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Large McCafe Beverage for 2500 MyMacca's Rewards Points @ McDonald's


I think I found a slight mymaccas points hack.

For 2500 points you can get a McCafe beverage of any size with any milk substitute. I got a Large Iced Latte with soy milk (value $5.75) for completely free using 2500 points.

Compared to the other items you can get for 2500 points (apple pie, fruit bag, small soft drink etc.), I think this is the best value use of 2500 points.

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    Old news, not a hack though

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    Yeah, not a hack. This is standard.

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    Yep its always been like this

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    that's not a hack or a deal…..

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      Not even a hack. That is part of the the maccas program.

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      It's not a hack but I definitely think this is worth posting when you look at @AdamFury's table below showing the value far exceeding anything else able to be bought with points. I didn't know and now I do.

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      The only hack is the OP….

    • Well it is… soy milk causes many people to hack it back up.

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    Been getting large mochas for 2500 points ever since the points system started…
    (except for the couple of times they gave me hot chocolates instead, those were disappointing days)

    • I'm annoyed you can't redeem for iced mochas :(

      • Iced latte, add a free chocolate shot.

        Though I got 4 drinks with the kids in the weekend and they were all pretty weak, flavour wise.

      • Bought a large hot mocha 2 weeks ago for 2500pts. Asked for it iced. No problems. Manager added an extra shot.

  • No hax

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    Although not a hack and not recent neither, it's a good heads up for anyone not aware. I'll allow it.

    • Name checked.

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      it's a good heads up for anyone not aware.

      Should be posted on OzHeadsUp instead then…

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        My name there will be ShouldIHeadsUpIt

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    I actually shamefully created this table out of curiosity a while back to work out the best value you can get from your points. There are large beverages for $6.45 you can take advantage of. Of course, these are the prices in my area. YMMV.

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      That proves OPs point (2500 of them) it is a deal

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      nice effort!

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      There is no shame in working out the best use of your hard earned money (or points) on OzBargain!

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      As always the real deal is in the comments

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    • Need to update your table. The most expensive McCafe beverage you can get with the 2500 points is worth $7.10 (Large Iced Chai Latte).

  • I get mine for free with seniors card

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    This isn't a deal. Has been available ever since the pts came in.

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    I generally use for the large drink too and found it strange they didn't restrict to small, but i'm sure will be patched soon now with the OzB attention.

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    Has always been an option. It is the best value yes, but it really does not cost that much extra for them and you've spent $25+ at McDonald's anyway.

    You can also get a free coffee with Student Edge (min spend $4) or Seniors card

  • It's been that many points for months

    Normal price, not a bargain…

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    Not hack not deal

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    Not a hack or a bargain, sorry mate thats just standard practice.

    Also I found out the hard way you can only buy one item per transaction with points. I was saving mine up to have a feast ):

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      Just do it through many transactions.

      • This. They're just trying to dissuade you / slow you down, but it's not impossible.

    • I redeemed 2 mcflurries in 1 transaction 1-2 months ago. I just did a dummy order of an apple pie and hamburger and it let me

      • Weird, I ordered yesterday and it wouldn't let me, I just tried again now and it has let me. Maybe its the big ticket items only? I dunno it specifically said "you can only order one ____ with points per transaction"

        • Maybe there's a point cap per transaction?

    • Worked for me the other day, got 2 redemption McCafe drinks in the same transaction. Not sure what I did differently

    • Choose add another… I always get two free coffee in one go.

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    Not a bargain, however, great info!

  • for completely free using 2500 points luv free things hehe :).

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      From the same creators of "Free gamepass games" and "free Netflix movies" coming up "completely free using 2500 points maccas coffee"

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    The worst thing about it is you cannot get an iced mocha with points, so shit

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      You can absolutely get iced lattes and iced mochas through the points! I got them all the time during summer. Excluded are the “premium” iced coffees which are worse anyway.

      • Try to get the iced mocha specifically, all the other iced drinks are there not the iced mocha

        • Order in person or through drive-through. They'll do it for you.

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    I didnt know it was a large, product description oddly doesn't specify a size and the pic looks more like the small side, so thanks for the post . Too bad no ice mocha

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    Ya wot m8

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    Not a deal, but it highlights that this is really a competitor item to other alternatives for people wanting morning coffee deals (such as the 'buy 10 get one free' cards at your local coffee shop). Even Maccas had coffee deals before the new points program. There is also the likelihood that people (like me) will utilise other Maccas products as a breakfast 'deal', as I will usually combine another Maccas 'My Deal' such as a 2 x Hash Browns for $2, add a Coffee with points, and buy a McMuffin. Ultimately Maccas get a customer in the door who spends extra instead of going elsewhere. To me, this is the Loss Leader product of the program, to ensure Maccas keep their morning customers.

    • make perfect sense…

      it's just they stopped offering me 2 for $2 hashbrowns when they find that's all I will order (plus large coffee for 2500 points of course)…

      I just don't get it, how come a pathetic hashbrown worths $2.75…….while the entry level hamburger is only $2

      • Potato shortage and equally (if not more) pathetic hamburgers

        • potato prices seems stable?

  • Most businesses operate their coffee schemes this way. It's only 7-Eleven that use to give you only a regular coffee, well the only one I know about.

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    its 500 points per drink you buy so its just the normal buy 5 get 1 free deal but includes other products now.

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      i think there was an old hack where buying a tiny baby-chino (like just frothy milk) which costs bugger all will earn you the same points as a regular size. They closed that loophole quickly after it blew up on ozbargain.

  • Do you still get free points for opening new accounts?

  • I didn't know about this, thanks OP.

  • Thanks for the friendly reminder, need a 2nd coffee after lunch.

  • Large Iced Latte with soy milk

    Well that explains why it was free…

  • +1

    Not a hack

  • +2

    completely free using 2500 points

    How much did the 2500 points cost?

    RIP buy 5 babycino get Lge Coffee frappe free..

  • Pretty big rate of return if you get a large McCafe drink……although Maccas is fairly rip off these days.

  • +1

    Not a hack lol

  • Damn, we got 2 large coffees this morning on oat milk, $5.80 each or so. This would have been way better.

  • yeah good find but not a hack. the hack is Maccas charging for the extra expresso shot in my small coffee but not charing extra for upsizes.

  • This is the way

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    This isn't really a deal/bargain :-(

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    Been using this for a while. But delete this post before maccas fixes it

  • This is a standard maccas reward..

  • Not a hack, it's always been 2500 from the start lol

  • How does this make it on here. Not a hack

  • Calm down ! OP doing McAdvertising for free /.

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    Where's the deal?

  • Not a deal or hack. This has always been there. I have been redeeming my points for a large latte since a long time now

  • -1


  • This place needs a deal on FF points are best value on biz class or higher .

  • +3

    Not sure why negged so much. "Not a hack or deal" ok… whatever. Knowing what item is much more valuable than others in a rewards program is exactly the type of thing that belongs on this website.

    • That's what forums are for, if we posted every small 'hack' then the front page would be bombarded and there wouldn't be any actual deals. I think the negs are just discouraging those that keep posting so called 'hacks' as deals when in actual fact it should be moved to forums.

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    The entire program is an evolution of the coffee stamp card. I acknowledge some people may have not yet put two and two together, but it's kind of like pointing out that that a value meal includes a burger.

  • As others have pointed out its equivalent to buying 5 coffees like the original coffee card on the maccas app.

  • They also won’t charge for using alternative milks until you get to the checkout page

  • FYI, you can get a large coffee without paying for the alt milk by:
    + large
    + alt milk (~$0.55)
    + extra shot (~$0.45)

    End up paying $0.45 (extra shot) at checkout.
    The standard large coffee is ONE shot only, I think it is reasonable to add one extra shot given the size of the cup.

  • I do use these points to get a free large coffee but McCafe coffee is hit and miss, 5 out 10 times it wont be terrible, which really depends on who is making the coffee.
    at times if felt $1.50 coffee at Shell Express is better than McCafe. This is just my experiance with macdonalds in my area.

  • dang this gets 15 negs but the RRP GPU posts get 0 negs and 50 upvotes wut

    • The people have spoken. If you don't like it, move to North Korea.

      • Skew the rarity of negs vs upvotes and yes the people have truly spoken !

  • Always been there OP, no deal.

  • +3

    Not a hack. Not a deal.

  • Do not order the new Australiana Chai coffee, tried it few weeks ago and it was absolutely woeful! 🤮

  • +4

    everyone's being a little harsh, I personally found this great to know, thanks OP!

  • I put my birthday in time so I hope they honour that

  • Soy: just say no. It's not worth risking soy face, guys.

  • Not a deal or hack.

  • Has been the case since reward points were implemented.

  • Not a hack, simply normal points value.

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