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$5 off Items Delivered @ 7-Eleven via Tipple


Get your snacks for $5 off. Thanks to @PissLUR. Combine it with the $2 deal. Once per email address, so use it wisely.

Several good bargains - after the $5 discount:

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  • +1

    Anyone else keep getting deregistered from the app? I use Fuel Lock 1-2 times per fortnight and keep getting booted, and no funny business with the copter either…

    • Different app/website/account for this deal.

    • +1

      i use petrolbargain and i get banned every single time i use it. Figured the $8-15 savings per tank is still worth it for me to register a brand new account each time.

  • +3

    How on earth do they afford to do this? 2 donuts and large coffee delivered for free.

    • +5

      Cause the amount of people ordering delivery from servos is tiny compared to the amount of people buying the over priced stuff in store like choccy bars and sangas

    • +1

      enjoy while it lasts!

    • +5

      It's a promo. Tax deductible. Part of their marketing budget. Spend thousands on an ad no one wants to watch, or do something like this?

      • Is Tipple paying for this from marketing budget or is this actual 7-Eleven?

  • +4

    Hell yeah, got a pack of Mars pods delivered for $0.01

  • Cheers OP got 2 Krispy Kremes and some extra sweets

  • Was able to sign up and order a Chicken Avocado S/W for $2.

    • Could you taste that they are made fresh daily?

      • Yes same sandwich that you get at any 7/11. They also had a perfect 'Use by date' with 2 days to use from the date of delivery.

  • +1

    doesnt work for me - Promotional code is not valid

    • +1

      tried again and it worked.

  • Just worked for me

  • Worked for me

  • Worked for me thanks OP!

  • +1

    TIL, 7/11 does delivery directly, and for free

  • Thanks OP !

  • where to add code ?

    • found it

      • Thank you for sharing the information. Very helpful.

  • Thanks op!

  • Got 2 meat pies for $1

    • $1 / 2 pies = 0.5$/pie #quickmaff #doinggodswork

  • Just got 2 donuts and a cup of large long black for 0.01, thanks OP!

  • How accurate is the tracking, can someone update after receiving order?

    • +1

      Getting continuous updates - picked up and ready to be delivered in 7 minutes.

      • Do you have a live location of the courier?

        • Sorry no live location but the ETA is continously being updated.

  • +4

    Try not to abuse promo's.. but they aren't even limiting your orders, different email, even if same mobile, works

    • Yeh
      I just made 2 orders. Thats enough

      • restart the tiktok era, ive done 10

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    • +1

      Yeah great point. Some people here do not know of a reasonable limit unless reminded

  • +1

    Had a random $20 credit as well, what’s up with that? Stacked with this $5 code, $26 worth of things for $1 delivered

    • -1

      Misread lol

      • there was no code or any indication of any credit, I just kept adding things to my order until the credit was used up in the checkout screen, which was $20 worth, added another $5 of things and used the FIVEBUCKS code for another $5 off

  • 7-Eleven Delivery Is Expanding!
    But we're not delivering in your area just yet

  • Excellent deal sadly no 7-eleven in South Australia

    • +1

      Ill send you my addy and you can order me something nice lol

  • Delivered by DoorDash, where you could get a live location, found on the chat link in the SMS

  • Thanks OP! Ordered 2 Kripsy Kremes and a pack of Pods for $2 delivered. Will go great with my arvo coffee!

  • can the code be used for than once for the same delivery address?

    • +1


      • Can only used code once :(

        • Can only used code once :(


        • Address? Yes. Account? No. You can create more than one account.

          • @[Deactivated]:

            You can create more than one account.

            Don't tell people to do that XD

            • @superforever: You can. Probably shouldn't or something. Very naughty.

  • Does anyone own a PowerBank to comment on quality ?

    • You are worried about the quality of a PowerBank for $1 lol

      • +4

        So that it doesn't go to landfill and also make better use of voucher.

      • You are worried about the quality of a PowerBank for $1 lol

        $1 at least can charge once XD

      • $1/3000mAh = $0.00033/mAh #quickMaff

    • +2

      Bought one and doesn't work. One buck gone!

      • +2

        Update: Reported and received $6 refund in credit to the account

  • They forgot my latte!!
    Only the donuts were delivered…..1 job.

    • Sounds like more than one job.
      Have to make the latte too.

  • did anyone actually get the delivery? mine seems stuck

    • +1

      Received mine 5 mins ago

    • +1

      Already finished my pie and donuts for tea time.

  • already delivered by DoorDash !

  • Order confirmed for 2 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts + $3 hot choc delivered for 1c🎉

    Nice on a cool day. Couldn't be bothered going out for a free donut or 2. Easier to get delivered👍

    Next - pick up $1.16 large Pizza Hut pizza from SB Deal a week ago. What a day!!

    • Order was delayed waiting for reply to SMS 7-11 meant to send… They didn't.

      Gave up in long queue to chat with customer service.

      Rang store: coffee machine wasn't working. Don't worry, you wont be charged the $3…
      Sent the 2 donuts - an hour late!

      Guess the $5 code was to test their Delivery system.

      Ordered again.

    • +1

      Mine says it can only be used once.

    • not for long now ;)

  • Still earn Velocity Points for this purchase?

    • +1

      “ Can I earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points when I get 7-Eleven Delivery

      Unfortunately not at this time but please watch this space.”

  • Will they leave it unattended if no one is home?

  • -1

    I know I can but I won't

  • +1

    Did my second order after the $2 donuts… they just left the donuts at the letter box lol

  • +3

    Thanks OP, got my 1c mars pods delivered in style… in a Tesla…

  • +1

    My order got cancelled :( and i can't even used the code to order again

    • 2 orders for 2 people cancelled here, I ordered soon after the deal was posted. Got told by the store their IT system is not sending through orders.

    • You should get credit though, but it will cost you another 1c, unless that gets refunded?

      • There shouldn't be any charge since the goods were not delivered. Anyway, I've used one of the prepaid visa card and if there's a charge, they won't be able to refund it back to the card. Luckily, it's less than a $1 spend

        • My cancelled order shows the 1c as pending, but CC usually takes several days to update one way or the other. It's 1c. I'm not going to stress too much about it.

    • Same, waited 45minutes and it looks like they didn't even attempt to deliver even though I received a "Your 7-Eleven order has been picked up and is on the way." email…

      It looks like this order is being returned to the store by our delivery partner

      Orders may be returned to store by the delivery partner when the address cannot be found, receiver is unreachable or ID requirements are not met.

      None of those "reasons" happened!

  • +7

    Ordered coffee and donuts. Got an empty cup and soggy donutes floating in a bag of coffee.

    • +2

      Should have ordered a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a mans hat.

    • Got an empty cup and soggy donutes floating in a bag of coffee.

      I won't trust them to deliver coffee.

    • Kinky

  • Not available to my address, apparently.

  • classic lunch deal $1 for 2 pastries. fingers crossed it arrives

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 1x Krispy Kreme Cinnamon Bites for 25c
    Hoping order doesnt get cancelled

  • +1

    Got some one elses order :( chat support is useless.

    • lucky you, what was in the order though?

      • 4 monsters, 1 big coke and chicken schnitzel
        chatted with support, some one is gonna come and pick up

        • +3

          I'll be happy with that :) lol

        • +3

          lol last time a door dash support told me to eat their KFC order. Their order was more and better than me.

          • +1


            Their order was more and better than me.

            Don't put yourself down. I'd rather have Chicken Adobo over KFC any day!

            • +2

              @McFly: Driver picked up that wrong order! I am done being a good Samaritan for the day :D

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