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$648 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 White or Blue Australian Stock. Free Shipping. 1 Per Customer


This is Australian Stock with Samsung 2 yr warranty. Limited stock available.

As always if you have any issues send an email to [email protected]


Update 1: Just got more of the 8GB drives in stock, a new (better) brand this time though, so hold onto your hats come Monday morning. They might be a touch more expensive this time though…

Update 2: Unrelated, but we just dropped the price on our OEM WD 750GB drives to $48 for the weekend as well.

Mod: Removed part about asking for votes.

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  • TF300T sale? ;)

    • +4

      And this is why they invented the phrase you can please none of the people none of the time on ozbargain ;)

    • Define sale though?

      • im easily pleased.

        surprise me with the sale ;)

        • +3

          How does 510 shipped sound?

        • If you can do it around 470 delivered I think you may have a couple of buyers on ozbargain :P We're waiting for a 10" tab deal.. because we keep getting 7" deals..

        • $470, is a little optimistic at the moment.

        • haha no rush! but we would love to see a great 10" tab bargain in the near future! :) Judging by your older posts (high votes) you have a lot to live up to ;)

        • If you want to throw out some models and target prices we will happily look into it. But if the price you are looking for is more than 10% below the current market price it's probably not going to happen. We buy very well but we are not magicians ;)

        • Samsung Galaxy SII, $400 shipped? :)
          Can't believe the price of these hasn't decreased since the SIII release.

      • Galaxy Nexus sale ;) ;) Some where round 380-390 like thinkofus will do
        cheers :p

  • +1

    um, $648 is a VERY average price. Nothing special here

    • +8

      good for AU stock!

    • +7

      Can you show us a better price for Australian stock please?

      • -6

        sorry youre gona at least have to compete with this http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/samsung-galaxy-s3-16gb-white/

        • +5

          You do realise you're comparing a grey import with Australian stock?

        • +3

          Kogan isn't Aussie stock.

        • +7

          That is exactly the problem with Kogan, there is the implication that it is Australian stock when it is in fact a direct import from Hong Kong, so no GST etc.

      • +2

        what are the differences??? you still get local warranty from the seller for grey import. Australian stock/local warranty doesn't mean better support especially the price difference is about $100.

        • -2

          you beat me to it

        • +5

          Australian Stock 2 years Samsung warranty , gray import you have to go back to seller, they will send it back to hk repaired and send it back

        • and you think you'll get fast response from Samsung Australia, so long you are happy with spending $100 extra.

        • +1

          You think you'll get a fast response from Kogan?

          LOL thanks for the laugh that was a good one. No really.

        • Where in my posts mentioned kogan? Both local and grey import takes time anyway so why would you want to spend extra? But no one is stopping you if you want to pay more.

        • The person above you mentioned Kogan, and they would be representative of your typical grey importer.

          If you do some research you'll often find it's MUCH harder and more of a hassle to get proper warranty service.

          Samsung also gives you TWO as opposed to one year warranty.

          So yes there's a difference.

  • +1

    At this price, can I assume this is the 'yet to be released', rumored 64GB version?

    Just kidding ;) This is a pretty good price for AU stock. 2 years warranty, yes? 16GB/32GB?

    • +1

      checking the link, its 16gb. And Samsung aussie handsets come with 2 year warranty as standard…

      • Just update the title, thanks for pointing that out.

  • +1

    would there be a 32 gb?

  • How about Galaxy Note? Notice your price is higher than S3, I am keen on the Note but Note 2 isn't far away……would there be a huge price drop soon with current model?

    • Most likely there will be a price drop, but nothing has come through yet, hence the higher price.

  • +5

    Hard to understand how the aussie price is still so high. Grey import manages to buy from overseas, send a courier from europe, include an adaptor (for the different plug) and underwrite their own warranty for around $540. Now I understand no GST so add back $50 for GST still puts the price south of $600.

    Not sure who wins in this scenario. I would like to help out the local guys but not at the expense of my own pocketbook. Samsung doesn't win cause they still sell 1 phone. The government doesn't win….

    Surely it is in everyones interest that Samsung stops greymarket trade buy selling to the local guys at a price which is competitive with overseas

    Rant over

    • aussie price the same as international price?


    • +4

      Samsung sell them to a distributor in say HK, then they on sell them to a distributor here, who then sell them to resellers. If you can bypass two of these steps you are going to save roughly 5%-10% then take off the GST and import duty if it is being drop shipped and there is your answer. Not to mention double the warranty. If price is all you care about then this deal is not for you and that is totally fine. There is never going to be a way for Au stock to be identically priced to grey stock and still have local support and distribution.

      Look at the guitars on our site, the prices just utterly crush anything you can get here, in some cases by over a thousand dollars on the high end models. No local shop buying Australian stock will ever be able to compete with us on price, but maybe they will get a few people with the local support and being able to test out the item before buying.

      As long as both options are available people can choose and that is a good thing!

      • that was a really good answer flingshot. thanks for that. explains a lot and you are very diplomatic. i wish more reps had the logic like you do.

    • My comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular just more a general observation I found it astounding or perhaps confusing that global brands do it knowing they are encouraging grey markets.

      If the Kogan model works as you say distributor>>distributor>>>reseller>>>consumer and they are all taking a compounding margin through the supply chain + courier costs what on earth do these sell for in europe were most grey market customers are reporting the phone orgininated (smaller number via HK).

      Based on my research this deal is at the point end of the market now thinkofus has suddenly declared they are selling AU stock.

      • So thinkofus has GST in their price, and Samsung warranty?

      • There is exactly 0 chance that they are selling Australian stock at $548…

        • Never said they were. But they are now selling it $9 cheaper than you. Will you beat it? if not I am sure this deal will be down voted as it isn't the cheapest deal

        • If they had stock we would match it, but the reality is they could change their price to $500 right now but with no stock it is pretty meaningless.

      • And my point was kogan or any grey market vendor does not have the same costs, they buy direct from a distributor in Europe or Asia, then sell direct to consumers here. That bypasses the markup of an Australian distributor and or wholesaler.

        • I know that…my point is why the markup for AU distributors. I don't need you to answer because the manufacturers themselves cant justify it

        • because to get the phone here via all the distributors/resellers etc - everyone needs their piece of the pie and thus the markup

        • If you are asking why does the manufacturer sell to Australian Distributors at a higher price, the answer is generally they don't. But by the time it gets here and import duty, GST, Shipping costs etc etc have been added you have a higher price. Volume also plays a big part in this like it or not our market is quite small and far away from major distribution centers which doesn't help.

          There is also the cost of doing business in Australia. Wages for example, in the US you can pay someone 15k a year to work in a warehouse, good luck finding anyone willing to work for that here.

  • +1

    Is the box sealed, that is, the sticker unbroken?

    • Yes of course.

  • Out of curiosity (and for sake of comparison), was the recent 1 hour MWAVE $599 deal for Australian stock units?

    • Yes, Australian stock.

      • Both of them were (the two they had in Stock) ;)

    • Yes, I managed to score one, arrived within 3 business days, sealed box with a-tick logo (verifies Australian stock)

  • +2

    Any chance of a deal on the S2? I'd be happy with about $440 for Aussie stock. HN managed it for $394 a few months back… :) thinkofus have Australian stock for $420 but I want pink.

  • Sorry we don't have any stock of the pink S2.

  • Do you supply a tax invoice including GST?

    • Yes we do.

  • Just looking at your web site I noticed that there is no address, phone number, ABN or even an email address - just a contact form. Do you have any company contact details you can supply?

    • We are actually going to add them to the contact form.

      ABN: 96159032783
      Email: [email protected]
      Warehouse Address:
      75 Corish Cir
      Eastgardens, NSW 2036

      We don't currently have a contact number, but you will find we usually respond to email within a few minutes on average.

  • How long does it normally take to ship to Melbourne?
    And what type of postage will be used?

    Thanks flingshot

    • +1

      If you order tonight or tomorrow it will ship out registered post on Monday. So most likely Wednesday or Thursday.

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