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Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 6950 XT 16GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $1099 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Scorptec


PCCG deal out of stock, same deal now at Scorptec
Redeem The Last of Us Part 1 from AMD if purchased before 15th April 2023 (T&C's Apply)


Boost: 2324MHz, 16GB GDDR6 (18000MHz), PCI-E 4.0 x16, 1x HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a, 3 year warranty
Length 320mm, 2.7 slots, 391W power, 850W or higher PSU recommended

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  • +21

    Meh - over 1000 dollars for an AMD 6000 series GPU in 2023 is way too much IMHO.

    • +2

      Agreed, but in a market where both greedy NVIDIA and AMD are holding us all hostage to these ridiculous prices, those that need to buy a new GPU now, it's not a bad price. Would need to check one of those price per performance tables, but I'm pretty positive at this price it's one of the better ones.

      Still overpriced but if people are still prepared to spend their money in these crazy GPU market times(which they have been, and still appear to be) they will keep charging these high prices.

      • +13

        Disagree that this is worth buying even in the current market. If you're already paying $1.1K the $150 step up to the 20GB 7900 XT at $1249 is a much wiser choice. This would make some sense if it fell to around ~$909 (the price you could get the 6900 XT for last year)

        The next tier of GPUs (7900 XTX & 4080) effectively start at $1700 which is a significant gap.

    • +1

      It'll still sell ( this and over priced 7000 and 40x0 series).. while they are selling at an ok clip those companies have 0 incentive to change it… It's easier for them to fix the market and set the prices than it is for consumers to stop paying the prices set… They learnt this during covid where they saw market manipulation works a treat …

  • +2

    To think I paid $1899 for a 6800 XT then sold it 5 months later for $2400 during Covid times.

    • +1

      Goddamn. I paid $950 for a 6800 mid-Dec 2020, just before everything spiked.

      By comparison a 6950 for $150 more is actually a pretty good deal.

    • +1

      Paid $1900 for a 6900 xt during covidworld. Still going strong though and seemingly a lot quieter than some of the new gen stuff..

  • +1

    $999 and under….. ansolutely!
    $1000 and over…. i'll give it a miss.
    3× numbers always looks better than 4 lol

    • $999.50?

  • $1073.22 with code PLUSTOPAPRIL for ebay plus and free deliver. Less with gift cards but is it worth it?

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