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Apple AirTag 4 Pack $143.70 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Not the cheapest but still still cheaper than other place at the moment

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +11

    You can remove the speaker and then hide it inside the a pillar of a car as a car locator should your car get stolen. Good piece of mind

    • +1

      How do you remove the speaker? It’s so annoying

      • +5

        Just look on YouTube. It’s really easy to do

    • Or just put it anywhere non-conspicuous in the car, as not all cars have component speakers.

      • +15

        I think the reference to the speaker was the speaker in the air tag.

        • Why remove it at all though? AirTags are quite small as they are.

          • +8

            @magic8ballgag: Its not for size reduction, its to avoid it making the alert noise - if the person stealing your car has an iphone that iphone will make the tag sound off as a way to prevent stalkers. The noise may help the person locate and remove it.

            • @doobey1231: So they are not designed for anti theft really just locators then if you lose or misplace it.

              • +2

                @cobknob: Yea but by removing the speaker you can theoretically use it as an anti theft device

                • -3

                  @doobey1231: Sound to me like removing the speaker makes it more suited to be used it as a stalking mechanism, 🧐

                  Get a proper tracker for your car, ez to find

                  • @hoosier daddy: If you look into them there is plenty of functionality added to prevent them being a stalking device. More than just the speaker itself.

            • @doobey1231: So the alert functionality sounds by itself as soon as any iPhone is in proximity?

              • @magic8ballgag: No, not as soon as, but when the algorithm decides it’s been “following you” for an extended period of time. You’d have to look up the parameters I’m not sure, but it isn’t an instant thing.

    • how long does the battery lasts ?

      can hardwire ?

      • +2

        Battery is meant to last a year, but it lasts longer in my experience.

      • +2

        can hardwire ?

        Shouldn't be too hard. It's not like you can do serial or model checks on a CR2032.

        Just throw roughly 3v at it and it should work fine?

    • +6

      If my car gets stolen, i’d rather have the insurance money than recover it. It will likely be in a shit condition when recovered.

      • +11

        Some cars aren't replaceable. I would rather have the insurance money and the car.

        • Is it even possible to get the insurance money if the car is recovered in good shape?

          • @Guybrush57: I meant money paid for repairs.
            If it’s a write off I’d more than likely still buy the wreck and take the payout.

    • +6

      You can remove the speaker and then hide it inside the a pillar of a car as a car locator should your car get stolen.

      if thief has their phone with them, they can detect that the unknown airtag is following

      • +2

        Then they will not take the car. Problem solved.

        • +1

          no it is not solved..

          They might have stolen it already before realizing it has a tag, then they will ditch or burn it somewhere.
          Or they don't know / don't care and steal it anyway and then ditch or burn it somewhere else..

          Like some houses or buildings have security cameras
          but thieves still break in cos they know the building has some valuable goods.

          • +4

            @pinkybrain: Yeah but that’s why I have a secondary iPhone hardwired into the cars power so it looks like the owner of the AirTag is also in the car all whilst I view on my real device

            • +1

              @Yamai: Why not just use the iPhone without the air tag?
              With find my iphone

            • @Yamai: I knew I should've checked the boot before stealing that car. Dang!

        • Your mistake is assuming that car thieves even think about that at all

      • Hah damn this was exactly my first thought - lots of cars being stolen in my area lately…

    • This type of thing won't work well for much longer as you stick it to someone else's car and use it to stalk them.…

      • +1

        Sure, if you're a creep.

    • that's what i do with my jordans, i put it under the sole.

  • Also, any deals on replacement batteries?

    • Ebay has them dirt cheap in bulk. They just use regular CR2032 button batteries.

  • +29
    • +1

      Also $10 news letter subscription voucher can be added to the order.

      • +1

        Is it a generic coupon code? I tried to go to the link its showing 404, signed up as a member then to newsletter and no email with code? Edit: Nevermind found the email with code, thanks!

    • Wait for eBay Plus weekend, it might get cheaper ;)

  • +12

    Not a deal as per digi direct link

    • +6

      Not sure why you're getting negged, that's an appropriate downvote as it is cheaper elsewhere

      • most peeps would have prime and getting it like next day.. digidirect saves a bit if you dont need them soon.. prob would be a solid week delivery wise via digi

    • -1

      I’d rather pay a few more bucks and buy from amazon and have it the next day than deal with auspost and line up 2 weeks later to collect it because ‘nobody was home’.
      Also, easier warranty claim and better customer service.

  • Bring back the under $120 deals please

    • +1

      i think 112+ delivery + surcharge fro shoppingexpress , was the low without bnpl subsidies.

      • +1

        I got it from Digi Direct on March for around ~$120 (using $30 off $200 spend) + Cheddar cashback + $70 bonus

        • +2

          So did I, but it got lost. by the courier.. and they wouldn't replace it, only a refund. I had to wait a month or so after getting their run around.

          Then to top it off they announced they had refunded it. However when I checked my account, no refund had come through, so I had to go through another couple of weeks dealing with them to get the refund. Lesson is if you get a refund from Digidirect, be sure to make sure you actually got a refund. Don't just assume.

          • @beastontheroad: I bit ironic that it couldn't be used to track the package/courier! ;-)

  • +2

    IIRC, Costco Casuarina (WA) has it for $132ish. Not sure if you need a membership to buy it tho but if you have a mate who's a member, ask if he/she can buy you a $25 gift card which will allow you to get into the place.

    • +1

      So I don't need a membership to pay at checkout, right?

      • Curious too. Ignore my +

        • I think they allow to pay using a shop card, bought/topped up by a member, but not sure of the other ways

        • +2

          Yeah, I didn't show any membership card, only the gift card. The checkout person will call for a supervisor to enter a code at the till, then proceed payment as usual. Then show the receipt at the exit who'll mark it with a highlighter.

          Note though, this is when I was buying groceries. Not sure about other stuff.

          PS - their rotiserrie chook is the size of an emu. Not bad for $6.99

      • +1

        No.not with a gift card. You just pay the balance.

  • $165 from apple with free engraving.
    Regular 10% off giftcards brings it to about $149, depending how you calculate 10%.

    I think the engraving is worth the few bucks extra, but not everyone will.

    • Please share where you are getting 10% of Apple GiftCards. When Coles had $15% on Apple Gift Cards earlier this year I should have borrowed about $1000. Can’t even get TCN cards at 10% off, quite often it’s supermarket 10x points instead.

      Just sayin’

      • Every few months there is a 20x points (equivalent to 10%) from either Coles or Woolworths.

        Others managed to swap discounted TCN cards through JBHIFI for apple gift cards.

        15% is rare.

        Edit: Coles has 20x points right now:

  • Are these still good for tracking luggage?

    • Should be.

      Google is doing something similar and hope for a better price

    • Yep, was good in Japan. Could see suitcase sent from/to the airport.

    • +6

      They're crucial if you fly. My luggage missed the connecting flight last week. Since the airlines depend on the contracting company to make the delivery of delayed luggage, I had to guide the airline's customer service to force contractors to make the delivery on time as I could see where my luggage is.

  • I have one in my car armrest. iPhone doesn’t detect it until I’m standing next to the car. What am I doing wrong?

    • “AirTags need to be within about 10 metres of an iPhone or other device in the Find My network for its Bluetooth signal to register.”

      I’m guessing the metal interferes with the Bluetooth a fair bit. If it’s the same out of the car maybe it’s faulty?

      • +1

        It works fine, just clueless about finding the one in the car. When I last tried it was dark out and it showed some “it’s too dark” message. Not sure what that was about…I want it to point in the direction of the tag, not show me what’s I. Front of me.

        If it is indeed the metal interfering, then how are people getting it to work in cars? My car isn’t some special double-metal special edition

        • Up near the dash closer to the windscreen the better.

          • @doobey1231: That's where I was going to put it initially (my car has a little storage compartment with lid in the dash), then I was concerned about heat sensitivity for both the airtag itself and the CR button cell inside….

    • To save power, Tags use Bluetooth rather than GPS, so they require a nearby device to send data. All iPhones over the world will be used to update the locations of all airtags (without permissions from the owners as I know)

      • +1

        You give permission by opting into the Find my network.

        • -2

          That permission to Find My Phone (and Apple uses it to Find someone's else AirTag) ahaha.

          Can you disable Find AirTag function? I think nope

          • +1

            @Bii: So you want to leach off the network and give nothing in return?
            You opt in to the whole find my network and not just “find my iPhone”. I’m guessing you haven’t read iCloud terms before you clicked agree then…

            • -3

              @vodamerc: I enabled Find My iPhone long before the AirTag came out and yes I never read their T&S and I switched my daily phone to Pixel 2 years ago. Don't get me wrong I am not against the Find Airtag function and I am using AirTags every day.

              The thing is we are the customers while also the products. Imagine Apple (Google next) can control the locations of all devices such as airtags, airkeys, and more in the coming through everyone's phones. It's kinda scary. Then you have no choice but to disable Find My Device feature.

              • +2


                Imagine Apple (Google next) can control the locations of all devices such as airtags, airkeys, and more in the coming through everyone's phones. It's kinda scary.

                How so exactly…

  • +1

    Pretty good deal - thanks!

  • +1
  • Do I need an iphone for these?

    or can I use them with IPAD, I would like to put them with my eBikes so if they get stolen they can catch the bastards.

    • It works with an iPad, you just don't get the precision finding and it relies on other Find My devices most of the time.

      Unfortunately, it is really annoying when you go somewhere with someone else as they will often get a "Airtag moving with you" notification even among family members. It doesn't seem to treat the iPad the same way as an iPhone, probably because the phone is always connected and online.

      Not sure if that would be a problem if you were putting them on bikes, however.

    • If I were to steal an e-bike, first thing I would do is check for AirTags. Hide them well, but remember you need to change the battery every 12 months.

      • +1

        The great thing about the bike is plenty of places to hide them, I could put them inside the seat post, front tube or in the small box that holds the motor controller to name a few places.

        None of them you are going to find without disassembling the bike.

        A mate and I put loud alarms on our bikes hidden in the frame, his already saved his bike once and heard it from his apartment as some junkie with a grinder was hacking at his chains.

        Too many thieving bastards in Melbourne now, police could focus on them instead of traffic for once.

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