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[VIC, TAS] Scan Registered Flybuys Card to Get 10% off $100 & $250 Coles MasterCard Gift Cards ($5/$7 Activation Fee) @ Coles


It's Victoria and Tasmania's turn now.

  • Buy $100 gift card for $94.50 ($90 for the card and $4.50 for activation)
  • Buy $250 gift card for $231.30 ($225 for the card and $6.30 for activation)

Limit of 5 Gift Cards per Flybuys account per day. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable activation fee. Total cost for $100 gift card is $94.50 ($90 for card and $4.50 for activation fee and for $250 gift card is $231.30 ($225 for card and $6.30 for activation fee. Offer valid only in store at Coles Supermarkets in VIC & TAS only (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au), subject to store availability. Excludes all other States. Excludes $50 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. While stocks last, no rainchecks. To qualify for this offer you must present your Flybuys card at the time of purchase. Coles Mastercard Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift eard sold at Coles. Offer valid from 1 9/4/23 to 25/4/23. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. Flybuys' privacy policy applies. Standard Flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at Flybuys.com.au. Coles Mastercard gift cards are issued by Heritage and People's Choice Limited trading as Heritage Bank ABN 11 087 651 125,AFSL/ACL No. 244310 pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. For Coles Mastercard Gift Card Terms of Use and Conditions, go to www.colesmastercardbalance.com.au. Fully-registered Flybuys members must have joined the Flybuys program via the Flybuys app or flybuys.com.au, provided their first and last name and verified their registration with a mobile number and email address. This can be done instore via the QR codes available, following the 'sign up' prompts. This promotion requires full Flybuys registration and is not available for use with an unregistered temporary card or for partially registered members.

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  • +7

    NSW (and I'm assuming the rest of the country) gets 2000 Flybuys Points on $100/$250 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards

    • Is it same for the vanilla cards?

      • Vanilla cards are VISA and offer only applicable if advertised!

  • +8

    And then spend straight away or have them hacked - I am currently waiting for the outcome of a dispute. Some turd hacked mine and spent them on TikoTok

    • +2

      Curious on the timeframe from activation? Haven’t had an issue with Mastercard nor vanilla but I have some still active and do a check every week now.

      • These were $100 ones that sitting in the unopened packs from the last Vic available Coles MasterCard deal.

    • are we able to set a pin code for these cards?

      • +1

        Yeah you can set a PIN after entering card details here https://www.mybalancenow.com/

      • Yes, you can, the default pin is 0000.

        • Can't they still get hacked even with a pin online?

          • @baskinghobo: Yes, because online purchases do not require a pin. I have used these card more than $10,000 and have never had any problems. Just check the packaging carefully before buying to see if anyone has tampered with it, there will be much less chance of hacking.
            But I have a problem with my prepaid Vanilla gift card, after Paypal refunded to $0 balanced card, I can't check the balance or use it. I have contacted them three times in two weeks and the issue is still not resolved.

        • +2

          The default PIN is not 0000.

          The default state for Coles Mastercard gift cards when it is initially sold/activated is that it only allows for signature verification, which is the same state as Vanilla Visa gift cards (except with Vanilla Visa gift cards, it is impossible to set a PIN).

          As soon as you choose a PIN for Coles Mastercard gift cards (either by entering a PIN on the EFTPOS terminal for the first time or through the balance check website), the PIN will go from not existing to whatever you just set.

          If the default PIN was 0000, you would not be able to choose your own PIN the first time you enter a PIN on an EFTPOS terminal.

          • @WookieMonster: You are not wrong, but if you don't choose a pin at the EFTPOS terminal for the first time, the pin will be 0000.

            • @jimojr: Can confirm this isn't the case either (unless something has changed since the last promo). Have used it without PIN and then at a different merchant requiring a PIN and could set my own.

    • Same thing happened with one of my card. Is there any way to get it back? TIA

      • Well you can contact them via the number on the card and create a dispute - I am in process so I don't know what the odds of being repaid are

        • I am in process so I don't know what the odds of being repaid are

          I hope you get your money back.
          How long has it been since you have raised the dispute?

          • @DoctorCalculon: Hey thanks. Called it in roughly a week ago. Hopefully the wheels are turning.

            • +1

              @King Tightarse: Some of their call centre staff members aren't the most friendliest.
              I remember last year's hack was all about some phantom massage parlour. Now, it is TikTok.

    • +2

      Wait you can buy stuff on Tiktok who knew.

      • You can buy virtual gifts on tiktok, which you can then give to creators who can then cash them out or something like that. I don't quite follow the new platform stuff.

        • +1

          So basically someone can just give something to their friends and get their friends to cash it out?

          • @nightelves: That's the racket from what I hear. Nice little way to wash a lot of money in some instances I am sure.

    • +1

      I'm also in dispute with 4 unauthorised tiktok transactions totalling about $90

  • +2

    finally vic

  • Wonder if NSW/ACT will still get it… will be the only states that haven't had it yet. Perhaps excluded because they had the 10% off Vanilla Visa.

    • +1

      plus NSW and ACT were the only states that allow unregistered Flybuys cards (ignoring the 5 cards per day limit) to buy these prepaid cards before they closed the loophole.

    • For NSW/ACT you are on the next week.

  • -7

    So using Flybuys cards to track people

    Time to bring out my Dog's Flybuys again

    Time to hide the cards too :D

  • +1

    Has anyone gotten issues with checking the remaining balance on their Coles Mastercard gift cards?


    My cards from the last 10% off rounds have issues displaying balance.

    • Just tested one of my cards and works fine (Chrome desktop).

    • I have the same problem. No idea how to fix it. Can't check the balance or pay anything.

      • +2

        As per the back of the card, the Customer Service line can be reached via +61 (07) 5660 6022. They have an automated service to check the balance

        • I'll lean on this as an option if this round's cards have the same error. Thanks!

    • +1

      Go to https://mybalancenow.com/

      http://colesmastercardbalance.com.au/ merely redirects to the website above.

      • +1

        Thanks, yeap that's the link I use too. It still pops up with an error unfortunately.

        • Hmmm I find that the balance check website does not work on some devices, yet it works on others (especially when using Incognito/Private mode). It’s weird.

          Failing that, the phone number mentioned above has always worked for me… but be prepared for the automated voice with the really annoying American accent.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: And the random security questions, so you can't key ahead.

        • When you are sent to the mybalance site check that "English" at the top right is English Australia not English USA.

          Mine worked after changing it using Chrome in Icognito mode.

  • Can these cards be added to paypal as a payment method ?

    • +1


      • How do you add to PayPal?

        • +1

          login to paypal, wallet, link a card

  • When is SA? Probably when I'm overseas 🤐😭

  • -2

    Anyone know if you buy these using a credit card is it treated as a cash advance ?

    • +2

      It’s like any online purchase. Not cash advance. Have purchased plenty of these cards in the last offer.

    • -7

      which arsehole negged a simple question ? find something better to do with your life

  • Never been able to find any in store always gone from shelves?

    • +2

      Usually hidden in the freezer or pet food section.

  • +2

    Can be used to payoff HECS/help?

    • +3

      Yes will offset that 7% indexation…

      • Thanks…. of course I'll be overseas :(

    • +1

      Yes and income tax but think it attracts a small fee (like 0.5% I think)

    • Yes last time I paid off my HECS, tax (ATO), water bills, electricity bills and rates notices.

  • +7

    Reminder (again). Once you activate this card, spend the whole amount at other gift card online like Prezzee.

    Why? Just like others mentioned in many online platforms, someone can hack/steal your money. It’s a small amount less than $10. Happened to 2 of my cards. Always the same transaction from the same Woolies that I never visited, close to midnite.

    If you’re not diligently checking your balance (which is sometimes hard to do due to issue with their online website) you won’t notice it.

    The shite thing when you complain to their ‘customer service’ somewhere in Philippine they will block your card for ‘investigation’ that take max 90 days. Full of BS and they knew about this ‘stolen balance’ already.

    The choice you have is to cancel the case/investigation in order to use your remaining balance and the stolen money can’t be retrieved back.

    I believe Coles people knew about this but somehow they’re not doing anything about it.

    So, once you buy this GC use the whole amount to buy another GC online.

    • If for example I wanted to buy a prezee super swap e-gift card for $1000, can I use 4 of the $250 Coles MasterCard's as payment?

      • You have to add the card to Paypal first and can only pay $250 each time.

    • How are these hackers able to spend money from an unopened giftcard?

    • +3

      You are doing it wrong. Spend the balanace at an offline business, e.g. Coles/Woolies before putting in your dispute. Most likely you will get a brand new card sent to you with the full balance. i.e. $100/250 regardless of the disputed amount.

      • +1

        At your own risk. I don’t think Coles will reimburse it with full balance. No way.

        • +3

          It has nothing to do with Coles and Incomm has repeatedly and consistently done so according to my own and friends' experience.

    • +1

      Not sure either about Prezzee. I got my $25 giftcard i receuved from QBE already spent $20 for google playstore giftcard. Prezzee blamed my email address has been hacked. Case closed

      • +1

        Wow! That's dodgy!

    • I just spend it on my tax/utilities. I just paid $300 for my $290 water bill. The $10 sitting there for 3 months isn't of concern.

    • Anyone having trouble using these buying gift cards at prezzee? My transactions won't go through for the third card for some reasons.

    • No. But most local stores do split payment

  • +1

    So it’s not 10% off, more like 6%

    • +1

      About 9.3% for $250 ones, (250+7)x10%÷250≈9.25%, plus you will get 231 Flybuy points.

      • +2

        Wrong I'm afraid. The correct saving is 7.48% for the $250 cards. Calculated by:

        100 - (250 + 7) * 0.9 / 250 * 100

        • +1

          can't just scroll past a maths Q without adding my 2c, I'd argue it's ~8.1%

          You're spending $231.3, for the value of $250 - i.e. $18.7 gained*.
          18.7/231.3 = 0.0808 - i.e. ~8.1% saved for however much is spent on the cards.
          *technically +$1.16 in flybys but we'll ignore that.

          The 7.48% is the saving as a proportion of the total $250 value, but one isn't paying $250 for the card only $231.

    • Why?

      • +2

        Because then he can buy more for himself.

        • -2

          Yeah not happening even if they offer 50% discount… if you want to gamble your money, go to casino

  • Another day another gift card scam/deal

  • Can these still be paid for via Coles e- gift card? It was possible in the last round whenever that was but have they closed the loophole?

    • I think it needs to be a physical Coles gift card to work, but Wookie will answer when they wake up

    • +1

      It worked for me in S.A. Did at a self serve checkout and made sure gift card covered the cost of the mastercard (no split payments)

      • Perfect, thanks!

      • +2

        FYI, loophole now closed, didn’t work this morning :(

        Was great while it lasted though 😏

        • +1

          Did you have to scan Flybuys last time? Maybe that was the change that closed the loophole?

        • Boo! I just tried and didn't work for me either in S.A, and I only just learnt how to do it argh!

  • Can you use Flybuys dollars to purchase these?

    • @knackers -Can you use Flybuys dollars to purchase these?

      Not at self serve

      You can try manned checkouts
      [ i did last time but was a pain]

      Suggest you use FB points for regular shopping or Coles Express Fuel

    • +2


  • Just in time for tax. ATO still allows multiple cards to be used?

    Im guessing a lot of "new" flybuys accounts will get created.

    • ATO charges fees on credit card payments, still worth using Coles gift cards?

      • What percentage or dollar Value does ATO charge ?

      • +6

        The ATO charges a 0.2% card fee for these prepaid Mastercard gift cards, and it is charged at the time of payment.

        • If you want to fully redeem a $100 gift card, you can send $99.80 (and then pay $0.20 for the card fee).

        • If you want to fully redeem a $250 gift card, you can send $249.50 (and then pay $0.50 for the card fee).

        Considering the $100 gift card costs $94.50 to purchase and the $250 gift card costs $231.30 to purchase, I think it is still worth it.

      • +2

        100% yes. I've been doing this for the past couple of years. 15k worth 10 cards per day.

        • Do you do this to get the money back as a refund? Or to pay your due taxes?

      • 0.2% is considered as next to nothing for cashing out cards.

  • Last time I went to Coles at 8.30 am, they were still sold out.

    • Open at 7:30 am or 24/7 stores.

    • But this time there a flybuys cap, hopefully this will slow things down a bit so that people can buy.

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