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Philips Sneaker Cleaner in Blue/Yellow $42.46 (Was $49.95) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Myer


For those who are looking for a device that want to clean their shoes or for a present.

I ended up getting mine priced matched at jb hi fi as they have more stock available.

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    Are there replacement brushes you can buy, and if so how much do those cost? I didn't see any with a quick search on eBay or Amazon.

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    I chuck my shoes in the wash bruh my Gucci loafers come out clean

    • Does Gucci make loafers?

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        Depends on your definition of loafers

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          I found these definitions for ‘loafers’:

          1.) If you're a loafer, you avoid working whenever possible, preferring to lounge around relaxing instead. And, if you're too lazy to tie your own shoes, you may prefer to wear loafers — slip-on shoes without laces.

          2.) A person who has experienced a sexual encounter with a loaf of bread. Example: Wonka loafed the rye all night long. shes a real loafer.

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    A device solving a first-world-problem.
    But it does come with a power cord, so it's suitable as an Anniversary present.

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      Well we do live in a first-world country…

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        Indeed, and it's the fantastic innovations like this, addressing the plight of humanity and inequity in the world, that got us here!

    • This model is battery operated, sorry.

  • I feel like I saw these at good guys in like a $20 bin last weekend. Not on my radar but might be worth checking that.

  • I wonder how soft the brushes are and whether it would be good cleaning the dust/grime off displayed lego

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      I just tried this on some of my dusty Lego sets (that had plenty of studs on top) with the softer of the 2 brushes. It did surprisingly well. It's certainly a better Lego cleaner than a shoe cleaner.

      The brush was soft enough to not damage or scratch the Lego plates, but it wasn't able to remove some of the more "baked on" pockets of dust or grime between the studs. Still the parts I dusted with the Sneaker Cleaner were noticeably cleaner than before. There's probably something better out there that has more suitable bristles for dusting, but if you can get it cheap enough it's probably an ok buy.

      Apart from cleaning Lego, I really can't think of a reason to buy it. The motor is just too weak.

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    I'm not buying white ultraboosts again..

    edit:unless if it's $80

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      You can buy Angelus Acrylic Paint. I also have a pair of white Nike cos they are on super sale compare to other colour, I bought red paint and paint them

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    I've got a Bosch IXO – I wonder whether it's better just getting the Bristle Brush Attachment for it. Amazon has it for just $12.

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    What's it like with removing dog shit?

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      it gets it off the shoes but it flings it around everywhere else

  • Any good? Or Abit of elbow grease just better

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    Is it safe to use…… asking on behalf of my girlfriend.

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    I was given one as a birthday present, the motor is pretty week. Definitely wouldn't recommend for getting rid of heavy dirt or grime and to be honest it's really not great at getting the lighter dirt off either.

    It comes with 2 brushes (one pretty rigid and a softer one) and a sponge attachment.

  • Just use the jason markk sneaker cleaner and brush, it works way better than this battery powered thing.

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