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Bonus Tim Tam Sock Set with Any 3 Packs of Tim Tam Purchased from IGA + $10 Shipping @ Arnott's Australia


Just saw it in my email and the shipping really killed this deal (•̩̩̩̩_•̩̩̩̩)
Buy ANY 3 packs of Tim Tam biscuits from your local participating IGA or other Independent retailer and go online to claim your bonus Tim Tam Sock Set! (valued at $40)
The offer commences at 00.01am AEST on 10/5/2023 and closes at 11.59pm AEST on 13/06/2023 or while stocks last (8,000 Tim Tam sock sets)
$10 shipping and handling fee will be required.

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Arnott's Australia
Arnott's Australia

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  • +11

    Or just buy the socks for $2 on aliexpress.

  • +22

    Buy 3 packets of biscuits to qualify to pay $10 for cheapo socks.
    Genius marketing.

  • +1

    3 packs of timtams at half price, and without the $10 shipping fee would have been an okay deal

  • The socks don't even look that good

    • +5

      and are not edible

      • +1

        not with that attitude

      • Dip it in some chilli sauce.

  • +2

    I'm intrigued how does one

    Clam a Free Tim Tam Sock Set


    • +25

      I'm intrigued how does one Clam a Free Tim Tam Sock Set

      Use your mussels

      • +6

        Classic jv. Always the class clamedian.

  • +3

    I want a free clam

  • Good deal for David Koblas

  • +3

    Seems a bit of a rort.

  • Smells a little fishy to me

  • +2

    Reported to the mods for socks.

  • +5

    Is this the worst deal of the year? Can't see how paying $10 for two pairs of marketing merchandise plus being forced to buy 3 packs of Tim Tams is appealing to the Ozbargain community?

    • Probably but the year ain't over yet.

      Getting a bit sick of things being posted that are obviously not bargains for real though.

      This is clearly not what the site is about.

  • +1

    The personalised mug deal was much better. Times must be tough.

  • Does it come with Chowda?

  • +1

    not free if theres a shipping fee.
    can get other happy socks for cheaper!

  • this is sockpuppet deal…

    • That's what I thought but mods thought no despite this being the first ever post by the op. No comments or posts other than this one

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