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50% off Haagen-Dazs Lime Mojito Sorbet Tub 457mL $6.25 @ Coles


Lime juice sorbet with rum and a lime juice & mint leaves swirl.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, lime juice (14%), glucose syrup, rum(2%), rice starch, gelling agent (pectin), lime juice concentrate (0.5%), mint leaves (0.4%), flavours.

Contains 0.97% alcohol by volume.

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  • +14

    it doesn't taste as good as it is sounds

  • +8

    Mistakenly bought 2 tubs when this was half price last time. I still have 1.5 tubs left :D

  • +8

    It tastes like burning

  • +4

    Worst ice cream flavour ever, like a sickly sweet cough syrup dumped on the icecream

    • There is no cream, it's sorbet…

      • Didn't notice over the syrup 😅

  • O, No…. I bought last time. I can't finish it… It is terrible. I put it in the bin…. It is really worst ice-cream in the world..

  • +1

    Wouldn't recommend… Even at half price

    • +3

      Even it is free. I wouldn't take it…

    • +1

      Agreed, bought this flavour last time and it's absolutely disgusting. Tastes like bitter/sour, expired, frozen syrup. Stay far far away.

  • -6

    Those ingredients are a recipe for disaster. Stay away as far as you can

  • +2

    Not the best flavour

  • +1

    All the comments are true these ice-cream are crap taste, I bought a flavour once before and thought to give he it another chance as a local meat shop has them for $5. I bought the pina colada flavour and it tasted horrible.

    • I’d suggest trying a more traditional flavour of theirs. Their salted caramel is one of if not my favourite I’ve cream you can get at a grocery store. Several of the other flavours are also very nice and past deals for them are usually well regarded. Strawberry cheesecake or whatever it was seemed relatively popular in the past.

      Mojito and pina colada are both pretty out there combinations and ever since those flavours showed up I’ve felt they are out layers and experimental compared to the rest of the flavours.

      • The salted caramel is fantastic, and the mango and raspberry one is great too!

  • So sad reading the comments, I quite like lemon and lime sorbets, I imagined this would be something similar. And I'm a sucker for half price ice cream.

    • give it a go.
      i dont think the mojito one is too bad, but found the pina colada one very sickly.

      • +1

        I will. My instinct looking at the label is it looks amazing.

  • I don't blame Haagen Dazs for making this. The path towards innovation is oft lined with bumps of failure

    • +2

      I do blame them for getting rid of some awesome flavours like blueberry and the coffee one!

      • +3

        And mango. That was the only mango ice cream you could get and now it's gone. :(

    • +1

      Mojitos are delicious though, I don't how they could have f'd this up, seems like a no brainer to me, "lemon sorbet with some mint and rum"?

      It's like mango timtam's all over again.

      • You need fresh mint and just the right amount of rum.

        They failed in both department. 😞

  • Sugar + sugar with a lil alcohol. 4 star health rating.

  • +1

    It's still sitting in my fridge from last year.

  • Seems like the consensus is this is a bargain but do not buy?

  • +1

    Maybe use to clean toilet when duck runs out

  • -1

    One tip as there are many people mistaking this for ice cream. This is a sorbet product (contains no dairy), not ice cream. It tastes vastly different to ice cream. If you're expecting ice cream, you're not going to like it.

    • -1

      Thanks o expert from coles but nobody is mistaking this for icecream, it clearly says sorbet. I've never had a sorbet I didnt like, until this one. It is inedible. may be suitable for reality show eating challenges

    • +1

      I and possibly others above generically called it icecream out of habbit as a categorisation of the icecream section at the supermarket - yes I know what a sorbet is and it's not a dairy icecream, or a frozen yoghurt, etc.

      However, by most accounts this flavour is just bad.

  • +1

    I accidently bought it . I do like sorbets but seriously the best spot for this is the bin . Don't waste space in your freezer with it .

  • Where is alcohol if mojito?

  • While this flavour does taste like sh*t, the Haagen Dazs Pina Colada is probably one of the best ice cream flavours on the market (even compared to the best of Ben & Jerry's range like Phish Food or Chunky Monkey).

  • there are always the weis range of sorbets, caome as 1 litre and cheaper than haagen das based on $ per litre, even when not on special.

  • This tastes terrible. Same goes for the pina colada flavour.

    • Same goes for the pina colada flavour.

      Strongly disagree with that point. The Pina Colada flavour is epic and I'm not even a fan of fruit-flavoured ice cream normally.

  • you couldn't pay me to eat that flavour

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