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Get 4 Weeks Free When You Join and Maintain Eligible Bronze Hospital and Extras Cover or above for 28 Days @ Medibank


Get 4 weeks free when you join and maintain eligible Bronze hospital and extras cover or above. Plus - you could get 50,000 Live Better Points (couples and families) or 25,000 Live Better Points (singles and single parents) to redeem on rewards like gift cards. We'll also waive 2&6 month waiting periods on extras.

‡ For new members on new memberships who join and start eligible combined Bronze hospital and extras cover or above from 25 January 2023 and who have not held Medibank health cover in previous 60 days (unless they are dependents coming off their parent’s cover). Must quote promo code ‘4WEEKSPLUS’ when joining. Excludes Hospital only cover, Extras only cover, Basic covers, Corporate covers, Accident Cover, Ambulance Cover, Overseas Visitors Health Insurance, Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC), Working Visa Health Insurance, ahm covers and other selected covers. Not available with any other offer. Medibank may end this offer or amend these offer terms and conditions at any time without notice. Medibank employees are not eligible for this offer.

4 weeks free terms: Must remain up-to-date with premium payments and hold eligible cover for 28 consecutive days from the policy start date to get next 4 weeks free. The 4 weeks free will not be issued if you change to an ineligible cover, terminate your cover or suspend your cover during this period.

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  • +7

    and my details go to hackers free

    • +2

      4 Weeks Free @Medibank

      they hold your data for 4 weeks before giving them free to hacker.

  • Who still wants to go there and surprised they are still here

    • -1

      nah they went broke because everyone cares about the hack, this is a hacker website.

  • +8

    They knew there systems were insecure in 2018, got hacked in 2022, then didn't want to spend even $1/member to get the data back, preferring that our medical histories get published on the web.
    4 weeks free to existing members would show the beginnings of some genuine remorse, but crickets…

    • +3

      As someone who's data was taken in the hack I totally agree with the lack of remorse and compensation.

      I don't agree with paying the ransom, though. Paying a ransom funds and encourages the hackers. As this interview said:

      The FBI has said this; I have heard them say it over and over again. If you pay the ransomware ransom, they know you are going to pay, so they are going to come back at some point and try again.

      It's an impossible situation either way.

      • Are you still with Medibank?

    • +1

      didn't want to spend even $1/member to get the data back

      Because this would just put further incentive into cybercrime by increasing the rewards they get out of it (and thus increase frequency). They might say they have "deleted" the data but there's no way of verifying that and they certainly have no intention of doing so.

      If I may play devils advocate here, Medibank is probably now the safest as they've just been hacked so won't be a future target soon and have updated their systems with the utmost security their competitors probably haven't gone to the expense of doing.

      Of course though humans are emotional creatures, not rational ones so will opt to go elsewhere.

      • disagree, unfortunately, big companies are being popped on a regular basis and, because there are no serious consequences, they don't have any motive to change (why spend more on infosec, fines are slap on the wrist), so no guarantee that Optus/Medibank/Latitude/next big org will care
        my pessimistic view on this

        • Yeah except even if they didn't, hackers want money and for that they need new sets of data. Makes no sense to hack somewhere that's just been hacked as most of this data would be either freely available on the dark web or in other people's hands already.

    • Medibank hack not even a real hack.
      The its began with the theft of credentials belonging to an individual with privileged access to Medibank’s internal systems.

  • I was going to buy this but reading these comments I will not. Who are you with? Recommendations?

  • +1

    Profanity Medibank.

  • +2

    After the hack everyone should cancel their membership and show that customers can stand together and do something, because government does nothing.
    When the result is medibank goes down then others will take security seriously.

    But no… most of medibank members were just whinge but stay with them… why why? Too lazy to change? But had time to checking ozb.. hmm something not right

    • +1 this. I feel like gen z would some how hive mind it and all do it…

  • +2

    You couldn't pay me to join knowing how they handled the hack

    • +3

      I agree. The fact that the hackers released documents proving that Medibank knew about the vulnerability 4 years before the hack and don't seem to have taken action means that i think the CEO should be going to jail.

      • 💯

  • +1

    Get 4 weeks free when you join

    That's a nice way to say 'Please come back, give us more of your data so we can ensure it's held securely on our system'

    We'll also waive 2&6 month waiting periods on extras

    Seems like they enjoy waiving a lot of things, including the importance of data security

  • +3

    They literally do not give a single f* about their customers. Outright said they don’t offer anything in regards to the data breech, PR trained not to apologise, and sent data breech emails at midnight- late. Also taking months just to get any response back, “long back log”. disgusting through and through. I don’t know how they aren’t getting cancelled to be honest.

    would not even join back if they paid me.

  • Beware the gift cards u get with points. They are only for use on full priced items and don’t work with other codes. So if u get adidas u r effectively getting at least 15% less value straight away as the adiclub gives u 15-40% off vouchers and go dontwork at clearance outlet

  • A lot of health insurers are giving away 6 weeks or so free too, ones that haven't been hacked

    • nice. post them?

  • Signed up for this today. 4 weeks free + ~$500 value in points seemed like better value than either their 6 week free Corporate cover (Premiums were higher although cover was better I think), or the 130K Velocity Point offer.

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