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Retravision Clearance CSCUE12MKR 3.5KW Free Delivery Perth $798 + 100 Electricity Bill Promotion


Just got this email, I have been looking for an inverter so this comes in handy

product address:

Main sale homepage:

Rebate Program: (have to purchase by the end of August to be eligible)

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  • Unless the discount's big enough to justify the risk, it's generally not a good idea to purchase a split system from a big box retailer, because if something goes wrong, you can get stuck in a game of buck passing between the installer, retailer and manufacturer.

  • Any one know what the installation cost would be?

    • In Perth the cost can be anywhere between 300 to 500. ( depending on your choices, where you want to keep the compressor unit, how far is it, if it requires brackets.. etc )

      • Usually at least $500, I think. And for anything above 2.4kW it is more than the usual, because they can't use a normal powerpoint. I think it needs a 3-phase setup (I'm not expert, but I vaguely remember something about this).
        Don't cut cost on the installer unless you know they're good…

  • its better to get one that includes cost of install

  • These guys are the same price if your in Sydney - http://appliancecentral.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/...

    Anyone know of a reasonable priced good installer in Perth? I bought a 7kw one recently and want a decent installer.

  • The following Panasonic Standard Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner models are eligible for a $100 rebate:
    CS/CU-RE12MKR <- $100 Rebate

    • Thanks :) I was so excited and could only secretly post this deal at work. I hope it makes the deal ok, I bought one, was tempted to get two.

  • Good AC. I've got the 18 version. Very quiet, good features. Should handle Perth fine (I'm in Tas). Mind you I've only used it for heat so far.