANC headphones before.. Do these Q45s support ANC when used wired mode eg using planes media system?

    • According to the last post they do

  • This or 1MORE SonoFlow??

    • Answered in the thread.

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