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Logitech Harmony One Remote $74.50


Great price for the Logitech Harmony One Remote Control, only $74.50. Cheapest on eBay is $129 so this is a great deal! Click and collect only, so no delivery…

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    Dupe already posted here


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      different product?

      • He's kinda right but not completely… see my post below.

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      I think you need an OPSM bargain. :)

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      The 'One' is mentioned in that other post, but not actually part of the post. The OP of that post should have included it, not sure why they didn't update to include it after other users mentioned it.


    • FYI, the 1100i is back in stock online.

  • Great price, I got mine direct form Logitech Shop on special for $100, they are $139 on there now.

  • Its a great price,, I paid $200 18 months ago….at Dick Smith.
    But even at $74, they're making money on these, there's a huge margin on these things somewhere along the chain.

    • profit margin is the reason they made the product to begin with.

      Not sure if this is considered a dupe.. I bought it when I saw the above mentioned thread last week.

  • Out of stock at most stores anyway.

  • can't pick up from any shop (no stock apparently from 10 different stores), so need to add $9.95 for shipping, any suggestions?

    • Delivery is not available :)

      • Thanks, would help if i read the description properly :(

  • Bah.. just replaced my dying logitech 760 (?) with the one 2 weeks ago, got it at logitechshop for $99 delivered. I knew this would happen!!! previous best that I missed was $89 at logitechshop.

  • Everywhere around me is already sold out.

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      Same for me. If anyone has found stock, please mention where otherwise this isn't much of a deal if there isn't any stock!

  • tried to find stock. non available ~

  • Good price for the one… shame they didn't have the 900 discounted.

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    Is this another Dick Smith bargain where there are a total of 3 remotes Australia wide?

    • It's looking that way.

      • Well the deal has been up for over a week now? so that's probably why.

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      There were 2000 available, one for each employee.

  • I think most people picked up the Harmony One from the 1100i post

    I know i picked up mine when i saw that one

    Just did a quick search, Bowral NSW says in stock

    Carnes Hill says low stock and to call

    • I checked not long after that post and everywhere was sold out around me back then as well.

    • I think you'll find most people didn't get the 1100 but went for a One instead, it doesn't have the WOW factor of the 1100 but in a practical senses, is a much better remote for most situations.

      • 100% agree, I thought the 1100 looked very cool, but on actually touching it, it is very impractical to use, especially if you think you can do it one handed.
        I actually prefer my 525s to my ONE as it is slimmer and easier to hold.

        • Maybe if you have little girly hands :) (just kidding)

          I found the 880 very hard to hold, it lacked the rubberised texture of the XBOX version (and other 500 series) and actually gave me cramps in my hand when I used it, it just didn't feel comfortable. I don't know why I put up with it for so long after holding the One, which feels like it was custom built for my hand. (actually, I know why, it's because I'm a tight arse :)

  • All these items that have been been recently posted are discontinued lines (from DS stores), hence, stock is all but non-existent in the first place.

  • I spoke to someone at Fairfield NSW Dick Smith store about a week ago and they said that all the logitech remotes are being cleared out for new stock? So perhaps new models are on the way, which only means one thing, that the support for existing remotes will also reduce. Great price for the Harmony One though, I still wanted one but there is no stock so this definitely is not a deal if there is no stock to be found anywhere.

    • This is not the case at all, the Harmony software still supports my ancient Harmony 360 remote, the online support people still help with issues associated with it and while it's out of warranty but about 6 years the thing is bullet proof and just wont die (I have since upgraded it to a 880 and now a One, but my kids still use the 360 version).

      New versions of the Harmony's have never left old ones out in the cold.

      As a side note, the upgrade from the 880 to the One went pretty smoothly apart from the strange "feature" where when you upgrade to a new remote it deletes all your custom button layouts, now sure why it would do that since functionally the One is nearly identical to the 880 (it's just prettier and feels much nicer).

      Anyway, if you can find stock the One is a winner…may be worth a trip to Bowral :)

  • Does anyone know if they have updated harmony.com so you can arrange the Name and Order of devices for the Harmony One remote?

    • Nope, still can't do that. The software is pretty good but far from perfect (for small things like this).

      • Yeah that is the only gripe I have with it, I have to know what the device is, which for a stranger in the house is hard, and scrolling through the devices is also annoying.

  • are there much difference between the harmony one and the 650?
    besides the touch screen?

    • Functionally pretty much all the Harmony remotes are the same, only button layout, form factor and screens are different. So, in answer to your question, no, not much difference in a functional sense.

      • appreciate the reply.
        i might aswell go with the LTS $59 for 650 + ps3 adapter

  • Got the last one in Dicks Clifford Gardens, Toowoomba QLD at 11am today. Was marked at full price on the shelf.

    The software to set-up is the worst I have ever seen, but I got there in the end. All ok now!

  • Keep an eye on that rechargeable battery http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1547825 (Buyer Beware)

  • Don't trust the Website for stock - I was in my local Dick Smith earlier this week and they had a 1100i that the website reported as being out of stock.

    The guy at the counter said they have most models also in stock in their distribution centre and can supply at the ticketed price on backorder

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