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25% off Online Orders (Excludes Custom Cakes) @ The Cheesecake Shop


25% off sitewide: offer ends 25th June 2023. Offer excludes gift cards and custom cakes. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Promo code 25OFF must be entered at online checkout to redeem discount. Offer available online only at

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The Cheesecake Shop
The Cheesecake Shop

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  • +22

    nice, was fangin for a black forrest cake

    • +7

      Tough crowd. Looks like at least 4 people don’t like your cake choices.

      • +2

        to be fair, CS black forrest cake hasnt been good for years, cant help cravings tho !

        • Preggers?

        • What's good aboittit

        • +1

          Very true, They used to have a great Black Forrest cake as well as a lot of their cheescakes and other cakes were great. But sadly it all changed a while back and i think thats whenthey had to start closing down a lot of their stores, when people stopped going once the quality went down. Shame as i liked how with the selection of stores, you always had one within a certain distance of where you were.

    • +8

      Thank you for your views

    • Thank you for your service.

  • Can’t use restaurant gift card doesn’t work . Thank you anyway , Picking up my cake tomorrow :)

  • +16

    Wonder if they'll launch another takedown request

    • +2

      yikes… thats enough to make me avoid them on principle

    • +9

      LOL, the Cheesecake marketing team are a bunch of straight up peanuts. What complete and utter stooges.

      Imagine being so shite at your job, you attempt to have an OzBargain listing censored and removed, because your boss might realize neither facebook advertising, nor you, are as good at driving traffic to the company as some random kid on a bargain forum.

  • +4

    The website is legit dead rn

    • lol

      • still dead 4 hours later what is going on? GIB ME KEK!

        • takine so long to load each page for me

  • +2

    i reckon they're removed 40%- content of their cakes.
    I used to love buying these cake but over the years. Looking back at birthday cake photos, their cakes have reduced some much decorating from their cakes it now look like they serve cakes in a plastic tub.

  • Can we stack with birthday $5 off? Probably not?

    • +2

      no, says above can't be combined with other offers

  • Any $25 cakes?

  • +3

    Sucks you can't order now for a pickup after 25 June.

  • Thanks op!

  • +2

    If Code 25OFF doesn't work, try 25OFFCART instead.

  • +7

    The Cheesecake Shop is the Domino's of cheesecakes.

    • +7

      Careful. A large amount of OzBargainers think Domino's pizza is good as they only look at the price and not the quality.

      • +3

        Life is relative

        There’s fancy wood fire restaurants that sell pizzas for $70+ that are just great but I rarely ever go there. I’d rather buy $20-$30 pizza from my local crust store.

        Someone can use that same logic to buy a $8 domino’s pizza instead.
        Also, not all Domino’s are bad. Some stores actually care about quality and freshness and make decent pizzas.

        Btw, wasn’t me that negged you.

        • +7

          Who in your area is trying to sell people $70+ woodfire pizzas? Name and shame

        • +6

          Dirty neggers always get upset if you bad mouth Domino's. For me there's plenty of affordable pizza joints close to the price of Domino's with better quality.

        • There’s fancy wood fire restaurants that sell pizzas for $70+ that are just great but I rarely ever go there. I’d rather buy $20-$30 pizza from my local crust store.

          I've never paid more than $25 for a wood fired pizza in my life, unless it was like a 15+inch party sized pizza or something. What a bizarre thing to say.

          The average price of a large pizza at Domino's is $18 and their "large" is at least an inch or two smaller than any standard sized large at an actual pizza joint. The average priced large pizza at any wood fired or brick oven pizza joint around us is $20 - but being that they are actually a large size pizza, it's an absolute no-brainer as to why you'd never waste your time or money on Dominos.

          • @infinite: Who pays full price for a Dominos pizza? I certainly only get them when they $8 for traditional and at that price they're good value. I can get 3x pizzas for the price of one at the local pizza places which are all $20+.

    • +1

      I mean, yeah…. it's definitely the only cake shop I can name.

    • Who are the maccas of cakes then!?

  • What's good?

  • +2

    The Aldi frozen cheesecake is not that far off. The Cheesecake Shop cakes can be too gimmicky and the toppings can be rather distracting.

    • +1

      The Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes at Costco are not bad.

      • If you made all the way to Costco, I think there are other options worth considering :) I've been only once in one of their open days, their cakes were gigantic.

        • +1

          Well, we were talking about cheesecake, and my local Costco is about the same distance as my local Cheesecake Shop.

  • +2

    Is it just me or have they been ozbargained?

  • +3

    Is it just me or is everyone having an issue accessing the website, it seems super slowwwww

    • sooo slow…. GIB ME KEK

  • +1

    They do a desert pack!!?

    Thank you for this

    • Thanks for reminder too!!!

      • I asked the gent when collecting. Supposedly there new, and oh my goodness, I felt sick just looking at it. (In a good way)

        • i dont get how you can say that in a goodway, ha

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: Update, having not consumed cake for a while, decided purchasing the large dessert pack for my wife and myself was a good idea..

            When cake is present in a household, you won't stop until it's finished.


            Overall the dessert pack was a good choice. Would buy again.

  • +1

    I wonder if their Marketing Department will enjoy this! :D

  • +1

    Perfect timing as I needed to buy a birthday cake from there this week anyway, saved $15

  • +2

    Is their website reaaaaalllllly sloooooooowwwww or is it just me?

  • +1

    Earliest pick up time is tomorrow 10 Am for ACT and Nsw stores, if anyone tries to order for today.

  • +1

    I want my cake and eat it too. Website is fully loaded.

  • They ruined the favorite Jamaican chocolate cheesecake

    • +1

      Is there any actual Jamaicans in it ? Seems like false advertising

    • which ?

  • website seems to be working just OK again

  • Had to order on Chrome.

    Items Qty Price

    1 $29.95
    1 x Individual $29.95

    Subtotal $29.95
    Discount (25OFF) -$7.49
    Personalised Message $0.00
    Grand Total $22.46

  • +2

    I was able to order a cake for 21st july for my 7 year old..

    Seems you can order ahead months and get the discount as my neighbour ordered one for late august

    Good deal! Especially considering the price of cakes at the asian bakers nowadays.

  • +1

    Ordered for a family birthday, thanks.

  • +1

    Why don’t they peel the kiwi fruit on the cakes and items that have it? I got a fruit flan but the kiwi is not peeled ??? Just seems lazy

  • Jeez almost everything's been out of stock for the past 2 days…

    • choose diff store

      • It expired on sunday. Problem i have with cheesecake shops though, is they really cut down a lot on stores over the past decade or so. A lot of the stores just closed down. There is only 1 that would be even somewhat close to me and by close i mean a 15 minute drive.

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