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$298 for 1.18kg Toshiba NB550D Multimedia Netbook +1 Year Toshiba Warranty + AUS WIDE DELIVERY


Came across this - bought one in orange sometime ago from officeworks. really nice netbook for the price. works really well. Bought some time ago for ard $345 or something!

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    This is the standard price for a NetBook

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    oooww is this 2012…

    Packed with AMD dual-core C60 Fusion Processor (1.0GHz - 1.33GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB) that delivers remarkable performance reduces power consumption and extends battery life.

    Screen Size & Resolution - 10.1" Widescreen LED Backlit Display (1024 x 600) Plus 16:9 Screen Aspect Ratio and Equipped with backlit LED display technology

    Memory - 1GB DDR3 (1333Mhz) Plus total memory expandable to 2GB

    it'd be hard to put up with this level of technology once you've used something even slightly better

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      Agree..it worth only $100


      The AMD dual-core C60 & C50 are horribly SLOW !, I have even used the AMD Fusion E-450 with a Seagate Momentus XT 500GB and still fairly slow, you can boost the speed a little by switching to a SSD…, I would highly invest in an Intel i3, i5 or anything else by paying a bit more !, The GPU is useless if the CPU struggles…

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    get the hp dm1 for $338 at JBhifi with the 15% promotion
    much better specs for $40 more

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      Totally agree

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        The HP DM1 uses the AMD Dual-Core E-450, you WILL regret it, trust me… lol

        Read reviews about the speed of the AMD Dual-Core E-450, most will tell you point blank its 2x a P4 8yr old cpu, and as far as my experience goes, its just utter rubbish compared to anything Intel without a GPU !

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          I have the HP DM1, and I installed 8gigs (it works) of RAM. But the CPU is a bottleneck, I often see my CPU on a 100% peak just when I view a 720p HD video and have a couple of other applications like Word and Google Chrome open on the side.
          This then affects my video when I try to use "seek" scroll on the video.


          Yes you will regret it, I have a Sony netbook(Sony Vaio VPCYB36KG) that uses an AMD Dual-Core E-450, its not my experience alone, just Google and READ reviews the advise you need is at your finger tips, take it or regret it, all i am saying is it is atrociously slow, once you really start using it you will realize it, but by then its too late… lol

          My Sony Vaio VPCYB36KG has the following specs:
          AMD Dual-Core E-450, Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 @ 1333 MHz, Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid 500GB (SSD&HDD)
          Windows 7 pro x64bit (with performance mode, all animations everything turned off)

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          please find me an intel cpu NETBOOK which is better than this hp dm1 for about $300….
          ultrabooks are way too expensive
          normal laptops are too heavy for my daily use
          tablet…useless with my office stuffs


          Are you using VLC for 100% cpu during video playback? That is normally the culprit not the cpu. Try daum potplayer.


          "E-450 is an APU…", I know I bought a lappy with one, regret it now… :(

          Just because you bought one doesn't mean you give a false praise/opinion to make it look good…

          do you even know what the "Intel GMA HD Gfx 4000" can do, especially combined with an i3 ? lol

          Do as you wish, my advise is stay away from this AMD series or the E450(which is better than this, but nothing compared to Intel CPUs in terms of speed and reliability).


          I've bought DM1 3 months ago with 20% off from JBHIFI for AUD 318 and its the best netbook you can get for the price.

          I used my DM1 for light web browsing, reading comic and also serve as my HTPC connected to my 5.1 home theatre system for 1080p movie playback.

          I've swap the 320gbn hdd for OCZ agility 120gb for extra AUD99.

          I've to say before the SSD change my DM1 was slow. An SSD change its perfomance significantly with very quick response with all the applications. My DM1 will boot within 20 sec and ready for media playback.

          It really depend on what you use your laptop for. For me I'm happy with my DM1 purchase.


          Got a DM1 with 8GB RAM a few months ago…great battery, clear screen and quick - anyway much quicker than my HP Netbook 5101

          Never had a Toshiba NB550D

          All I can day is that I was happy with it until I left the power supply at a mate in Sydney and haven't had a chance to get it back :-( Got the Folio 13 from DSE for $ 599 a few weeks ago and have been blown away.

          The HP is better than any Atom, I have had a few of those and those or so old.

          If you really want the DM1 to fly, stick linux on it :-)

          My 2c worth


    I still use the older version of this (with the C50 instead of the C60) as my "main" PC, but I think that the time of the netbook has passed. If you just want basic stuff like web surfing, videos, some simple games to pass the time, and maybe a little light document editing, you're probably better off with a tablet. If you want something more, go for a more fully-featured notebook with a bit of grunt.


    Bought an ex-demo for about $240 few months ago with the C-60, and forked out another few bobs for 4GB of RAM. The thing is zippy enough without any slow downs surfing the net or Youtubing. I have no idea what some members here expect it to do but I have run 1080P videos on it without any hiccups.

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    Not a deal. Bought one with dual core atom for under 300 a year ago


    don't see much use for netbooks.. especially with ultrabooks.


    enjoy the keyboard and it's functions good battery when travelling, happy with mine.


    Note that most 10" netbooks do not have the minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution that is required to natively support Windows 8. For many netbook owners (including me), their upgrade path to Windows 8 at the moment is made less than optimal by this. See http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/W8ITProPreRel/...
    So even though my reading of the reviews around suggest the Intel Atoms are in general faster than the AMD E series chips, I would not buy anything with less than the 1024 x 768 resolution. It's not just that Windows 8 may not run natively, my experience is that low screen resolution is often a pain for web browsing and other apps too.


    This price isn't fantastic… but I must say Toshiba Nb550D's are great - they have Harman Kardon speakers which sound awesome, and good graphics CPU especially for a netbook. Also has a full size HDMI port. Bump up the ram and it's quite a useful, portable computer with a proper physical keyboard.