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Huawei Freebuds Pro 2, $149 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Huawei freebuds pro 2 $149, all colours. Has good reviews.
I was upgrading to JBL live buds but got these instead as they are on special.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    I have the first ones and they are damn good. Temped even though I don’t need them 🤣

    • Haha same here! So much better than all of the ~$40 no name pairs I have, even though they were only $99 in the eBay deal.

      • +1

        They are as good as the AirPods Pro imo. Love them (my teenager stole my AirPods Pro) and to be honest I find them excellent (on the par to AirPods Pro except the apple integration). I don’t miss the AirPods Pro.

    • +1

      Excellent. Looking forward to receiving them tomorrow!

      • You’ll love them. Freebuds pro 2 are improved too.

  • +7

    They're good except President Xi listens to your Spotify.

    • +1

      Oh serious damn .

      I gotta cut back on e PHub stuff then .

    • +5

      China, good country, good country!

    • +2

      "long live President Xi!"

  • Damn Bought it for $210 last month amazing set though

    • how is the mic quality on these? also, how big is this? asking for someone who got small ears and hard to get any earbuds fit including Samsung buds + and buds pro.

      • +1

        Built and sound Quality is great all I can say, can't commend on size though.try it and return for free. For 200 price mark ,I chose it for a reason.

  • +1

    They are outstanding, very crisp sound, and comfortable. can easily be compared to Airpods pro

  • Comparison to WFXM4?

  • Aliexpress $22.71. I can only assume this is a scam seller.

    • Yup scam,

      • Thanks, shame they have to outright lie like that

        • +1

          Yep ive seen simmilar listings. The photos way off and specifications completly wrong or sus. Like 80-100 meters blueooth sounds reslly good 😂 and option for wired comunications is wrong

  • Is it better than the EarFun Air Pro 3 for call clarity in a noisy environment?

    • Call clarity is what I need hence I've bought these ones. Hoping they are good on trains and office environment.
      Had no idea about earfun air pro 3. As per this review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESbWQ0e2EVw) the earfuns are pretty good.

  • Anywhere with AU stock of the FreeBuds 5?

  • Anyone got both and can gove advice on fit? I have the original pros and the only one issue i have is they fallout when a smile or walk to fast. The new shape looks to be different but im not sure…. Nothing wrong otherwise love my originals

    • +1

      Wow, that’s a shame. Mine stay in but need readjusting when sweating at the gym. I wonder if you could get something that can clip on and give more grip?

  • +1

    I Love my Huawei Freebuds Pro, getting Pro 2 now! Thanks for sharing. I miss Huawei P and Mate mobile phones.

  • I have the 1st gen pros, the sound is good but the mic is shit. Even if you're talking in a zero noise environment it performs really bad, compared to my airpods which work amazingly good anywhere. Also don't try noise cancellation on a bus, it makes a weird whoosh sound on every small bump in the road. Just putting it out there for people who are choosing this over airpod pros, I would suggest spending more and getting quality.

  • These better than airPod pros?

  • Just received these today - definitely a step up from my Tozo earbuds which were really tinny sounding.
    Very happy with the sound quality and the comfort - thanks for sharing the bargain

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