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25% Off Steelcase Gesture, Leap, Series 2, 30% Off Select Items + Delivery ($0 MEL/SYD C&C) @ Steelcase AU

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Example Prices:
Steelcase Gesture w/Headrest: $2,188.00 AUD $1,641.00
Steelcase Gesture w/o Headrest: $1,814.00 AUD $1,360.50
Steelcase Leap Black Frame: $1,503.00 AUD $1,127.25
Steelcase Series 1: $759.00 AUD $569.25

Shop now through 28 May.

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$0 Pick-Up Available In Metro Sydney + Melbourne. Regional Delivery to NSW/VIC/ACT/SA/QLD/TAS/WA is available for selected products from $119 up. White Glove Delivery Service is available in metro Sydney and Melbourne areas from $105, and are subject to local stock availability. Due to package size, White Glove Delivery and Pick-Up orders are pre-assembled by default. For shipments to other locations, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] for a custom quote.

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  • do you sell Leap headrest separately?

    • For Series 1, Series 2, and Think, the headrest can be installed post-purchase. For Leap and Gesture, however, it needs to be installed at the factory level, and so we are unable to offer it separately.

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    $1100 for a Leap that was released 25 years ago is a bit much?

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    It feels like they keep on increasing the price?
    In 2021, Gesture (With Arms)- $1,571.00 $1,178.25

    And now it is Gesture w/o Headrest: $1,814.00 AUD $1,360.50

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    • Telstra bought like 1,000 leap chairs for like $500 or something in 2016.

  • As someone who bought a leap with headrest, you dont want the headrest lol. I had to take it off after back and neck pain. Otherwise its a good chair.

  • how is the leap for 6"2 person?

    • I'm 6'3" and have had one for a decade, very comfortable!

  • Weird, when I go to checkout the website says pickup not available in NSW. Anyone else get this?

    • Local pickup is dependent on having local stock available. So it might be the specific item you are looking for is out of stock in NSW. Is there something you would like us to check on?

      • Its just a Leap I had in checkout.

        • Right now Leap in New Black Henry and Blue Nickel are sold out in Sydney, but all other colours should be available for local pickup.

          • @SteelcaseAustralia: We might be having more arriving in stock in the next couple of days. Let me check with our operations team.

          • @SteelcaseAustralia: But the other colours are $100 extra. So yeah, kills the deal unfortunately.

            • @offside: We did actually just receive our shipment in today, and have updated stock levels on our website. All colour variations for Leap should now be in stock in Sydney.

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    Thinking about the Steelcase Series 2 - Scarlet + Black Edition with arms and headrest for $786.80

    Is it any good?
    Better than ergotune I would assume?
    187cm tall… Would it be a problem?

    • Series 2 is a very underappreciated chair, IMO. Very solidly built, good ergonomics, and I think it works well for larger people. I'm about the same size and S2 is my daily chair at the office. If you are in greater Sydney or Melbourne feel free to drop by our showrooms and try it out.

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    As someone who purchased a Leap in the last 25% off sale, here is my 2 cents worth for anyone considering buying one:
    a) It is a nice chair - well put together, materials are nice, etc. (you'd expect it to be so, even at sale price)
    b) It feels comfy to me (padding seems thinner than other chairs, but the bum and back seem supported nicely)
    c) My son has borrowed it from me (he is shorter, and is able to put his feet on the ground at the lowest height setting, whereas he cannot for the other chairs we have)
    d) Does the cost bother me? Yes, but I've had lots of problems with the higher end Officeworks chairs (10 and 15 year warranty chairs). Just returned one 2 weeks ago due to it developing a tilt and failing gas strut. Hopefully the Steelcase has better quality components (only time will tell)
    e) The Sydney pickup - the chair is preassembled (you have no choice), so you better have a LARGE boot/fold down rear seats.
    f) Because it is pre-assembled, the castors on your nice new chair have been rolled around a warehouse and rough bitumen, so not really nice and clean, but they get a bit dirty and scratched up by the time you get it home (annoying).
    g) Would I buy again? I'm thinking about it, but not sure. I've been fortunate enough to work at offices that have Herman Miller Aerons, and Haworth chairs. Both are nice, but I rate the Aeron much better than the Haworth. I feel the Leap is probably slightly better than the Haworth.

    Of course, if you can be bothered, then get ~$400 chairs from Officeworks (with 10 or 15year warranty), and then get refunds when they fail after 2-3 years and buy new again.

    edit: I'm considering a chair from Costco (due to the returns policy there)

    • On the gas strut, I've had my Leap for about a decade (maybe ~11 years) and the gas strut started failing about 3 years ago. It would randomly just go down and I'd bring the chair back up and it'd stay like that, sometimes for months until it did it again. It's been getting more frequent of late, probably to the once a week cadence. I would have done a warranty claim but I bought mine through a group buy at the place I worked then and have lost the receipt long ago, plus, my cat has shredded the seat cushion so it's definitely not in a state to be making a claim about. Got a quote to fix the strut and the base but $$$ so I put up with the random strut dips and I'm not spending that much to have my cat shred a new base.

      Overall, a chair that's been this good over that timeframe is hard to argue against in my mind, even if it seems expensive up front. I'll buy another (once the guilty cat has shuffled off this mortal coil).

    • When I bought Series 2 in February, I requested that it wasn’t assembled and picked it up new in box in Melbourne.

      Took 15 mins to put together once I got home. So tell the sales team when you are purchasing. To be fair the warehouse didn’t look too bad but yeah - didn’t want dust and scuff marks on the $800 purchase.

    • Hello Zippy7,

      By default with either pick-up or local delivery the chairs are given fully assembled, which is done to both minimize the amount of work a customer needs to do to set up, but also for self-pickup, because the boxes are often quite massive and fitting them into a vehicle is usually easier without the box than with the box. We can handle pick-up boxed by special request for most products, although certain products still require assembly for safety and compliance reasons.

      As to the issues with the scruffs on the castors, for the delivery we are reliant on third parties to handle both the warehousing as well as the last mile delivery, and we have worked to improve on the handling processes with them since that time and I don't believe we have had any recent cases of the casters being scratched upon receipt that have been reported to us.

  • Gesture or Think for a 6.5'' tall, 100kg person, spending 10+ hours daily in a chair?

    Gesture being ~ 60% more expensive implies it should be better - but is it that much better?

    • The back height on the Think looks too short. Maybe with the headrest it's not an issue though?

  • I got a leap last year with a similar sale and will never go back to gaming chairs, my back is so much better because of it.

  • $197 shipping to an inner southeast Melbourne suburb?! Yeah, nah.

    • How inner is inner? The local delivery option ($105) supposedly works for 0 - 25km.

  • Is your Melbourne showroom open on Saturdays? Can I just walk-in and try the chairs?

  • Thought the showroom was in Warriewood, seems it's in the city and that is the warehouse location. Oops haha
    Was going to sit on some chairs tomorrow and see what they felt like.
    Was in the city today for work 😕

    But forgot you have to book anyway, so doesn't matter if I had realised 😁

    • Hi. We now accept walk-ins, we just generally encourage appointments to ensure our staff are able to give you a proper walkthrough.

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