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Soundcore Space Q45 Headphones $164.99 Delivered @ Soundcore


25% off as part of their EOFY specials, usual price $219.99. Had been waiting for these to come back on special to replace my Q30s after the headband finally broke after 3+ years of heavy use

A lot of their in-ear headphones also ~25% off

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  • Every store I look at seems to have them for that price. Hard to tell if it's just a coincidence or maybe their new retail price?

    • Amazon is $220

      • Yeah weird. When you do a Google search, Amazon shows $164.99 in the search results but you're right, when you go to the site it shows as $220. Point still stands that there are other options to buy at this price (e.g. eBay, Wireless1).

        • Fair enough. Hopefully Amazon price match as I seem to keep missing them with this price.

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    Amazon was the same price for most of the last week and only went back up overnight.

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      User name checks out right there!

  • Can anyone comment on their experience with these headphones? My old Sony wh-h900n's just died and Im trying to toss up headphones. Im hoping to spot a good deal on xm4 or Bose qc45, but even at current sales around $350, I wonder if these would do the job. To be honest, even the non anc audio technica 50 bt2 or jbl tour M2 seem good, but hard to get much in the way of reviews

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      Yes, ask away, I have them on my desk rn. Compared to my QC25s, they are inferior in terms of comfort (can feel the wire running under the headband padding, but otherwise ok), ANC performance (much less attenuation and more sensitive to head movements) but sound is about on par. maybe a little muddier.

      edit: Battery life seems good with ANC on though. I can't tell the difference between LDAC and AAC


      • Thanks for the reply. If you could have your time over, would you have bought something else?

        • For the money they're fine, but if you take cost out of the equation Bose win hands down.

    • Can only compare these with my old (Ozbargain favourite) Taotronics BH090 and none of the fancy ANC capable headsets. Only place I think the BH090 win is I think theyre marginally more comfortable over long periods.

      I've had the Q45s for about a month and only charged once. Not really a big selling point to me but means I don't have to remember every day or week to throw them on to charge. 😂

      Multipoint, customised EQ, good ANC (mainly for commuting), transparency mode, nice app…. I can't ask for anything more for my use case again reiterating I've never had a "top tier" pair.

      These review really well on YouTube but then of course you need to take the reviews with free samples with a grain of salt.. 😉

      • Good call. Thanks for the info. Good to know the app is quality.

  • Yeah I couldn't find these for less than $219 a few weeks ago when I wanted to buy, but from what I could tell this is a pretty common special for them to drop down to.

    I am no audiophile but I was very happy with my Q30s in terms of battery life, sound quality, ANC, and multi-device connection particularly when at work and am keen to see how the Q45s hold up/compare. Replacement ear cushions also cheap on aliexpress (my Q30 ones started to wear out after 2 years of heavy use).

  • Generally like the Anker SoundCore line as their quality is normally one of the best in that price range. For someone who doesn't have very high requirements but wants something decent at a decent price, SoundCore line is really right on the money.

  • Does anyone get a buzzing / static noise coming from their left earcup? It comes on when the noise cancling is switched on. It's not white noise but like an electric noise.

    • I haven't noticed that in mine. Does it change when you change modes? Either way sounds like a warranty claim

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